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    Recently returned, and one of the first things to grab my attention is the photo set of Alexa and Catt as business girls who decide to experiment with hog-handcuffing themselves in their motel room. This would have made an excellent video by the way. Alexa is lovely, but it is Catt here that really captivates me. Her face and expression and especially her eyes are all so compelling. There is something very virginal about Catt here. Not just her being young, but projecting a demeanor of inexperienced but eager and apprehensive innocence.

    She really sells me on the idea of a young lady who probably came from a strict and likely religious family where she had no chance to experiment with anything sexual let alone kinky. New at her first job after graduating her co-worker and friend has told her about how much fun it can be to handcuff yourself in your motel room while traveling. Catt is immediately fascinated and very curious, and the generally shy Catt is more than happy when Alexis tells her she carries extra pairs with her and dares Catt to join her.

    Later when the time comes Catt is both eager and understandably nervous. Can she trust her new friend? Does she really want to be helpless? Is this weird?

    Maybe it’s just me but I see so much in those eyes of Catt’s.

    I’m not sure how those ladies got the toe cuffs on by themselves. They must be dexterous.

    One other little detail does stand out. I haven’t noticed any photo where either lady is stashing a key at hand to free themselves with. We could assume, but I prefer to imagine the following:

    After taping their mouths and locking themselves into toe cuffed handcuff hogties the two ladies have a grand old time rolling around as their cuffs clacked in a near musical fashion. Catt and Alexis pulled and explored their helplessness, occasionally touching or tickling one another. It was such fun. Then Alexa mmmmphed through her tape to Catt, “So where did you stash the key to free ourselves with?”

    “Come again?”, Catt mmmmphed back.

    “Don’t joke Catt, I told you to pick a spot to stash the key and back-up key for when we were done.”

    Catt looked blank for a moment, then mmmmphed, “I guess I forgot in the excitement. Which would mean the keys are across the room in your luggage.”

    The ladies stared at the suitcase. It was less than ten feet away, but might as well be in another city. Alexa mmmmphed angrily, “How could you… I told you…”

    Catt mmmmphed back that she was the expert and should have been on top of this herself. The ladies accusations escalated until they reflexively tried to have a slap fight. Restrained as they were it fizzled quickly.

    Alexa sobbed and pulled at her chains in a panic. Catt, novice she was, was more objective. Checkout time was early, and house cleaning would discover them thereafter. It was only a matter of spending the night as captives, and the curious Catt felt more intrigued than frightened by the prospect, and she rolled on her side to attempt to grasp and console her crying friend with her hands and her bare feet as best she could.

    To be continued…



    Catt’s presence helped calm Alexa some, but this taste of real helplessness left her just wanting to be free now that she was done playing, and she could find no further fun in her confinement.

    Catt on the other hand was, if anything, even more aroused than before. The cold steel against her soft skin felt all the more rigid by virtue of their being genuinely inescapable without a key. Catt imagined that the cuffs were solid loops with no unlocking mechanism or keyhole. Somehow the idea thrilled Catt more than it scared her. All the repressed thoughts and desires her puritanical upbringing had held in check started to bubble up to the surface.

    Catt imagined that she had been left as a sacrifice to some unknown monster, and that she was an innocent suspected witch awaiting trial. She also imagined being a naughty girl who’d gotten caught shoplifting and was now hog-chained and tape gagged in a display window at the front of the store where she served as an example and warning, as well as showing off some of the stores trendier fashions.

    Catt pictured herself tied to a stake on the beach of a tropical island, and chained to the wall of a dragon’s cave. In all of her fantasies Catt imagined herself barefoot regardless of whatever else she was wearing. The additional vulnerability and sensations of shoelessness seemed like an indispensable part of the experience of restraint.

    Catt and Alexa eventually drifted off to sleep and were noticeably stiff in the morning. Alexa was desperate for cleaning to come and release them. Catt was more patient. When a maid did arrive she ascertained with a glance what had happened. The maid smirked and pulled out a cell phone. Soon other members of the cleaning staff showed up with some professional grade cameras and even some portable lighting. The head maid explained to the two captives that they were about to become internet models, and if they objected then everyone in their smart phone’s contact list would be sent copies of every photo and video they took of the helpless ladies.

    Alexa just gave up went limp, waiting for it to be over, but Catt looked on at the proceedings with curiosity and excitement at having been caught and being seen as the tied up naughty girl she was. After an hour or so of filming Alexa was released and staggered away without her shoes or luggage. She had been a disappointing subject. But Catt took to being photographed. She starting pointing her feet to show them off without being asked, and she managed to affect many expressions past her tape ranging from surprise, to laughter, to fear, to sly seductiveness. It turned out she loved being admired and recorded in her captivity.

    Finally the head maid removes Catt’s tape gag and asks if she’s like a job as a bondage model. After having to explain that Catt could get paid to get tied up and photographed to the incredulous Catt, she got a resounding, “Yes”, for an answer on one condition: that she get to pose barefoot.

    Within a few months Catt is “working as a resident barefoot captive of an international bondage photographer and lived happily ever after.

    There, that’s how my mind can run with a photoset that catches my eye.

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