Coming in January 2021

Hi Everyone,

Forums have gone out of fashion. We still have a vibrant community of RE friends, models, fans and followers but it has moved to our social media. Come and join us on our twitter feeds (@RElegance and @ArielAnderssen), or if you don’t like Twitter, you can join our Mastodon instance at to see previews, latest news and general chat and gossip. For behind-the-scenes, we’ve been doing more and more on Ariel’s OnlyFans page.

Since a dead forum is worse than no forum, I will be retiring the RE forums very soon.

The one regular feature we will miss is the monthly previews, so I’m going to provide those here instead.

So check out more of what’s coming your way in January 2021 here!

And returning for your pleasure in the archives:

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2021 is a bit brighter than 2020!

Like many creative enterprises big and small, for most of 2020 I’ve been in “survival mode”. I don’t mind admitting it- we’ve not been able to shoot with external models since March 2020, I’ve had to take most of the remaining jobs I’d outsourced back in-house, and we’ve had to adjust our lives and our businesses to Ariel not travelling and not modelling for other people, too.

As our friend and long-standing member and contributor Merlin said in an email to me yesterday, the result is that RE is looking a bit forlorn. Not in terms of content! We’ve never missed an update, we’ve got a very exciting batch of new models to showcase from Alexander Lightspear and I’m about to commission a new batch of Lockdown Selfie shoots from our best models, too.

The bit that needs attention is the interface and site design. Behind the scenes it needs https: secure mode and the latest version of PHP. But what it needs most is a refresh of things like the members’ home page and the CSS layout so it works better with mobiles and on large screens.

This is my major technical project for 2021. I’m aiming to get the redesign and revamp done in time for the site’s 20th birthday. I’ll be rolling stuff out in waves over the next few months and asking for your feedback and suggestions as we go.

Artistically I’ve got four big projects in the works (and a lot of little ones too).

The first is to master my new video camera: I’ve invested in a new Sony FX9 camcorder now that we’ve moved to Sony E mount for the majority of our lenses. I’ve shot a couple of test videos with it and it has some really lovely features like continuously variable ND filters which nicely complement the cameras we’re currently using. For example we can now do smooth indoors-outdoors transitions, something we’ve never really had a good way to shoot before. I’m excited to start using it on bondage shoots.

The second is to experiment with shooting with Anamorphic lenses for an even more cinematic feel. I loved the experiments I’ve done so far but my composition and (especially) set and production design needs work, and the best way to learn is by making more bondage videos that way. I’ve now completed my line-up of lenses so I have a wide-angle, a normal and a telephoto, and I’ve got hold of a second-hand Panasonic GH5 which has a proper anamorphic shooting mode which will make focussing and composition much easier as you can view the de-squeezed image as you shoot.

The third is to revisit old shoot plans. I’ve got a folder full of emails dating back 20 years with ideas to shoot. I want to go back and find the ideas I wrote but didn’t shoot on the day for one reason or another. It will be a lot of fun to bring them to life with 20 years more experience and the resources of the modern RE bondage storeroom and photographic kit. Ariel and I are going to be working on this a lot for the next few months!

The fourth is to write a big long list of ideas for models to shoot for us for the Lockdown Selfies project. It’s weird writing shoot plans for stuff where I am not going to be present. I’m going to have to relearn how to do it. It’s a throwback to 25 years ago before I’d shot anything myself and was commissioning a lot more customs, in a way, which is quite nostalgic.

Oh and fifth I just remembered I bought a new camera gimbal just before the first lockdown which I’ve not experimented with much yet, too. I want to get back into doing planned camera moves with it, scripted in more like the way Slave Auction and Day in the Life were. Having a camera permanently mounted on the gimbal should make setting those shots up a lot easier than laying track and using a dolly. Especially as we’ll be shooting in our house, which has lots of rooms but not all that much space to lay track. The gimbal should be much more agile. I’m watching the Hollywood Camerawork course again to remind myself how to block these elaborate shots efficiently and creatively.

So there’s a lot in store for 2021! Email me at if you’ve got suggestions for the site redesign or ideas for the bondage and artistic projects. I’ll be emailing the mailing list and posting here for feedback on specific things over the coming weeks and months.

Cheers, Hywel

Megashoots coming soon!

Hi Everybody,

It’s been quite a strange year what with the pandemic and all. Ariel and I live where we shoot, and we live out in the country. So models usually need to come to stay when they shoot with us, and that’s been against regulations since March. We had to cancel the year’s big location shoots as well.

Fortunately, it’s time for some excellent news. Alexander Lightspear has had a break in lockdown, and lives in a city, so has been able to cram in a spectacular burst of shooting working with us! He’s shot 50 sets in the last week or two, with more to come.

Best of all, he’s found us some SPECTACULAR new models, as well as shooting more sets with gorgeous favourites like Irene, Cheryl and Delta.

I can’t wait to get processing these, they’ll be up in the New Year but in the meantime here’s a few tasters screen-grabbed as I looked through them!

Hywel running “at risk” for next few days

Hi Everyone,

We are performing a load of updates to the system software on the server over the next few days which amongst other things will finally let us move to offering encrypted/https browsing of the whole site.

We’ve tested as best we can but there’s always the possibility for disruption when one goes live with a major update, so the server might be offline or pages might not work as expected for short periods over the next few days.

I’ll post again as soon as we think we have it all up and running, you shouldn’t notice any changes but will be able to browse the whole site securely once we’re done.

I’ve decided to make one change as part of this so far and removed the “rate this set” option from inside gallery pages. No-one ever uses it – even the oldest sets only have like six ratings- so rather than working to revise old scripts for the new system software I’ve just decided to remove the feature. Now that we sell sets individually on the eStore and post samples on twitter I get much better feedback as to who likes what that way anyway.

UPDATE 04/10/2020: Script changes are all done our side. Now we wait for tech support to move us to latest versions of the environment and see if anything breaks. It shouldn’t do – we tested everything under that version already- but you never know, there’s always the possibility of missing something on the live side. So site still running at risk for next few days.

Cheers, Hywel