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    A bunch of (mostly) general observations posted in the spirit of obsessive worry about RE drifting away from what I’ve liked about it over the years due to Hywel’s changing preferences and/or the suggestions of other RE members.

    I’d like to see…

    o More variety in the model types. I sense that Hywel is trying, but the recent mix still seems to be heavy on the blonde, leggy, and showgirl- or classical-beauty types, and light on the brunette, curvy-cuddly, and cute-beauty types.

    o A similar point that I’ve harped on in the past: More “ethnic” models (east-asian, south-asian, latina, black…)

    o Different binding materials other than rope, handcuffs, and metal “dungeon” cuffs: Leather belts, rubber straps, duct/duck tape, cloth strips. Also wooden restraints (like those stocks…)

    o More sets of models bound to frameworks – other than stairway banisters.

    o More sets of models tied in a chair. In particular, more of the classic “tied to a straight-backed wooden chair” type sets. (As a particular suggestion: Buy or make an oversized “prop” chair of the straight-backed wooden type, 1.5 x the standard size – something that will make Ariel look like she’s all of four feet tall. Then use it with various models for a “captured by giants” series of sets.)

    o Fewer “reverse prayer” sets. I’ve been patiently waiting for Hywel et al to lose their enthusiasm for them, as they just give me an unpleasant “fingernails on the chalkboard” feeling when I see them.

    o The next time you do a long video project, make it something light-hearted. In particular leave the punishments out, or else treat them as jokes. (Can I hope that “Day in the Life” will turn out like that?)

    o Do a “Slavegirl Lexicon” set with a model other than Ariel (and with a different body type) as a “compare and contrast” thing. (Or maybe a two-model set, with Ariel and a second model, both tied in the same position, with the lecture-text blathering on about the “important differences.”)

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