“In The Dark” – coming soon(ish) at EleganceStudios.com

Had a fabulous day shooting with Ariel at The Facility UK studio near Birmingham.

We were filming the middle section of forthcoming EleganceStudios.com film “In The Dark” – this was the bit shot in actual darkness!

Here’s a quick framegrab from the video behind the scenes while setting up, by the light of my head-torch:

Here’s a Hywel’s eye view of the action (taken with my iPhone using eyepiece projection, through the LI monocular I was using to see through):

Here’s the camera’s eye view- shot in Infrared, lit using two security camera infrared LED lights:

And here’s the view of a camera shot with an f/0.95 lens at ISO6400… in other words, and Ariel Anderssen’s eye view of proceedings! It really was DARK in the room. The little bit of spill you can see bottom right is the light leakage from under the door, which you could barely make out with the naked eye (at least until one got completely dark adapted).

And finally here’s an interlude shot in full spectrum, under a UV light rather than an infrared one:

Now we’ve got to shoot the beginning and the end of the movie, which we’re doing at a different location hopefully next week!

Exciting! And it was really hot torturing Ariel when she couldn’t see what was coming!


Problems with some video files on Windows? Try VLC Player

Hi All,

Looks like the Windows Media Player MP4 bug is back, for some people at least. If you are having difficulty playing some video files (typically they play the audio but black instead of the picture) on windows media player, try downloading VLC player here:


This seems to solve the problem.

I’ve no idea why WMP won’t play some of the files- they’re all made exactly the same way on my Mac, and Quicktime player and VLC seem to be able to play them fine. So I believe it is a bug in WMP.

A little bit of a Google indicates that other set-ups can cause WMP to do this- a lot of GoPro users complaining about it a couple of years ago, for example. Installing fresh MP4 codecs might fix it. A member has tried transcoding with ACDSee, and the transcoded versions play fine- but that again implies that there’s nothing wrong with the original, as the transcoding software can process it just fine. So it genuinely looks like a Microsoft WMP bug that they don’t seem to be in a hurry to fix. Download VLC 🙂


Tortured In The Dark

We’re very excited!

We’ve been planning another EleganceStudios.com for a while, and we’re just gearing up for production, shooting in a few weeks. I’m converting the outline to a shooting script today.

The film has an emotional, real-world-grounded storyline about a bondage couple are trying to find ways to rekindle the excitement of their first BDSM experience.

The “fun and games” section of the film is going to be an extended BDSM session in complete darkness. I have infrared spotlights and infrared cameras, and IR goggles for me to wear. Think of the “in the dark” section of Silence of the Lambs. Ariel is going to be totally in the dark- she will not be able to see me, or anything else! It’d going to be hot and intense, more even than a blindfold or blackout contact lens scene. We want MAXIMUM impact!

What would you like to see done to her in her Tortures in the Dark? I’ve got ideas but I’d love to have your suggestions! Post a comment and let us know!

Double content weekend ends

Hi All,

If you were a member over the weekend, I hope you enjoyed the double content birthday celebration. I’ve now had to turn the extra archives back off again- sorry, can’t leave so much stuff up routinely because of the bandwidth bills. But I hope you had fun, and we’ve got some absolutely super stuff coming up for you in the rest of April- check out the forum for what’s coming up!

Cheers, Hywel

Birthday Bonus!

Hi Everyone

I’m trying an experiment as part of our 16th Birthday celebrations. This weekend, for one weekend only, I’ve opened up the archives to DOUBLE the amount of content on RestrainedElegance.com.

I’ve brought back ALL the Blast from the Past videos featuring gorgeous models from the early days like Rosaleen Young, Charisma Cole, Chanta Rose, Katarina Nikita and of course Jasmine Sinclair.

I’ve brought back ALL the Bonus, Behind The Scenes and Outtakes sets and chat room transcripts of Ariel Anderrsen (fun reading that one, it’s from way before we were married, from around the time we started dating) and Sammie B.

And normally sets stay on the Members’ area for 180 days – both in the What’s New section, and when they return for a second run in the Archives. For this weekend only, I’ve extended that to 365 days.

So as of right now, RestrainedElegance.com membership gets you 111,022 photos and 301 video clips (total duration 48 hours, 33 minutes). You can see all of that -a value of about $300,000 when you add up what it cost to shoot- for just $39.95. Or for even better value, you can join for two months and get one month free, for just $69.95.

This way-back-in-time bonus WILL end after this weekend, so don’t hang about. Especially if you’ve not been a member before, or you haven’t been a member for a while, it is phenomenally good value!

And if you are reading this on the members’ area of RestrainedElegance.com – please enjoy!