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    I just sucked the EXIF data out of the photos I took at Fetish Con 2011 (the photoshoots only, not my walking-around shots), and put the focal lengths into a chart to see which ones I used the most:


    All the photos were taken with the kit 18-105mm lens, stopped down to f/8 on a Nikon D90. (So multiply by 1.5 to get the FF 35mm equivalent.) The total number of photos is 1109.

    I was a little suprised; I had expected more shots at wide angle, and fewer at longer focal lengths. The results I got run about 10mm longer than those I expected. I had better reason than I thought for chickening out of using my 35mm f/1.8 prime for these shots, but a 50mm prime is looking much more viable. Renting the (expensive) Nikon 24-70mm for my next Fetish Con trip is also looking more attractive.

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