Scarlett’s First Session

Starring: Scarlett Foxett, Hywel Phillips
Keywords: slave training, submission, dom/sub, bondage, BDSM, spanking, bastinado, nipple clamps, consent negotiation,
gags, redhead, intimate
Running time: 1 hour 12 minutes
A film by Hywel Phillips
Crew: Steve



1080p Full HD, whole movie

I had to split the 4K version of the film into two parts because of shopping cart file size limits:

Scarlett’s First Session (PART ONE, VID0744A, 4K MP4)

Scarlett’s First Session (PART TWO, VID0744B, 4K MP4)

Scarlett’s First Session

She has been building up the courage to meet him for months. All her fantasies of being a slave girl, of submission and masochism, leading up to this moment. The chance to do BDSM for real. To be a sex slave for real – if only for an afternoon. They’ve talked online for hours, his references check out, she’s done the responsible thing and has her friend Jenny on stand-by to call the police if she goes missing. It’s time to go. Oh god, what should she wear? Something classic, sexy, but not too sexy. The red lingerie? And a black cocktail dress? That will have to do.

The house looms large over her, making her feel a delicious thrill. For a moment, her nerves get the better of her and she stops to compose herself, to check her reflection in one of the windows. Last chance to run, Scarlett. Once you knock on the door there’s no going back!

He’s not exactly as she expected as he welcomes her in. Her heart is racing, she feels dizzy as she follows him through the hallway to the… kitchen? Somehow she was expecting to be plunged right into a dungeon full of sex toys. He seems kind, and frankly a little amused at how she’s trembling. Calmly, he sits her down and takes her in hand. Yes, she’s ready. Yes, she’s sure. Somehow the normality of being offered a cup of tea before they start makes what’s about to happen to her even more exciting. It’s the safest thrill of danger she has ever experienced.

And then, at last, he leads her into the study where all the ropes and handcuffs and crops and gags are laid out. At his invitation, Scarlett runs her hands over the arrayed implements, knowing that he’s going to use them on her. And she cannot fucking wait.

But there is a protocol to follow, and he knows her better than she knows herself. He suspects that if he gives her everything, all at once, the way she desperately wants it, she will just overload and panic. He needs to lead her through her submission, by the hand.

So he asks her for her consent. He asks her to surrender her hands to him. Just her hands. What can he possibly do to her if he takes ownership of just her hands? “Do you consent?”

“Yes, sir.”

Now the words are spoken, and a part of her is his, and he *shows* her what he can do to her with just her hands. He touches them, caresses them, holds them… more like a guide leading her than a lover grabbing her. And then he gives her the first forbidden thrill of pain as he administers a strapping to both of her palms. The sting is abrupt, startling, cutting through the fog of a million overlapping daydreams about being a submissive and a masochist and taking whatever her owner wants to dish out to her. The pain is real, and shocking, and better by far than anything she had imagined. No matter how much you practice on yourself, nothing compares to having someone turn their full gaze upon you, stare deep into your eyes, and hurt you because they want to. She is the total focus of his attention. No-one and nothing else exists, just the two of them and her desire to submit and his desire to accept and take control of her, everything that is her.

He locks her hands, her hands that belong to him, in handcuffs and thumbcuffs and demonstrates how her can control her. Just lifting her arms up behind her into the strappado position makes her powerless to resist- she cannot help herself but to bend forwards with a gasp as he positions her. Rope replaces metal in a daze, as she consents to surrender her arms to him. He ties her elbows tight together behind her back and parades her around the room. She knows well enough from reading his profile that he will enjoy it more if she keeps to her tiptoes, so almost without conscious thought she strains to stay in perfect subbie pose for him.

Next she consents to surrender her mouth to him. He had noticed her fascination with the largest of the ball-gags he had set out- can she take that one? Why yes, she can. And it feels GOOD. But he has more to do with her mouth. For sure, he can finger-fuck her mouth and make her take his fingers deep down her throat. For sure, he can touch her lips, tender but possessive, and smear her painstakingly-perfect lipstick to artful disarray. But he can also order her to speak the truth to him.

“Tell me. What is it that you have been fantasising about?” She hesitates. “Remember,” he reminds her, “your mouth belongs to me”.

And now she is confessing her core fantasies. Not her darkest or her most shameful, but the foundation of it all. The surrender, the doing whatever he pleases. She has never spoken this aloud to anyone, ever. It lifts her soul to admit it, even to herself.

With her consent he has a handful of her cascading red mane in his fist and he is totally in control as he pulls her around by her hair. She’s starting to lose track of time and causality; it feels otherworldly. He could ask for her consent and she would surrender anything, but he knows better than to take it, to take her all at once. For the next step he just claims her breasts as she cedes control.

Nipple clamps glow through the haze but not in the sharp way that the hand strapping did. The pull, the weight is… nice. Strong sensations, but not unpleasant. Even when he takes the small soft flogger to her breasts to make the bells on the ends of the nipple clamps jingle-jangle, it’s a jumble of pleasure-pain. The riding crop is a beacon, a lighthouse through the mist. She feels that on clamped nipples alright! He binds her breasts and replaces the belled clamps with strong clover clamps. When he whips her breasts with the riding crop on clover clamped nipples she screams and laughs and cries out and when he adds a weight to the chain she is nearly undone with the pleasure of the pain. He leads her around the room by the nipple clamps, first on her tiptoes and then on her knees. Should she choose to enter his service as a slave girl, Scarlett will certainly find her nipples receiving frequent and prolonged punishment!

He checks in on her, because even the most experienced dom can’t read everybody on first meeting. For some people that would be enough for their first session – overloaded senses stop registering, and he wants her to experience the painful delights to come in full measure. But she is hungry for more!

Over his knee she goes, ready to take the first spanking of her life. The shock on her face after the first stroke! Her arse reddens with each hand-print as he spanks and again she cries out in half-laughter at the intensity of the sensation. (“Now THAT is cute as fuck” he thinks to himself).

Until now his pleasure has been somewhat generic. For sure, it’s a privilege to coax Scarlett through her first session, to help her find her place and get comfortable in her submission. But he has his own specific desires, and it is time to indulge them. He turns his attentions to her feet. Of course, the formalities must be observed – she surrenders control of her soles to him willingly, eagerly. Then he takes up the leather straps and beats the soles of her feet in a punishing bastinado until they glow almost as red as her bottom and her screams of pleasure-pain echo around the room. He thinks he has the measure of her now, and he is not wrong- she surrenders her agony and ecstasy to him as he takes what he wants from her submissive suffering.

Perhaps he could have left it there. Maybe let her go away and process everything. But doms have desires too, and he wants her. He wants to see more of her. To touch more of her, to feel more of her. To look into her eyes again as he hurts her and controls her and makes her serve him for his pleasure and hers. So he toys with her, cock-gagging her, enjoying her before finally asking for her consent to collar her as his slave.

To which she immediately gives her enthusiastic consent.

Hywel’s Notes:

This film was invented pretty much on the fly on a location trip where we’d already had to abandon plans A, B and C for the shoot because the scripts we’d written were for multiple models… and only Scarlett was actually able to shoot that day. I’d had this idea of progressive consent floating around for a few days and it suddenly occurred to me that we had a perfect opportunity to capture it, because we had Steve on camera with a new gimbal-easyrig combo that meant we could get extended “oners”.

That’s jargon for extended rolling takes in a film, shot on a floating platform so the camera operator can drift in and out to get framings ranging from full-length shots to intimate closeups without it feeling jerky or hand-held. What we realised as soon as we started rolling is that it also lent an intimacy to the film that regular tripods-and-closeups shooting just doesn’t do. Scarlett and I could concentrate entirely on performance while Steve moved smoothly in between and around us, looking into Scarlett’s eyes to get her reactions as each new thing happened to her in the scene.

And it makes you feel like you are right there in the room, in the scene with us when you watch it.

It was the first time Scarlett had been properly spanked by the way, so those reactions are completely real! As was the impressive reddening of her bum afterwards (a week later she says she just has one small bruise left, by the way, so she has recovered quickly which is good to know for future films….)

Steve said: “The video with you as Scarlet’s dom was amazing. It was very obvious while filming and looking through the viewfinder that this was something a bit special… It was one of the few times that I actually felt this was really hot content while filming. Normally I’m too concerned with the framing, the exposure, the audio and capturing all the detail
plus the safety of what’s going on… it felt very special.”

Scarlett was buzzing when we got off set too and when she saw the trailer she said “Oh my lord, this looks nothing short of epic and hot! And I certainly agree with Steve!”

So we’re very pleased and proud to present to you “Scarlett’s First Session”.





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