Scarlett Foxett: One Enchanted Evening


FILM: One Enchanted Evening


Scarlett Foxett: One Enchanted Evening (Shibari Rope Hug, Hot Wax & Edging to Orgasm)

Scarlett and I had been talking a lot since we shot Scarlett’s First Session. I’d really enjoyed our on-screen interaction,
and I liked the role of the pro dom in that film – sort of a jolly dom. It even got me thinking that maybe I might
want to try my hand at being a genuine pro dom one day. As a starting point I wondered if I could construct a scene
for Scarlett to enjoy based on some of the things we’d talked about. Thus was One Enchanted Evening born.

We’d been shooting another forthcoming long film, The Muse, all day. It was a hot and sultry evening, just starting to cool
down. The circle of trees seemed very welcoming, especially with the addition of a campfire to dispel the bugs and light our
way. Scarlett really enjoys the feel of rope, especially in the Shibari “rope hug” style. So I tied her into a modified
karada, using wide black hemp rope as the core and accessorising it with some new soft teal bamboo rope that let me keep
the whole rope web under considerable tension. I placed a knot in a strategic position on the crotchrope, of course!

Then I tied her arms in a modified box tie, integrating with the rope web, and settled her down onto the cushions
in the circle of firelight. As the sun drifted lower and lower on the horizon, I tied her ankles crossed, so she could sit up
or recline comfortably – I knew she was going to be in bondage for at least an hour! I left a little “tail” on the ankle rope
so I could pull on it to straighten her legs out, which was important for granting access to her beautiful feet for later.

Next it was time to bring out the candles. Hot wax is usually relaxing for Scarlett but it turns out not one hundred percent of the
time – we discovered that when her skin was a little cold from the night air, the candle wax produces much stronger
sensations than on warm skin indoors. Not unpleasant, exactly – she likened it to getting into a really hot bath without
checking the temperature first. Soon she was giggling and kicking and wriggling and rolling around as the wax found
all sorts of sensitive spots! On her ribs it was unbearably ticklish. On her feet and her soles it was deeply relaxing
and calming. On her inner thighs it made her hop around the bed like she was on fire! I covered her more or less from neck
to toe until she was a subby little puddle.

I thought it was time to intensify the sensations even more – nipple clamps! I allowed her the choice of which set to use
and she picked the metal chopsticks – a brave choice, I thought, given that I was about to apply them to her sensitive
nipples then deluge both nipples and metal clamps with hot wax. But as she settled back her moans got a bit throatier and
her bucking in reaction to the falling droplets more intense – especially once I blindfolded her so she couldn’t see where
the wax was going to land next! Once again I covered her from neck to toe….

Finally it was time for her proper reward – a beautiful and intense orgasm. I took the magic wand and turned it on, then just touched
it to the crotch rope that ran between her pussy lips. Now she found out what that last knot was for! Did she think she
could come this way, I asked? “Yes” came the answer, “although it might take a while”. Longer than she thought, it turned out.
“I think you’d better ask me for permission before you have an orgasm” I said… knowing full well that I was going to
torment her with edging multiple times before I’d let her get her final reward of the day and have a really intense and
pleasurable orgasm!