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    In the “Tillie Chained To The Pole” set of late January, I noticed that the light in back came equipped with barn doors. And that set me to wondering: How often do you use barn doors in your lighting setups?

    Also, what other light(s) did you use in that set? My first guess was that there was an on-camera fill, but on further thought there might have been two lights, to camera right and left (softboxes?)

    (As an administrivia issue, is it possible to give link text a special color or something in the forum posts? So that the links don’t turn invisible? In this post I manually made the link text blue, but I’d rather have that done automagically for me.)



    The link text issue is just one more of the main out-of-date features of the current forum software. I’m planning to move to something better and centralise across all the sites; hopefully any new system will have better features (like being able to change link colours without editing a very old template file, something which I’m reluctant to do as the forum software is already at the tottering edifice stage of software lifecycle).

    Barn doors. I use these semi-regularly. Normally I use a honeycomb on the back light, but in cases like this I find the circular spot isn’t really what I want- I want a circular spot with one side cut off it, so I don’t get too much light on the wall behind. That’s when I reach for the barn doors. Either to create a shaft of light, or control the spill of hard light (usually the back/hair light, as here).

    Other lights would almost certainly have been a strip softbox to camera left in front of Tillie and a second, smaller softbox to camera right (behind Tillie) which supplemented the skimming hard hairlight with a more rounded key light . I did some of the shots with the front soft box turned off (the moodier ones) and some with it turned on.

    I rarely use an on camera flash. I sometimes use it for catchlights and as a flash trigger for the studio units. In that case I usually manually set minimum power and use a diffuser on the front. I sometimes use one on location to counterbalance daylight and give a little pop to the eyes, again using a diffuser and usually setting something like -1 stop exposure or even -2.

    Cheers, Hywel.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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