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    Thank you so much Hywel for turning one of my ideas into a video for the story contest. I was pleased with the results, especially when I read that your models had a lot of fun while shooting it. The idea that two of your models were having fun being tied up and playing footsie because of my request gave me a particular good feeling. I like being the cause of happiness. Especially when it involves tied up barefoot ladies. I’d certainly love to see any kind of sequel. I’d also like another story contest. There doesn’t need to be a big prize or any prize at all. They’re just fun. I think that the results would be better if future story contests involve material that is easier to work with, instead of the “see if you can come up with something for this set I can’t think of a story for” theme that we have done so far. Not that I wouldn’t be willing to do another of those, but it can be constraining. Thank you again. Be well.

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