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    Based on an older RE photo.


    And it took me three months, but I’ve finally come up with a patter to go with the drawing:

    They had stripped her nude as a matter of course. All of Lord Lewyh’s new acquisitions were treated so when first brought to his citadel. In her case, however, Rettu had also ordered an iron collar and iron chains. She was an elf-maid, after all, and elves are known to be tricksy. Proud, fair, and graceful, yes, but most of all tricksy.

    The simplest precautions are often the best, and elf-magic has no power against black iron. She could work no glamour when shackled so, nor twist minds when iron encircled her neck. She was now naught but a captive female in a harem built to hold females captive, and Lord Lewyh would trifle with her, just as she had once trifled with him.

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