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    Next to Ariel and Paige in Morocco this is probably my favorite video of yours. The lovely ladies are restrained so elegantly and thoroughly. They look like they are really helpless and unable to escape, even with each other’s help. But the ropes also look comfortably embracing as well a inescapable, which is a hard balance to strike.

    The ladies do a superb job “damsel in distress”-ing, but they look like their frustrated struggles to escape could at any moment turn to ecstatic squirming. Watching with the sound off, the ambiguity is enhanced, making it look like it could be two friends who got tied up together by a third so they could enjoy each other’s tied up company. I really like it when a playful atmosphere is maintained, even in a damsel in distress scenario.

    The ladies wear their ballgags well. I especially like Janey’s slightly spongy ballgag that on one hand looks more comfortable than a rigid solid ballgag, but it also looks like it expands to fill the mouth in a way that is driving poor Janey crazy, increasing her reflexive need to use her hands to remove what is stuck in her mouth. But of course trying to use her hands just tugs on her restraints between her hands, her ankles and feeds her frustration at not being able to unbend her knees. She just looks like such a little ball of frustrated helpless physicality that she seems to be going progressively crazy in a way that she isn’t sure is good or bad or both.

    And the way these ladies sacred feet are displayed is breathtaking, top and bottom and side views all, and the way Hannah leans over and gropes Janey’s ankles with her feet is such a special little moment. Thanks to all for making this happen.



    Alternate storylines could include the possibility that one of these ladies might have accidentally (or on purpose) signed up for a post spa bondage yoga workout (which is apparently a thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4R9cv35WyY).

    The two travelers could have a third companion who has gotten tired of listening to the two of them bicker, and has decided to keep them tied up until they work out their differences.

    Or this could be one of those hotels haunted by kinky ghosts, and if the ladies can’t escape by sun up they will by trapped in the ghost realm, and forever at the mercy of bondage obsessed foot molesting spirits.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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