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    I have closed the first round of the competition.

    I have ranked the sets according to the average of the votes cast. There was some variation in total number of votes cast but as most were in the high teens I decided not to do anything complicated.

    Ave Votes
    4.52 25 Jasmine & Charli slave auction
    4.25 20 French Maid in Irons
    4.24 17 Harem Girl chained in alcove
    4.12 17 Teased during punishment

    3.92 25 The Rack
    3.86 15 Traffic warden clamped
    3.75 16 On The Run
    3.70 20 Tight leather & shackles
    3.60 15 Tailleur clad, tied to radiator
    3.55 20 Silent Movie Villain & Damsel
    3.50 16 Sporty rollerblade babe bound
    3.28 18 Ballerina/dancer bondage

    3.24 17 Lycra catsuits
    3.07 14 Soccer Girl
    2.93 14 Scouts & Guides
    2.82 12 Two robbers punish each other

    The top four are WINNERS :twirl :twirl :twirl
    I have already shot “French Maid in irons” (did it yesterday) but it wasn’t with the model originally suggested; I will probably shoot it again when I do work with Charli again.

    The Jasmine & Charli slave auction is clearly very popular. I will organise a shoot with the two of them but it may not be for several months at this rate- finding a date is proving tricky but it will get done.

    The harem girl alcove I will shoot very soon; the teased one requires a two girl shoot which I don’t have lined up yet so that’ll have to wait a couple of months too probably.

    I’ll be in touch with the winners to make arrangements about signed photos.

    To maintain balance, I’ll knock the four least popular entries off as well. The others will go back into the next round of the competition, along with some new entries, in a few days.

    So… many thanks to all the members who suggested or voted! This is just a bit of fun, hope you have enjoyed it, and you’ll see the results in a couple of months’ time on Restrained Elegance.


    :nana :nana :nana :nana :nana :nana :nana :nana

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    So who did you shoot my suggestion with (the french maid one)? When will ya be shooting it with Charli?


    Nag, nag, nag!!! Thats all I ever do!!!



    Glad that my suggestion made it to the winners :twirl :twirl :twirl :twirl




    HI zig_c,

    I shot it with Jessie… here are a couple of samples (I didn’t put up any yesterday because I hadn’t processed any!). I didn’t do the “serving the drinks” bit of the idea as we didn’t have any drinks to serve (room service were totally crap at the hotel).

    I will shoot it with Charli when I manage to fix a date and a location to shoot her- since she lives in the same part of the country as Jasmine I will try to get the two of them together and get through both requests!

    Cheers, Hywel.


    I want to thank the academy, Hywel for putting up the vote, Jasmine and Charli for beeing such a great inspiration, my music teacher, the guy who invented the internet, the guy who invented photography, the guy who sells me coffe every morning, the man I just passed on the corner, my .. and my … you love me! you love me! you really love me!

    PS. That last bit was a quote!!!

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