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    Hi All,

    We’re hoping to do a long location shoot at a Georgian house which has a relatively modern interior retaining some period features. There are a couple of long tables, some big bedrooms and a room with exposed beams (though possibly not beefy enough to do suspensions from, they look like they should be cool for semi-suspensions).

    We are planning on having multiple models for this shoot. By necessity we’re going to be shooting mostly video (we’re a bit low on videos compared with stills at the moment)- which means it will be a superb outing for our new digital cine camera.

    So we’d love ideas and suggestions, especially for dramatic, cinematic videos!

    We’re also planning on shooting a long Elegance Studios video, provisionally entitled “A Day In The Life”, which shows how life might be if you were lucky enough to be the Restrained Elegance master who owned the estate (and its attendant slavegirls). I’ll post a separate thread about that when I’ve fleshed my script ideas out a bit more.

    Cheers, Hywel.


    A (Victorian) training school for maids.
    A new convent with kinky nuns
    An academy teaching the lexicon of slave-girl poses


    How about a vampire-ish shoot.

    In particular the way a vampire can enthrall a victim, kind of like a jedi mind trick from star wars.

    The models arrive at the house as if commanded to do so and not knowing why.

    The vampire, who sits in the shadows can command the models with a wave of the hand or with his voice to:

    Undress another guest to the house
    Tie up themselves or another guest.
    Punish another houseguest.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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