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    Hi all,

    Fairly new to all this forum malarkey but as they say, no time like the present!

    I was curious to see a few more shoots with duct tape, probably the most lovely thing to see a girl bound and gagged with. There have been a few lovely ones (Fi Stevens in the business suit for one) but they seem fairly sparse on the ground. Any bond and gag is all fine but it would be amazing to see a more duct tape heavy shoot. Perhaps in a home invasion/ransom scenario with bondage, gagging and possibly even blindfolding?

    I’ve always loved the sight of a duct tape gag wrapped all the way around a girls head in several layers. I can imagine a lot of models wouldn’t like the experience (it must hurt taking it off and getting it out of hair!) but if there were any up for it it could look amazing. I think the likes of Ariel, Sophia Smith and Fi Stevens would great in such a bind.

    Anyway this is just a very broad idea, and I’m really throwing it out there and hoping that other members (and webmasters:) ) like the idea.



    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    Ariel and I recently had the same minor revelation- that it was AGES since we’d done much with Duct tape! We’ve shot a couple of sets recently and we’re planning to shoot more at our forthcoming shoots since it seems like such an oversight, and since duct tape bondage is so delightfully damsel-in-distress 🙂

    Cheers, Hywel.



    I’d be interested in seeing something done with bondage tape, which I gather is much more comfortable?



    This deserves a bump: Another call for duct tape! (Or bondage tape, or some other, more-or-less similar sort of tape.)

    Perhaps RIMUVA DiD tape:
    Lorelei Station and the Silver Sands Shipping Syndicate recommend the use of RIMUVA DiD Tape for restraining and securing captive cuties. RIMUVA tape comes in a variety of pleasing colors, useful for both at-a-glance coding and aesthetic binding. RIMUVA tape also features a bio-neutral adhesive that sticks tight while avoiding irritation, and an adaptive nano-fiber reinforcement that both provides comfort and prevents escape, no matter how vigorously your captives struggle. RIMUVA tape is industrial grade, and has become the standard throughout the Orion syndicates, the Cetus combines, the Houses of Ursa III, and even the Federation black market. Buy RIMUVA DiD tape wherever transshipment supplies are sold. Available in either single rolls or convenient and credit-saving bulk packs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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