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    Congratulations on this new venture. I think it’s a great idea and nobody who knows my previous comments on Norway shoots will be surprised to know I am delighted to see the first e-book features one.

    My wife, Mikki, is an avid reader and it is so much easier for us to travel with a Kindle than a suitcase lined with paper books – so “Lady of the Lake” was downloaded to her Fire HD as soon as she saw the Tweets about it. The download was smooth and quicker than she expected. Both of us were interested in the background and technical information (and would have liked more). The story was accurately described as an expansion of what is on the site, but someone expecting a full length illustrated book may feel disappointed – as might someone who expects this first book to have all the background topics you describe in the Amazon description of the project.

    We both thought the picture quality comparable with the images from the site – although it may not stop me continuing to carry with me some favourite sets and videos on my larger screen android tablet.

    Best of luck with the new venture.

    Andrew (and Mikki)

    in reply to: On screen tying (In character) #16793

    I support Bob’s request and only add that I like scenes where the model (in role) is not resisting at all as well as where she is putting up resistance. There’s a good example at the end of “Bondage Olympics” (Archives, 14th October).


    in reply to: Variations on 4 dy #16787

    Feedback is important and I, too, try to vote on all the RE galleries I look at. Lurker is right that the same vote may mean different things from different people but I have to go further. In my own case it can mean different things from the same person. 🙄 I try to follow a rule that I if I say there is “something lacking” (4****) I can say what it is but sometimes it is very minor, like a couple of shots where I don’t like the lighting effect or a studio set where I think it should have a dark background rather than a white one (or the opposite – and I have searched in vain for a consistent principle to why I make those decisions!).

    I also agree with Max about 3***. It is rare that “I don’t have any real feelings”. Far more often, I have lots of strong feelings but some are positive and some negative. So some votes get into the 4**** because after careful consideration the positives outweigh the negatives.

    I can see potential benefits in a more sophisticated voting scheme such as Lurker suggests but (at least speaking from UK experience) voters are lazy and the more you ask them to think the more likely they are not to bother. Also, any change would make it difficult to compare data under the two systems and at least the current system means Hywel has a database against which to compare current votes. Experts have told me that in similar opinion surveys individual votes are meaningless and the only value is in comparisons over time and across different types of work.

    I can’t help thinking how well the latest two Updates (“Kill Belle” of 14th October and “Yoko Tzury” of 15th October) illustrate how voting works. One set is from years ago: one up to date. One has a clothed model and another a nude. One features metal and the other rope. For me, both have many levels of interest but one is stronger on fantasy fun and the other on technical skill. At time of writing both have relatively poor marks, especially given that almost the only point they have in common is that Ariel is the model! For all their differences, I thought each in its own way deserved 5*****.

    I retain my admiration for Hywel and Ariel that they make any sense of the voting at all. I hope one lesson is to keep up the variety of sets because we all get enough of the things we like to enjoy the site.


    in reply to: Ariel and Hywel at Fetishcon #16808

    Yes, it was enormous fun. It was a great pleasure to spend time with Hywel and Ariel – and also to meet Lurker.

    Here are just some of our pictures.

    in reply to: Behind The Scenes in Somerset, 2013 #16835

    Oh, what wonderful pictures. It was worth the wait while my wife and I got home from an overnight trip to London during which we were tantalised by Twitter.

    It looks like there are some superb sets and stories coming up but we especially liked the “behind the scenes” shots and the faces on the girls. We understand these location shoots are busy and hard work but it really looks like you had a lot of fun too. We hope you did.

    Andrew (and Mikki)

    in reply to: Photos from Fetishcon 2013 #16825

    Obviously, this is nothing like a normal Restrained Elegance picture but we thought other members may like to see our contribution to FetishCon. This picture was part of the “Art of Kink” show at FetishCon. Being new to the event and being the sort who like to contribute, we sent an entry and had a delightful surprise when this was accepted.

    The organiser said it would make a great sculpture. Probably, but we need the things. Two of the collars and the wheelchair wheels were in use at FetishCon itself.

    in reply to: August 2013 previews #16813

    Thanks, Hywel. It looks like another tremendous selection.

    As always, I am thrilled to see another set from Norway – and it looks like one where those glorious mountains are not shrouded in cloud. One of the things I appreciate most about RE is the variety of material. I am conscious that this mixture in the Updates is only possible because you hold a stock of “unpublished” work. This investment in giving members variety is appreciated.

    I am also delighted to see the set of Ariel nude on the snooker table. This has intrigued me every time I have seen the shot from it in the Preview slideshow. I will not pass on the first reaction from my wife – who was once a keen snooker player. We are both sure you were very careful with baize and balls. 🙂


    in reply to: At The Water’s Edge #16810

    Going to have to disagree on this one. It may be curious coincidence but just before checking out the Forum, my wife and I were commenting how much the outfit suited Ariel in this set. There are, of course, lots of nude sets of Ariel on the site. All the Norwegian ones may not be up at present but there is . .”Nude in Norway”. 🙂


    in reply to: The end of Restrained Elegance? #16973

    David Cameron is a politician seeking re-election so it is hardly fair to expect logic from him. It may be too soon to stress ourselves about him delivering on any “promises” that would require legislation.

    On the other hand, I have heard people predict a wave of puritanism in the UK for more decades than I wish to admit to. Who knows, they’ll probably be right sometime.

    Whatever trouble does come, I hope it will not be so severe that any of us need emigrate or resort to proxy servers or similar. One important reason for this is that such devices may preserve the site but are likely to scare off a large proportion of the more timid membership (probably including me).

    I hope it is a more realistic scenario to imagine that the changes are relatively small, actually affecting only material way beyond anything RE would touch. However, the uncertainty and publicity/hysteria will still be a worry for many members and potential members. In that scenario, the problems will be marketing ones more than legal ones: less, “how do we defend ourselves if investigated?” than “how do we reassure members and potential members that we and they are unlikely to be investigated at all?”.

    At that stage, I believe RE’s emphasis on the artistic quality of its content places it in a relatively good position. I can easily imagine ways it could build on this to make itself look even more different from other sites so that even the most zealous investigator or muck-raking journalist would realise there are easier targets elsewhere. In the worst realistic case, it may need to tone down a few stories but very little if any actual content need be moved off the site.

    My personal experience of BDSM sites is not large. I have never seen anything remotely like the sort of thing in stories the press are touting. I have never seen anything on the internet that horrifies me more than I have seen on broadcast television. Yet even in my experience RE is far from the worst I have been aware of. I understand everyone’s worries but, without complacency, I hope the worst are unfounded.


    in reply to: Japanese Reverse Prayer #16966

    Thank you for the explanation, Hywel. I knew there was an answer. 🙂

    In the light of current events (raised elsewhere on the Forum), there may be a benefit in thinking about a little more explanation of any sets that might be capable of misinterpretation. For the moment, it may be advantageous to go a bit OTT on emphasising the “safe, sane, adult, and consensual” – especially for the benefit of the more nervous member or potential member.


    in reply to: Japanese Reverse Prayer #16964

    As a rope novice, I assume a rope across the throat is a complete “no no” and even more so if (as I imagine in “reverse prayer”) the position lends itself to the model pulling down on that rope. However, I think I know enough about RE’s safety-consciousness and WykD Dave’s skill to believe there must be a different answer. Please tell us the secret.

    More generally, I actually loved this set – not least because it manages to be so different from the previous Lexicon “Reverse Prayer Karada” (correct me if I’m wrong but not currently up on the site). That was a different mood, starting with self-bondage and finishing off with nipple clamps. On this set, Ariel’s smile alone must lift it 2 points on the scoring scheme. 😀


    in reply to: Suggestions 2013 #16958

    May I add the recent (1st July) archive video of Belle and Myla, “Myla Gets Her Own Back” to my personal list of work that could inspire a remake (of the “inspired by” not the “slavish copy” variety)?

    For me, the special delight of this piece is the fun the models are having. Belle’s “Agh ha ha” as the ropes are tightened may have a little too much “ha ha” for those who love absolute realism but I think it is fun for the viewer as well as useful to have some videos that make it this clear how much the performers are enjoying themselves.

    Nothing personal, Hywel, but in a modern remake I imagine the girls could get all the bondage done without any male intervention. 🙂

    Incidentally, I notice the video has a “4” in the filename. Are “1” to “3” about – or are we going to see them soon?


    in reply to: June 2013 previews #16922

    Super previews, thank you Hywel. Specially looking forward to the outdoor sets: handcuffs round a tree and, oh, wow, wow, you still have something new for us with those glorious Norwegian mountains! Er, apologies Ariel, of course we love all your work wherever you are – but, wow, it’s from a day when the mountains weren’t shrouded in mist! Superb! 😀

    in reply to: it takes all kinds! #16885

    I love the voting section. It gives me a warm feeling of doing something useful, even though I sometimes find the majority vote inexplicable. I console myself that when I am with the majority it proves what a wise and thoughtful fellow I am and when I am on my own it proves that it takes all kinds of people to make a world.

    When voting on older sets in the Archives, I try to take account of their age and remember image quality is not the same because file sizes are smaller coming from an age when download speeds where slower. Maybe some voters are less willing to make that allowance.

    One point may be that only a small minority of members vote. I am sure it would help Hywel if more did. I notice he has moved the voting section to the top of the page on Silk Soles so there is less chance of it being overlooked. I hope lots more will vote in future.


    in reply to: Bondage Safety #16900

    I’d like to suggest there is room for both ideas: the straightforward “how to” (or perhaps, in the context, “what not to”) tutorial and the role play where it looks like something may be going wrong.

    Of course there are things to be careful over. We all know RE would never compromise on actual standards of health and safety but it might reassure the more nervous viewers if extra reminders were included in the set or accompanying storyline.

    And perhaps you could start with scenarios that didn’t involve any physical danger, just potential embarrassment. Here are my first two suggestions.

    1. The “newbie” girl tries steel self-bondage and locks herself in a cage or chains herself to a bed only to realise later she has left the key on the other side of the room. After some lovely efforts to reach it, she realises her phone is within reach. Can she telephone her friend (who knows nothing of her interest in bondage) to come and rescue her?

    2. Two friends have rented a holiday house where they want to try bondage. One ties the other up. Then the doorbell goes and the free person goes to answer it. There’s some conversation like, “I’m the heating engineer. The owner asked me to check everything’s working for you. I need to check all the rooms”. The rest of the video shows the bound girl’s efforts to free herself punctuated by excuses from her friend why this room doesn’t need to be seen. And where are the safety shears?

    As a variation, instead of a tradesman like the heating engineer it’s the mother of one of the girls making a surprise visit!

    3. An enthusiastic experimenter decides to go for lessons only to find that she knows more than the instructor.

    4. A photo session with a novice photographer/rigger and an experienced model who has to find polite but firm ways to say, “not that”: or vice versa an inexperienced, over-eager or desperate for work model whom the photographer has to stop from going beyond what is safe.

    Hope some of this sparks other ideas.


    in reply to: Slavegirl Costumes #16856

    Forgive me but somehow I allowed this topic to go by without mentioning (until now) something like the one shoulder rag costume worn by Monique Gabrielle in Deathstalker 2. If the commentary on my DVD is to be believed, her colleagues called it her “Wilma Flintstone outfit”. I’m not concerned with the detail but the concept could be achieved with a long T shirt, a pair of scissors and an artistic genius.
    [attachment=0:28yjzebq]130320 DS2.jpg[/attachment:28yjzebq]
    Although Deathstalker 2 was famously low budget by Hollywood standards (there’s one scene where you can see the road outside the studio – including car driving along it), I don’t expect RE to replicate the scene in the picture with our heroine about to be lowered gently and agonisingly into unspecified swirling smoke. I’m pretty sure, however, that you could do some much more convincing ropework. 🙂


    in reply to: Your turn to give us feedback on our suggestions! #17007

    A few thoughts (OK, additional thoughts, that’s me on the Blog) on the general use of occasional series and/or special designations. Hope this helps.

    I totally support the idea of trying to prevent anyone feeling surprised by the contents of a video or photoset. I suspect many people who visit or join sites like RE are nervous about what they are doing generally and can be quite paranoid about the thought of downloading something unexpected (even if, objectively, not that bad). A special designation for a type of video (as with “RE Nights”) can help.

    There are, however, other ways of avoiding surprises. A problem with a general series title like “RE Nights” or “Politically Incorrect” is that the classification is very subjective. I may feel surprised by something not called “RE Nights” and relaxed by something that is. An alternative would be to mark individual sets or videos with factual keywords like “contains spanking”; “contains bastinado”; “uses non-consensual plot” etc

    The classification of the latest video update, “Taped, Gagged and Groped” is an interesting example. I can understand why it is classified “Nights” but actually found it a delightful, warming video. This may be because I was prepared by the warning but I think the more important factor was that (like anyone who reads anything at all on the site) I know the participants are, in real life, a loving husband and wife.

    A quite different reason for a special series classification may be as a marketing tool to attract a certain type of potential member. That’s for Hywel to know what groups he thinks the series could attract – or that he’d want.


    in reply to: Jail Cell Chain Gang Video #16862

    I’m catching up with what has gone onto the site while I was on holiday recently and would like to offer “Re-Education” as a candidate for a video remake (obviously, an “inspired by” not a “word for word” remake). It has a wonderfully cute concept but the technical quality is showing its age (I specially noted this in the sound department) and I am sure the content too would be even better if made to modern standards.

    And while on the subject of recent additions to the Archive (and departing even further from the original subject of this thread), it was lovely to see “Ariel’s Blues” – and to see how important cake has been from Ariel’s earliest days with the site. 😀


    in reply to: Coloured (Colored) Rope #17005

    Thank you, Hywel, for the prompt, relevant and precise info.

    Mikki is at this moment going to Twisted Monk where, indeed, we had in mind getting one of their selection packs.

    Thank you also for the picture. It’s very helpful about the rope colour – but somehow I don’t think it would look anything like as good as that on either of us! 😆


    in reply to: mummy bag #16990

    Doesn’t everyone remember and love the old “V” tv mini-series (or, at least, the interrogation scene which I felt a sudden urge to watch again in case I had forgotten anything 😆 ). But the universe moves on and even aliens might have other colours now. Gold or silver are good alien colours but some of those creepy beings may have gone for black or red or something with a pattern.

    The other interesting thing about the “V” interrogation scene is that the prisoner is held by (we guess) some mixture of glue on her feet and invisible force fields: i.e. no visible bondage. This had me thinking beyond Bob’s “mummy bag” story but I’m not sure what conclusion I get to. I do not doubt that someone like Ariel could act out “invisible restraints” convincingly but does it offend basic RE principles? Would it be fun to look at? Anyone else have thoughts.


    in reply to: New Series? #16994

    It sounds an interesting idea – and I understand that, because it’s run by enthusiasts, RE can come up with new ideas.

    Forgive me, Ariel, if I have misunderstood you, but in simple terms it sounds like we may get something new and different in return for accepting the camera moves less. I hope Hywel thinks that at least worth more thought. Some members may also like tougher, in the sense of more uncomfortable, bondage but my wife and I would not l see it so simply. It will depend on the results in each case. Are they still elegant? Do they set the imagination free? Or are we distracted by worrying about the model (even though we know you would never do anything to harm a model)? If the rest works, what matter that the camera doesn’t move?.

    Maybe videos in such a series would need additional introduction.


    in reply to: mummy bag #16988

    Think you’ve got at least one supporter for this idea here – and think with the right colour/design of bag/suit it could support lots of different storylines and styles.

    Have to admit we old fogies were’t quite sure what you were talking about so had a quick check, prompting immediate cries of “How much are they? I want one. I want one” from Mikki. Not too sure about her addition of, “for you” but it still comes to at least one supporter. 😀 😀

    in reply to: Suggestions 2013 #16956

    Here are some current suggestions of what my wife, Mikki, and I would like to see. Apologies to anyone who recognises they’ve heard some before. At least we can claim to be consistent (sometimes).

    We love fun (in the sense of silliness) in videos and photosets. We hope you can bring this to the new sites as much as to RE.

    “NudeinMetal” gives us lovely thoughts of people trying something new and having fun. Hope we got that right. 🙂

    “Beginners” theme

    Restrained Elegance are masters of intricate ropework and attractive steel like the SM Factory collars and cuffs. No complaints there: it’s elegant and that’s what you are. But we wondered if you could weave your magic with more basic gear used by beginners like under bed velcro straps. These may have been rejected as not sufficiently inescapable but it might be inspiring – and fun – to see what the experts can do with basic kit.

    And occasional more use of leather cuffs would be fun too. We have an impression you used to use them more in older sets but they are not so common in more recent, higher resolution, sets.
    For example, we loved the spiked collar Jasmine Sinclair wore in “Fallen Angel”. Would like to see that or similar out again shot to modern standards. Maybe that’s one for the bondage pole.

    Just throwing an idea in the air, what do people think of a storyline about a woman experimenting with bondage? This could offer a more realistic situation than the “naive girl meets super-rich man” scenario we all know, hate and are mostly plain bored with.

    More from “Honest Omar”

    We treat the “Honest Omar” character as a fantasy fun figure and love to see each new idea. Perhaps we could see his merchandise performing for their new owners – such as in the modern house location you are visiting. A photoset could start with a picture of the sale (or just Omar’s invoice/delivery note) and then show the slavegirl demonstrating her training positions in the new owner’s house.

    Or suppose Omar also had a short term “rent a slavegirl” department. A video could intersperse shots of the girl in the customer’s house with someone back at the office reading out the customer’s “satisfaction survey”

    We’d still love to see the girl packed up for (or unpacked from) delivery.

    And perhaps this is the time to tell everyone we have been privileged to see a bit of the new “Slave auction” sequel film and it is terrific.

    Bondage Gear – Nets

    Having shown a previous interest in one tennis-themed set, we offer the suggestion of a net used as part of bondage gear. There are plenty of “girl captured” fantasies it can support. A nice black background in the studio would give the idea of the dark place the girl is dragged off to. Perhaps the netted bundle could be tied in various ways to the bondage pole.

    This may work better as a photoset than a video in case what you are using isn’t really as sturdy as the storyline would like.

    Remakes/Sequels/Ideas Inspired by Old Sets

    RE has some wonderful old photosets and videos in the archive but some of the oldest show their age. The idea could be revisited even if there was not a conscious remake. Without getting into arguments about exactly which, one or other of use could nominate 2 or 3 from December’s offerings alone. Several of our candidates are studio shots against dark drapes so a remake in the studio with black background would be possible.

    This also takes us to a number of possible outdoor shoots if any of your upcoming locations allow this. There is such a lovely range of possible remakes/sequels including “Bondage Gymkhana” and (from recent Archive sets) “Soaked” and “Hunter’s Trap”. And we’re not suggesting Ariel has to get soaked again, there must be one of your new models willing to get cold and wet. 🙂

    Andrew (and Mikki)

    in reply to: Would love to see some 3d #16875

    I guess 3D is on its way so anyone making video has to think about filming in 3D so that their library is usable once everyone expects it. I realise I might even be able to watch it now that I have been forced to buy a new tv set and all large ones come 3D ready and capable of watching stuff from the internet. Speaking entirely selfishly, however, it is of no use to me because I have poor vision so that if I sit at the optimum viewing distance for 3D, I see nothing at all.

    C’est la vie.


    in reply to: Jail Cell Chain Gang Video #16860

    “Remake” seems a popular enough format in Hollywood and I don’t think Restrained Elegance need be too afraid of it. I have often come across older sets and videos in the Archives with lovely concepts but which suffer a tiny bit from their age. It’s not so long ago that file sizes were seriously limited by equipment and internet connection speeds. The latter problem isn’t totally behind us but we have advanced enough that a few selected remakes to modern quality would be really enjoyable.

    And the other, slightly different, popular style is the sequel. I suggest “Jail Cell Chain Gang” and “Bondage Gymkhana” would both work with that approach. What were the other prisoners doing on a different chain? What other events were in the Gymkhana? and so on.

    Come to think of it, the simplest idea for the Gymkhana is “What happened when the race was re-run the next year? Would that be a remake or sequel? Fun either way.


    in reply to: Slavegirl Costumes #16847

    May I support this suggestion, only confirming that such costumes should be an addition to the lovely selection of gowns, business-wear, lingerie, satin, Chinese dresses, historical costumes, harem-wear etc etc that RE dresses its models in.

    As to nudes, I would also add that one of the greatest attractions I found in Restrained Elegance is the variety and artistic quality of nude sets compared to some sites I visited previously. The unclothed female figure becomes boring much sooner when sets follow a predictable path of poses and camera positions, often dwelling on genitalia in a way that ceased to excite me a long time ago. Thanks to you that you don’t do that.


    in reply to: Scientific (tickling) experiment #16974

    I’d like to agree with Lurker that I like tickling but…. there’s a technical “snagette”: in our household I’m the only one who’s ticklish. So it’s my wife who enjoys doing the tickling. 😀

    Confining ourselves to watching tickling, we watched this video together and both had a huge amount of fun from it, as we do from many of RE’s more “loony” stories. However, tickling videos have the added feature that we both know my wife often treats them as instructional manuals and is making mental notes throughout. She has now spent the last few days conducting experiments of her own to demonstrate her ability to get a strong and immediate reaction with fingers.

    As to the “cramped location” point, I agree it would be even better with more space but it wasn’t a problem for us at the time. I guess it was inevitable because it was only on the staircase that you could get the ties you wanted for Janey and Ariel. If you find a location with convenient posts and anchor points in a bigger room, you could make a very similar video and have us all even more excited.

    I should add, Lurker, that my wife also thanks you for your suggestion about firmer ties. This has resulted in additional scientific research of her own. Preliminary results suggest you may be right but that there is also great fun to be had from a quick ankle tie or even an instant gripping of the ankles with one arm while tickling the feet with the other hand.

    Needless to say, as with most scientific research, our primary conclusion is that there is need for a great deal more research. My wife is now petitioning for an additional research grant to obtain a large tickling feather. 😀 😀

    Thanks for another great video.

    in reply to: Glad to see you #16941

    Wow! Hywel shows his psychic abilities again (and this time by pre-programmed remote control while on honeymoon). A member suggests nude handcuffs on the wrists behind the back are the best of all worlds and the very next day the lovely Katy Cee obliges.

    The only tiny imperfection is that, by the end of the set, brave Katy does look more than a little cold. Still, we know Hywel has that sorted too and we look forward to the sets from Spain.


    My wife, Mikki, and I wish both of you the very best of luck on that special day and in all your future life and projects together.


    in reply to: "Get in the Van": Beautiful Fun Fantasy #16763

    Is this how things work on an internet forum (I’m still a little new to it)? We start discussing an abduction video and pretty soon we’re talking about whether Shatner could act his way out of an open pair of handcuffs. 😀

    But it is so tempting to move on to bondage in tv Sci Fi. The revived Doctor Who regularly has his assistants (and sometimes himself) shackled. And I’m sure it was just coincidence or for some technical reason that our prim, proper, politically correct BBC chose this camera angle of Billie Piper awaiting dissection at the hands of clockwork robots. 🙂

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