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    I like the idea of drawings on RE, but in practice I haven’t cared for the actual drawings that have been put up. They always seem to be either (a) bondage with boots and/or high heels, or (b) heavy on the D/s and SM, with Bondage playing second or third fiddle.

    The Steve Reno drawings that had a guest gallery here some years back were especially frustrating for me. They were the sort of thing I would have loved to see on RE as a semi-regular or regular feature – except for being all-boots and all-heels, with very little if any barefoot bondage. The Sardox drawing got a “meh” and “rating = 1 star” from me because “Boots! High-high heels! Leather costumes! Femdom/femsub action! Minimal Bondage!” – all things that check my “dislike” boxes.

    As a suggestion, maybe you could call for “tickle” drawings. That way, you’re more likely to get the bare feet and the strong-but-comfy bondage. They’ll also have an advantage in that tickling gets across better in artwork than in still photos of live models.



    It’s hard to draw feet well. Finding that talent and inclination in a bondage artist is rare. Check out Dennis Cramer’s Mara comics



    In response to the latest Sardox piece (“Wasps”) I was going to post “why I like drawings on RE in theory, but not in practice” but I realized I’d be repeating myself.

    OTOH, the drawings of my own that I contributed to RE didn’t seem to be very popular either, despite them lacking (of course) the things I dislike. So different people must dislike drawings for different reasons.

    Maybe it’s part of a general trend: Video > Still Photos > Drawings – people prefering images that are more life-like to those that are less life-like. Or something.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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