D and BDSM

This page is an on-going repository of useful links for our forthcoming D&D-podcast-meets-BDSM video shoot.

Setting and background handout

D&D 5th Edition SRD – the open game licence system we will be using

Online interactive character sheet for Elf Thief character

Costume reference pics

We’ll use the top half of this armour, pair with a skirt and some slippers or soft boots to make it look more thief-y and less warrior-y than the mail skirt and leggings shown here. Add “elvish” circlet and accessorise.

Makeup mood board

(pics are not my copyright, will remove if anyone is unhappy with us posting them as inspiration)

Sketch Map of Ducky of Falcondale

Sketch Map of City of Falconstone

Gazetteer of Falconstone City

This is mostly for the DM – I generated a random city full of businesses, buildings and people. No-one really knows what is in every one of these buildings, certainly not the Duke and very definitely not a newcomer to the city. Nonetheless, if you walk into a random building in the city there’s a fair chance that its purpose is not a million miles from what is marked on the list, and at least one or two of the people listed might be there. So it’s a good a jumping-off point for inspiration.

Go to the list here.

Casting: BDSM Dungeons and Dragons

Hi Everyone,

This is a model casting for an idea I’ve wanted to shoot for 30 years: a BDSM tabletop roleplaying Dungeons and Dragons session.

I’m looking to shoot it with a model who’s a keen role-player and a good improvisor who is happy to work with me to describe some pretty dark, intense and hardcore things happening to her character in the game.

It will be a two-day shoot.

Day one will be us playing a session of Dungeons and Dragons (well, a not-quite-D&D old school clone, please don’t sue us Mr. Hasbro), me as the DM, you as the solo player. I’ll have a written fantasy scenario in a stock D&D fantasy world to play through, but the idea is that the character is going to get into a lot of scrapes in which BDSM and sex happens. A LOT.

We’ll describe together what happens to the character. I’m quite shy and not great at “dirty talk” in any situation, but I’ll try to man up and let some of the darker stuff out to play. I figure if there’s anything which ought to loosen my introvert inhibitions it is describing whats happening to a fictional fantasy character in a high-magic world, where anything can be fixed with a trip to a temple for the right healing spell! I’ve got 30+ years experience as a DM and 20+ years experience as a BDSM photographer (and performer when I must) and this is something I’ve wanted to try ever since I first bought my copy of Basic D&D.

The finished product of that will be a video of us playing D&D, describing what happens to the character in the manner of a Twitch stream or high-end podcast. Only with whips, chains, dungeons, damsels and very possibly orcs raping the elf princess. I’ll edit it for pace and good sense and obviously we’ll call cut and rewind if the story is going a way we’re not happy with.

On day two we will shoot as many cut-aways, still photos and short segments of video as we can featuring you in a fantasy costume (examples at the bottom of the post) as your character getting into and out of these scrapes. We can hint at stuff we can’t film (the aforementioned orc and elf princess scene for example) with a combination of POV, dramatically posed stills, black screen and sound effects, etc..

For normal shoots I think it is important that we don’t make any statement about whether the model is kinky or not- if you are a good actress you can do the job. And that might be true here but to be honest it would be a much better fit to someone who’s at into both tabletop roleplaying and BDSM and is happy with the idea of doing uninhibited “dirty talk” around the events happening to a fictional character in a D&D session.

Please drop me a line to webmaster@RestrainedElegance.com or by DM on Twitter (@RElegance) if you are interested. Pay rates as usual for an RE shoot. The shoot will be in the UK.

Cheers, Hywel Phillips