Day in the Life – in Post Production!

Hi All,

We just got back from a week’s location shoot in Somerset with awesome models Scarlot Rose, Ariel Anderssen, Hannah Claydon, Sophia Smith, Anita deBauch and Temptress Kate. As part of our trip we shot a feature set in the world of “Slave Auction”, provisionally titled Day in the Life.

Post production will take us a considerable number of months- even transcoding the footage so we can edit it will take two solid weeks of CPU- but to give you a taste of what’s to come, here are a few framegrab stills from the film!

Cheers, Hywel.

Hannah Claydon, Sophia Smith, Scarlot Rose and Ariel Anderssen

Slave Auction is done!!

Wheeee! It took an extra three long days at the computer and a couple of burnt DVDs to check out how it looked on TV to fine tune the rough cut, but I can finally declare Slave Auction to be done! There’s one or two things could still do with polishing, but without shooting more footage, I think I’m happy with how it has come out.

Hooray! Just in time for a much deserved holiday, too. My poor Mac won’t be getting a break though, it is hard at work number crunching to export the video and encode the MP4 and DVD versions. Should finish overnight, ready to upload tomorrow.

Here’s a few extra frame grabs to whet your appetite…