Descent Into Darkness


FILM: Descent Into Darkness

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PART ONE: Degraded


Descent Into Darkness Part One: Degraded

Slave girl Lucy has an idyllic life of luxury with her master and the other slave girls on his estate. But ever since new girl Scarlett arrived telling tales of degradation, cruelty and neglect, Lucy just can't keep her mind on her duties. Sure, she loves her life here. But it seems so… sterile, sometimes. Setting the table in slave shackles and her hard-won steel collar. Tidying the kitchen. Making the bed, lining up the punishment implements in a nice line. Of course the master will beat her if she wants it, but somehow that's the worst thing.

In her dreams, she being used, held chained in the cold, dirty, trampled, degraded, just like Scarlett was when she arrived. If that was the story of a Cinderella Slavegirl, Lucy wants to be the opposite. She yearns for a descent into darkness. In the bedroom, she suddenly snaps. She throws the bedclothes and pillows all over the floor, tips the whips and crops over the floor, messes up her immaculate hair and dishevels her clothes!

Of course her master hears, and he's well-enough attuned to his faithful slave-girl's moods by now to know what has been on her mind and what has provoked this incident. She wants to be treated like a fuck toy, a dirty, slutty sex slave, used and abused without a thought for her own pleasure. If that's really what she wants, that's what he will give to her. He gives her a choice – she can give up her shiny steel slave collar and descend in rank to the lowest slavegirl in the house, to be brutally treated and degraded. Is that really what she wants? In an instant, Lucy agrees… and her fate is sealed!

Her master confiscates her polished steel slave shackles and collar, strips her out of her blouse and skirt, replacing them with a skimpy shabby top and denim shorts- the better to drive home the parallels with how Scarlett was treated. He fixes a crude leather collar around her neck and attaches a leash – and snaps at her to get on her knees. She has NEVER heard that tone in his voice before and her knees give way of their own accord. He drags her brusquely out of the bedroom on the leash, down the stairs, out of the front door of the mansion house and down to the muddy lake shore.

Here he gives her the first stage of her descent into darkness. He hogties her securely but crudely with gaffer tape, gags her with a cock gag and leaves her to roll around in the mud and dirt. She is soon covered in leaves and mulch, grubby from head to toe. He watches her from a distance, judging whether she is sincere in her need for absolute destruction. It seems that she is.

So he returns to his struggling sex-slave and douses her thoroughly in freezing cold water from the pond! It was snowing just a day before and the water is icy cold, it takes her breath away. She instantly comes out in goosebumps and screams as more of the freezing liquid hits her. He rinses off her soles, her bum, her back then roughly turns her over and drenches her t-shirt and her front, causing her to splutter as the icy water hits her still-cock-gagged face and hair. He leaves her to contemplate her fate, shivering, alone and exposed in the garden while he prepares the next stage of her descent.

She is placed in a strict rope tie, legs in frogtie, hands behind, a crotch rope punishing her already-wet pussy and a chest harness squeezing her breasts. Ropes are added from her knees to the table to make sure she cannot close her legs. Again she must accept the harsh hard rubber of the cock gag in the back of her throat as her master prepares her next torment.

Pleasure mixes with pain as he attaches nipple clamps to her tits – hanging between them is a remote control battery unit, driving vibes on each nipple! He controls the intensity of the vibrations from his phone as she wriggles and writhes. His intention is to drive her wild with lust, make her pussy drip all over the hard wooden table she is made to kneel on. He wants her to be teased and tantalised, but not to be able to get off however badly she wants and needs to come!

He adds a magnetic remote vibe to her crotchrope to add more to the unbearable stimulation. Her wriggling dislodges the vibe and she tries to capitalise on that by sitting on the thing, desperate to get some more stimulation on her pussy and clit. If only she can have a few seconds, she can come! But her master is intent on edging her for hours, and she is repeatedly driven to the brink of orgasm but then denied.

Hwe intensifies the sensations by blindfolding her, and adding the stimulation from a wand vibrator over the crotch rope- but only for a few seconds at a time! Lucy is in for a very long afternoon of orgasm denial punishment and nipple torment as he adds more weights to the clamps on her poor suffering tits….

And this is only stage two of her descent into darkness… watch out for the concluding part of this story, "Destroyed", coming soon!