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    Hi All,

    For the more statistically inclined/worried amongst you, I wanted to give you a quick heads-up that there are going to be lots of sets shot on a Sony A7Rii instead of the Hasselblad in the next few months.

    They have a different look, and some of the sets will be available light and/or shallow depth of field rather than RE’s established look of moderate depth of field and studio lighting.

    Two reasons for this:

    1) The Sony is a new toy, with some new lenses including a fantastic f/1.8 85mm Sony GM. The combination of fast lenses and a camera with in-body image stabilisation means I can shoot stuff in available light which I’ve never really been able to do with satisfactory “hit rate” of good shots before. The only way to learn how to do this is to do it. So I’ve been practicing (and arranging shoots in places where I can do it). Which means I’ve shot a lot of these recently, far more in percentage terms than I intend to do in the long run.

    2) The Hasselblad has had some reliability issues, most recently meaning I had to send off the 50mm lens for an extraordinarily expensive vacation back in Sweden to get its shutter mechanism replaced and its autofocus recalibrated. (The cost of which was almost the same as the new lens for the Sony. Ooof). This meant no lens wider than an 80mm on the Hasselblad, which is very restrictive in some shooting spaces like the dungeon or study rooms in our house. So I ended up using the Sony for stuff I’d usually have shot with the Hasselblad. I’ve done my best to reproduce the “RE look” with these sets but if you’re sensitive to the minutae of full-sized images you’ll be able to tell.

    Both of these things are temporary, and I’ll be redressing the balance in shoots over the coming months, with a mix of the shallow depth of field shots where that feels right, but mostly shooting the traditional Hasselblad at f/8 sort of images again now the lenses are back in working order.

    There will be more of the Sony sets in the next few months, as I catch up, than will be the case once it has all settled down again. I’m hoping to avoid having to service or replace more bits of Hasselblad kit but if the other lenses in particular need a trip back to Sweden it might be very heavy on the Sony stuff for a bit.

    Cheers, Hywel

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    I am greatly enjoying the Shallower depth of field / Available light sets. No complaints from me if there is more 🙂

    That sony really is an amazing camera for this kind of thing….





    I appreciate the heads-up.
    I suspect I’ll prefer the studio lighting style, but it will still be interesting to see what happens with available light.

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