Hopefully tracked down the double-login issue

Many thanks to a very smart member who has hopefully identified the source of the double-login prompts some people experience when logging into the site. It looks like it is to do with the fact that the site handles requests to both restrainedelegance.com and www.restrainedelegance.com. It definitely looks like this can cause the issue, and it may be that changes rolled out to browsers might have made them more strict about whether the login cookie was for one or the other of these. I’ve asked tech support to check through and implement redirects which should hopefully fix the issue.

Sorry it has taken so long to figure it out – there wasn’t a lot I could do given that I couldn’t reproduce the error myself. And many thanks to the clever member for tracking it down! Hopefully that’s all it was, because if so the fix should be pretty simple to implement.

Cheers, Hywel

Login problems update

Hi Everyone,

Thank you everyone who has reported login issues to me. The main common factors seem to be timescale (it seems to have started around end of October or beginning of November) and OS (one or two people on Mac OS or iOS seem to have had one-off problems but the persistent problems seem to be under Windows).

I’m afraid I am baffled as to what is going on, but am following up with tech support. If ever you cannot get into the site please email me and I will do my best to assist.

Apologies again for the inconvenience. This one is a real puzzle, and only seems to be affecting a few percent of people which makes it hard to pin down.


Forums Retired

Hi All,

As planned, the Restrained Elegance forums have now been retired and the links removed from the site. You can still access them for reference should you wish:


I’ve locked the forums so you can no longer post to them; I don’t want to worry that someone may have tried to contact me that way.

The RE community is still alive and well – everyone has moved onto social media instead of site forums. So the best places to find us are Twitter and on our “backup” social media site that we run ourselves, KinkyElephant.com.

Hywel is @RElegance and Ariel is @ArielAnderssen on Twitter, so come follow us!

If you are interested in seeing behind the scenes at our shoots, check out Ariel’s OnlyFans page for joyous bondage behind-the-scenes and general lunacy including Gareth the Welsh-Speaking Orangutan who loves appearing on social media. We are neither normal nor entirely serious, I’m afraid, but it is a lot of fun. We’ll still be posting behind the scenes of big RE trips here, but for the day-to-day bondage shoots we’re doing we’ve found it works much better if I concentrate on the RE production and photography and Ariel gets the behind-the-scenes. Because she loves being on camera and I don’t, I guess. I really like to be able to concentrate on the cinematography and photography when I’m shooting!