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    I’ve been stuck at home because of hurrican sandy and have been watching alot movies.

    Here are a couple of suggestions,

    A woman charmer.
    A guru on an elevated platform is looking down on a captive kneeling in a circle of candels.
    A hypnotic drum beat and the strange smoke in the air have put her in a trance like state.
    She sways and responds to the gurus commands.

    The reluctant bride,
    Borrowed from many old movies including the new one john carter.
    A princess or heroine must marry the evil villain to protect her people.
    Imagine a procession, The woman is decorated more than dressed in a skimpy white outfit.
    She is chained and being led to her fate but she has her head up, A nervous smile masking
    her feelings. The chains are slack, she won’t give her enemies the satisfaction of dragging

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