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    Hi All,

    We’re planning another long movie, set in the same world as Slave Auction

    In this world, Honest Omar’s slave auction house is branching out in full-catered and fully-serviced retreat resorts for dominants, with wall-to-wall slavegirls.

    I want to make a cool advert for the resort as part of the film. The idea is a few minutes of advertising, like a high-end company web brochure video, extolling the virtues of the resorts and its resident slavegirls. So I need to have LOTS of shots of glamorous girls acting like the staff in a six-star silver service hotel.

    I’ve got some ideas – picking your newspaper off the silver platter being held up by a naked collared and chained slavegirl, being served breakfast in bed by two of the girls, naked slavegirls polishing boots left outside the door of your room ovrnight, etc..

    What I’m after is more cool ideas for shots like that- sexy, lush snapshots illustrating the decadent pleasures to be had at a resort where you are looked after and pampered by gorgeous slave girls 24/7. Shots that tell you a whole lot about the “world” of Honest Omar’s and all the delights of the fantasy, without having to have any exposition and dialogue.

    Any suggestions? We hope to be able to shoot this in a big house, similar to the one we shot Slave Auction in (but not the same actual house). We may have access to shoot in the gardens too.

    Cheers, Hywel.



    Oooh this sounds fab! How about the final shot being a gagged slavegirl passing a key to the camera (visitor)? It could be left unclear as to what the key unlocks… x


    When you say branching out services, how about a service where a clients disobediant wife or girlfriend is re-educated and trained and then sent back.



    Some of my thoughts:

    o Please please don’t include shots of the slavegirls working on tasks with their hands while their wrists are tied behind their backs. It makes them look like they’re pulling things out of their rear ends, and even though they have cute rear ends, the effect is still ugh.

    o Use “waitress” ties (elbows behind, wrists in front) instead.

    o French maid outfits, or better yet, partial french maid outfits. Just the skirt, with toplessness and bare feet.

    o Colorful scarves, used to color-code the different slavegirls. (Blue service, Red service, Green service, Yellow service…)

    o A pony-girl, to pull the cart used for room-service and/or luggage transport.

    o Or if a cart is too much trouble, two pony-girls (or ordinary slavegirls) carrying a stretcher-type-thing between them, loaded with luggage or room-service trays. Maybe something in the style of a miniature palanquin.

    o Receptionist topless & collared, with a chain leash attaching her to the reception desk.

    o Two or three slavegirls kneeling in front of the concierge’s desk, waiting to be called to duty.

    o A large hotel logo to be visible everywhere. In particular, on whatever little clothing the slavegirls wear. Or maybe hung on a cord around their neck.


    Slave girls rubbing suntan lotion on a guest

    Slaves washing a guest’s car


    Not sure which, if any, of these are suitable for the advert – or workable at all – but here goes. Hope some at least spark other ideas. Generally, I like the idea of the camera seeing through the eyes of a guest. It spares us looking at the men!

    Open with receptionist coming out to greet the guest. While she describes the place, another girl is seen carrying luggage (special congrats to whoever can make cases look heavy but remain elegant).

    Or, if using Bob’s idea about wife/girlfriend, second girl goes past carrying collar, cuffs, leash, gag etc. As camera approaches door, we hear (off camera) clicks, something like “come along now”, and possibly a muffled yelp as a crop finds its mark.

    Guest is escorted to his room. Girl describes facilities the (real life) location can not provide (“That door leads to the North Wing, where you will find the spa, squash court, billiards room and dungeon”).

    If you have a large enough table in the dining room, a slave girl centre-piece would be lovely: nothing elaborate, just one girl lying quite still. A colleague could be laying the table around her – a mischievous colleague could be trying to get her to break position.

    The place could be decorated with reminders of Omar’s other businesses: a poster for a forthcoming auction; pictures of “merchandise”, perhaps with endorsements from satisfied customers (“the best $250,000 I ever spent”).

    And a glance at the Room Service menu conjures lots: gives “selection of appetisers” a whole new meaning.

    I liked the training scene in the original “Slave Auction” and would like something similar. This time, the trainees could be demonstrating positions like holding a tray or the correct way to kneel offering a drink. Strict instructor/tress, obviously.

    And what about the girls discussing the relative merits of the guests – perhaps while doing chores in the kitchen?

    Much more cautious offering this one: what about the guest being given a remote control to summon his personal slave girl? Yes, I’m talking electric play, something I know very little about. I suspect it would be easier, safer and more dramatic to fake everything on a film and I don’t know it that offends RE principles.

    Finally, for some reason I can’t explain, my wife loves Bob’s idea of checking in the disobedient wife/girlfriend. How soon can we get this place up and running for real? 😆

    Oh, wife explains she wanted to add, “husband”. Not sure she’s got the point.


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