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    Ariel Anderssen

    I just noticed that Merlin posted in response to our attempt to recreate his rope tie idea. And he suggested that anyone else with a rigging challenge for me should come forward.

    I’d absolutely love that – I’m having a fantastic time trying to improve my ropework; I actually made a Tumblr blog here, which is dedicated to recording my rigging journey;- http://arielsriggingpage.tumblr.com/ for anyone who’s interested 🙂

    So any rope challenges would be very welcome; I struggle to interpret text rope ‘recipes’ and became rather irritable while trying to interpret/make Hywel take over tying Merlin’s suggestion. So ideally I’d love ideas in the form of sketches, photos or fairly short explanations. But I’ll take what I can get really – I do want to keep improving rather than doing the same ties over and over. So let me know if you have an idea!

    Thank youuuuuuuuuu!

    Ariel x



    I’m not so great at rope ties myself, which is why leather cuffs are seen so much in my photos. But I do have a few things that you might try:

    1. Use “flat” ropes or web strapping to produce appropriately-modified versions of the “standard” rope ties.

    2. The “Chinese Five Flowers Tie.” Starting info and tutorials here: http://www.chineseropeart.com/home.html

    3. Heavy rope bondage after the style of Saico. See Saico’s profile on fetlife.com for examples.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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