Tortured In The Dark

We’re very excited!

We’ve been planning another for a while, and we’re just gearing up for production, shooting in a few weeks. I’m converting the outline to a shooting script today.

The film has an emotional, real-world-grounded storyline about a bondage couple are trying to find ways to rekindle the excitement of their first BDSM experience.

The “fun and games” section of the film is going to be an extended BDSM session in complete darkness. I have infrared spotlights and infrared cameras, and IR goggles for me to wear. Think of the “in the dark” section of Silence of the Lambs. Ariel is going to be totally in the dark- she will not be able to see me, or anything else! It’d going to be hot and intense, more even than a blindfold or blackout contact lens scene. We want MAXIMUM impact!

What would you like to see done to her in her Tortures in the Dark? I’ve got ideas but I’d love to have your suggestions! Post a comment and let us know!

New Shopping Cart

Hi Everyone

Today we’re introducing a new shopping cart system (the same system as uses) for people who prefer to purchase sets individually rather than get them all with a Restrained Elegance membership. We’re keeping the old cart system for old sets in parallel. (With 5000 sets on there it’s too big a task to port it all across in the absence of an automatic data transfer system).

It’ll now be possible to purchase a set individually on release day, rather than waiting anything up to a couple of years for it to appear on the old system.

The new cart is a more modern system which is a lot easier for us to maintain. It also allows us to include the full-sized JPEGs for each set as well as standard size for the first time. Both are included when you purchase and download a set. (The full sized versions are in the “full” subdirectory, naturally enough).

Videos are in full HD MP4.

I know many people prefer to buy individual photosets and videos than get a subscription.

We’ve been trying for ages to catch up with posting sets on the old cart system (Classic Restrained Elegance).

That system is old, but flexible… the downside is that the data entry takes a long time. I’ve been paying a friend, Stefan, to add stuff to the cart for me for at least the past decade. Bless him, he’s religiously managed to find half an hour or so almost every week for TEN YEARS to do just that, but catching up just doesn’t seem feasible. At least not without me spending literally weeks of Hywel time to do it, which given I have to shoot and edit new stuff isn’t feasible either.

Although the new cart isn’t as flexible, it *is* a lot faster to do the data entry. We can only have one pic to illustrate each set on the cart product page but that’s OK, I’ll live with that.

I’d have done this a couple of years ago except that I was hoping for a possible automated way to transmit data from our content management system direct to the shopping cart – meaning only one lot of boring data entry for both cart and membership site. I’ve just bitten the bullet and done the data entry by hand for a couple of months of updates. It wasn’t too bad- much quicker than the old cart.

So from now on you’ll be able to purchase photosets and clips from the shopping cart on release day.

Follow the updates here: and you can see a “Buy This Set” button for each update.

I’ve gone back as far as April for new sets. I’ll be adding new sets to the cart as I update the main website, and I’ll work my way backwards until I catch up with Stefan posting older sets to the archives and the old cart system working forwards.

The latest content will go to the new cart. Old stuff stays on the old cart. There’s a few gaps especially in the archives; I’ll fill those in as soon as I can.

I’ve put links on the preview tour What’s New page to the cart entries for archive stuff as well. All 5000 old sets will eventually get linked that way- I’ll add the link to each set as sets come up in the members’ archive. There will be gaps sometimes in the archive links where sets were uploaded in multiple parts originally or where formats don’t play well with the cart systems.

I hope this will be much more convenient for those of you who want to purchase sets individually. The new cart should all be up and running and working- it is the same cart Elegance Studios uses- but if you do find any oddities or spot incorrect links etc. please let me know. Having two carts is not ideal but it seemed like the most sensible solution.



Double content weekend ends

Hi All,

If you were a member over the weekend, I hope you enjoyed the double content birthday celebration. I’ve now had to turn the extra archives back off again- sorry, can’t leave so much stuff up routinely because of the bandwidth bills. But I hope you had fun, and we’ve got some absolutely super stuff coming up for you in the rest of April- check out the forum for what’s coming up!

Cheers, Hywel

Birthday Bonus!

Hi Everyone

I’m trying an experiment as part of our 16th Birthday celebrations. This weekend, for one weekend only, I’ve opened up the archives to DOUBLE the amount of content on

I’ve brought back ALL the Blast from the Past videos featuring gorgeous models from the early days like Rosaleen Young, Charisma Cole, Chanta Rose, Katarina Nikita and of course Jasmine Sinclair.

I’ve brought back ALL the Bonus, Behind The Scenes and Outtakes sets and chat room transcripts of Ariel Anderrsen (fun reading that one, it’s from way before we were married, from around the time we started dating) and Sammie B.

And normally sets stay on the Members’ area for 180 days – both in the What’s New section, and when they return for a second run in the Archives. For this weekend only, I’ve extended that to 365 days.

So as of right now, membership gets you 111,022 photos and 301 video clips (total duration 48 hours, 33 minutes). You can see all of that -a value of about $300,000 when you add up what it cost to shoot- for just $39.95. Or for even better value, you can join for two months and get one month free, for just $69.95.

This way-back-in-time bonus WILL end after this weekend, so don’t hang about. Especially if you’ve not been a member before, or you haven’t been a member for a while, it is phenomenally good value!

And if you are reading this on the members’ area of – please enjoy!


Shackled Maidens

Hi All,

Three blog posts in a day is a record.

Unfortunately this one has some sad news. As some of you may know, Matt, the photographer who ran passed away recently.

I didn’t know Matt well- we did a couple of shoots together in the early days, and he worked with Ariel a few times. We kept in touch second-hand because many of the models who work for us also shot for Shackled Maidens. We were very sad to hear of his passing, his work was lovely and so dramatic.

I’ve just been contacted by his family who are looking to sell the extensive collection of metal bondage gear that formed the core of Matt’s bondage equipment. They said they’d rather deal with it by private sale than have to put everything on eBay and they asked me:

a) Whether I wanted any of it and

b) If I would pass on the word to the UK bondage and photographic community in case anyone else was interested.

Proceeds will go to supporting Matt’s family.

They don’t have an extensive list of the equipment but you can see a lot of it on the site and on the tumblr blog here:

If anyone is interested, please email me at and I will pass your email on to them. I’ve already nabbed the “cage of contemplation” (standing cage) but the rest is available.