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    I have an idea for a simple restraint that for some reason I’ve never seen on this or any other site. It consists of wrist bands, ankle bands, two chains, four regular locks and one extra large lock. I’d prefer that the bands be the polished steel we often see here, but any type will work. The chains should have large links and be about 3 feet long. Opposite ends of one chain are locked to the right wrist and right ankle. The other chain is locked to the left wrist and ankle. Finally the large lock is locked around, but not through the two chains. If the large lock is not heavy enough a weight can be added. If left alone, the weight of the lock should cause it to fall down close to the ankles. If the links of the chain are coarse enough they will pass through the chain only with some effort and the lock will act as a hobble. When standing, the model can easily walk by holding the lock in one hand, but this will cause the lock to act like a handcuff since the chains are only 3 feet long. If the lock is heavy enough, she won’t be able to run very far. When kneeling or squatting she’ll have a fairly free range of motion with all limbs depending on the location of the lock.

    I’ve seen a number of cases where one pair of chains links the wrists and the second links the ankles with a ring keeping them both together, but never with the side-by-side arrangement described above. I have seen a number of side-by-side arrangements, but never with the two chains loosely links as described.

    I’d love to see this in action with a model trying to perform routine household chores. A video would be best.

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