Adventures of Faye

This film is in four parts:

Part One: Falcondale



Part Two: The Gambling Den



Part Three: Rescuing Lady Averyl



Part Four: The Clutches of the Duchess



The idea for this series of films has been with me for literally decades.

As Dee Williams put it: “See how naturally D&D becomes bD&Dsm?”

The concept is this – around the table, we play a fantasy roleplaying game, describing the actions and adventures of a gorgeous fantasy heroine in a wicked magical world. Then we get to see the actions played out in a cinematic film as we described them in the game.

We spend the first day of the shoot playing a tabletop roleplaying game and getting the character into all sorts of sexual and BDSM situations. Then we frantically scribble notes and a shot list and spend the next two days filming the scenes we roleplayed for real.

I love the combination of the table-top game dirty talking and the realisation of the fantasy afterwards. I’ve been wanting to shoot it forever, and back in 2019 when I had my BDSM burnout this was the idea that came back to me. I’d shied away from it for several reasons over the years. I wanted to do it right and really go for it.

I used all the tricks and skills and lighting and production knowledge gathered over the last twenty years, plus nigh-on forty years of running tabletop roleplaying games.I had no idea if it was even feasible to shoot what I wanted to shoot, or how best to go about it. The main thing I needed was a co-performer who “got it”.

So I tweeted about it, and I was thrilled when one of the best models who works for RE messaged me to say she was not just interested but (reading between the lines) would more or less kill for the opportunity. Enter Faye Taylor!

We each spent days before the shoot preparing. I wrote the setting and prepared all the props for my side of things; Faye researched and sourced costumes and props, customising a bunch of stuff from eBay in true cosplay tradition.

On shoot day, we just had to figure it out as we went along. We had to put all our professional BDSM and glamour industry experience together with our inner gamer geek experience to get things going- we knew we had to have sexy and kinky stuff happen to Faye’s elven thief, sooner rather than later.

Faye threw herself into it and before we really had time to worry if format was working, she was in chains, on her knees, giving a blowjob to a silver dildo with a ring light above her like a halo, a flickering colourspike programmed with fire patterns for some warm fill in front of her, and a teal back-light to represent the colour palette of this particular “villain”.

As you’ll see, later episodes will use the colour keying idea to convey setting and emotional tone, a trick I was hoping to help us sell the concept that our house could double for all the locations Faye found herself in. Shallow depth of field was another conscious choice, along with “pool of light” to isolate Faye from the background as much as possible so we could ignore modern features as much as we could. There are limits- the light switches on the walls are a bit annoying! There’s only so much we can do without Hollywood budgets. Still… I’m very pleased with how it all turned out.

What worked really well was the interactive, collaborative script-writing-come-scene-consent-negotiation aspect of the tabletop roleplaying game. We had to cut that part off early in order to make sure we had time for the cinematic visuals- Faye said that she wished she had more time to play the game and find out more stuff, something our second performer Lucy Lauren also wanted to do!

The best thing for me is that it made me brave enough to shoot blowjob scenes, footjobs, giant cum-shots and sexy masturbation scenes, something I’d NEVER been brave enough to ask during pre-shoot negotiation up until now. The ability to interactively write the script together with the performer, with her able to decide during the game segment how far and how filthy the story is going to go, means that I didn’t shy away from filming it. We had the shot list, so I could concentrate on making it look spectacular.

It may not SOUND very different from improvising on a normal shoot, but Faye. Lucy and I thought the framing structure was a really interesting innovation. What I don’t know is if I’ve managed to get across what these films are like at all. If I have, I hope you’ll agree with Faye. Lucy and me that what emerges is SEXY AS FUCK.

We think the juxtaposition really works- consent, negotiation, story-telling, dirty talking, metal bondage, cosplay, fantasy, Elf blowjobs, metal dildos, cum swallowing, epic slow-mo, cinematic drama, improvisation, domination and sexy striptease.

Stunning raven-haired gamer girl Faye Taylor has arrived for a tabletop gaming session with her Game Master Hywel Phillips.

Both are kinky so they have decided experiment with a new sort of fantasy roleplaying: combining elves and spells with BDSM and sex. Hywel has created the Duchy of Falcondale and populated it with all manner of lecherous dominant and sadistic creatures for Faye to encounter.

Faye has created her adventuring alter-ego, an elven thief who needs to find a new base of operations and has settled on the remote but rich duchy. They quickly go over Faye’s character, noting in particular her magical headband, an item which will literally get Faye out of jail and which is magically locked onto her head so it cannot be stolen.

Hywel and Faye agree on the ground rule that anything can happen to Faye’s character – and indeed all manner of cruel and painful things WILL happen to her!