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    Hi All,

    We’re hoping to do a video shoot at a large fetish studio in London called Murder Mile: http://www.murdermile.co.uk/

    We’ll probably have one model for the shoot, maybe with Ariel also available to model/assist/rig on screen and Hywel as a bit part player if necessary too.

    We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions for how we could tie the girls up and what we could do to them at that location!

    Although we’re definitely planning a video shoot for our first visit, if it goes well we may return for future shoots, so stills ideas also welcome!

    Cheers, Hywel.


    How about a medical themed shoot.

    A woman is approached to sign up to help stop animal testing.

    She realizes too late that the way the mad scientist intends to end animal testing is to use her as a human guinea pig.



    Hello Hywel, and everyone;

    Years ago I happened upon a very small website. The model/star of the website was portrayed as wealthy (based on her lavish home, and wardrobe). Some of the shoots suggested that she was interested in bondage and handcuffs and whatnot. Hmmm, interesting! About a year later, there was a posting on her site saying she was going to do a shoot for one of the more serious fetish sites on the internet. I’m thinking wow. “This” person is going to do that! She did, and it was sort of incredible. Now obviously it would be difficult to recreate the entire illusion, since this model was pretty much unknown. But this is my best example of the unlikely……happening. Wealthy ladies in suits do not show up to be the main attraction at a fetish club. I’ve learned to like the unlikely. (Delta meeting Chanta in a dungeon scene will never happen, but that would be another wow moment.) Anyway, if I were doing a shoot in a fetish club, I would have a curious novice knocking on the door.


    Wow, what a lot of ideas come easily from that range of sets! I hope these few are of interest.

    As soon as I saw the 3 stools at the bar in “Chamber 2”, I thought of your three slaves in “Slave Auction”. But you’ve only got one model. So perhaps the story will be to the effect of, “The other girls have got good buyers. You’re the only one left. You’ll have to try specially hard”.

    Otherwise, the bar would be great for introductory scenes: girl has drink, collapses, picture fades, girl finds herself in another scene, sort of stuff. But the idea I would like to see is a more “voluntary” one, like: girl is sitting alone having drink feeling bored; sees notice on bar, “Open envelope for a night of excitement”. Opens envelope to find handcuffs and instructions; puts on handcuffs, follows other instructions – including to exit.

    The dungeon equipment in “Chamber 4” suggests loads of ideas but the one I would like to suggest goes something like this. Girl wakes up in puppy cage. She looks confused and unsure (perhaps surprised to find herself nude). She spends a minute or two exploring the size of her cage and trying the door. She notices the other equipment. We see each item from her perspective (low down, perhaps some shots through bars). She imagines herself attached to various items. Is this horror or enjoyment? As the video ends, a voice off says something like, “OK, time’s over. Did you enjoy your sample experience? Will you be taking a full session?” (please forgive inane wording only intended to convey plot).

    The “mortuary set” in “Chamber 3” looks like a great place for something completely loony.



    If the plumbing on that table works it would be a good time for a messy shoot.

    Oil, body paint, food ect.


    I keep wondering if the mortuary table could double as the mad scientist’s laboratory table for a spoof horror “beautiful creature awakes” scene. I have this image of the sink bubbling up mist (courtesy of the sort of machine we use at our hallowe’en parties) and, with no more special effects than a couple of flashing lights and an odd camera angle, the creature stirs in the chains holding her down. She struggles and finally rises, removing the chains.

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