Welcome to the new-look blog!

Welcome to my new-look blog!

As Apple have decided to kill off the hosting, comments and web design software for my old blog (nice one, Apple!) I’ve decided to take the opportunity to move to something more professional. Hence, the new-look blog and website.

I’ve also decided to rationalise our blogs by merging the HywelPhillips.com and EleganceStudios.com blogs. New EleganceStudios.com blog announcements will now appear here. I’ve imported the old ES blog posts, but the old HywelPhillips ones can’t be handled so easily. You can find an archive of those older essays in the “Archives from old blog site” link on the left.

Cheers, Hywel


Ariel Anderssen as a bound mermaid

Ariel Anderssen as a bound mermaid