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    I’m really enjoying some of the new updates, especially “Tying Lera,” which has the things I most like in a photo set: an attractive model in simple lingerie against a plain background, simply but snugly tied. Your latest update, “House Emblem” is another favorite; I would have preferred her in underthings or a tank-top and jogging shorts or mini-skirt, but the poses were great.

    My suggestion is to have more sets in which the main chain or rope restraint is fixed to either one or both sides of the model, and not at a level much higher than her shoulders. A good recent example in the movies is the bondage scene in the new Oz movie, when the good witch Glinda has been captured, and kneels on the stage between two low posts, her wrists shackled, and her arms outstretched to the short posts on each side of her. The fixing of the chains to either side allows for a different set of poses than we usually see, with the actress shifting her weight against one or the other of the chains, her arms not fully outstretched or raised high, struggling very prettily.

    I imagine that setting up the framing for something like that would be difficult in the studio, but perhaps you could between two trees? I remember you did a tree tie with Ariel once, with her wrists bound to a single point on a limb in front of her, to great effect.

    Love the website and the great work you and Ariel are doing.



    I’ll second this. I’d also like to see a shift in the ratio of nude:scantily-clad in the direction of scantily-clad. I’ll add that I’d also like to see bright colors and/or contrasting tones, in order to give more visual interest. Also, it would be good to see the Theiss Titillation Theory applied.

    I’ll also endorse the idea of models tethered to anchor points on either side. I’d actually prefer the anchor points to be low down – set in the floor, or in the platform on which the model is sitting or kneeling. But a quick alternative would be for a set where the model is sitting up on a bed with her arms stretched out to either side and tied to the headboard. Or a set where the model is sitting on a couch, with her wrists tethered to either side – possibly with enough slack in the ropes (or chains) that she can bring her hands ~15 inches apart, but no closer.

    And be sure to restrain her ankles, too :mrgreen:


    I like this idea too.

    She could have a chain around her waist keeping her on her knees. The chain coud be secured to the floor.

    Maybe surround the model with candles.

    When it comes to clothing I prefer if the model starts clothed then looses the clothing during the set.



    I too prefer greatly to see the model start off clothed and gradually become fully nude. Tying her wrists to one point is good too, though I am not particular about how high up the tie should be. She should be not too fancily tied, but neatly tied, and ideally in rather thick rope with color. (The shots of Ariel in the three “lexicons” are among the best examples of proper tying, not to mention some of the very best sets, period, on RE.)

    What I deeply dislike are sets of poses where it is obvious great care was taken to never show the model’s crotch, or — my goodness! — her labia. To me, that makes for a very phony looking set — quite unrealistic, and even pretentiously so. It is worth repeating I am not saying I want mainly crotch shots. What I am saying is I want a realistic amount of them, given the poses undertaken.

    One of Ariel’s many great strengths as a model comes, I think, from the fact that she is both lanky and lean. Among other advantages, this means that when she poses nude there are often as a natural consequence indirect (and a few direct) shots of her labia, thereby making her into a real woman, not a department store mannequin. True, Ariel is gifted with attractive labia and not all women or models are so endowed — but many are. Nor are most models as lean and revealing as Ariel. But once again, many are. In either case, these areas of the body can be rendered beautifully if it is a priority of the photography, as I think it should be.

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