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    I would love to see more videos with Ariel interviewing models and putting them into a barefoot hogtie. Especially one with Sophia Smith and Hannah Claydon!


    I don’t know that we’ve done Hannah or Sophia yet, have we Ariel?

    Next week’s video is Ariel interviewing and tying up Katy Cee, though, which I hope you’ll like!

    Cheers, Hywel.



    At a tangent, it might make a good (and humorous) storyline for an intrepid reporter to conduct an exclusive interview with a kidnap victim – while the victim is still hogtied and in the kidnapper’s power.

    Or maybe have the kidnap victim be in a straight-backed wooden chair, in a classic “kidnap victim chair tie.”

    Or maybe the kidnap victim has been rescued, but the rescuing authorities haven’t untied her yet – for some reason there is an absurd bureaucratic delay in doing so. Maybe that can be one of the reporter’s questions: “You were rescued on Tuesday, but the Ministry still hasn’t authorized untying your ropes. What is your opinion of the Ministry’s policies in this regard?”

    Or maybe the intrepid reporter allows herself to be hogtied in order to get the exclusive interview, either with the kidnap victim, or with the kidnapper, or with some other villain.

    To flesh the last idea out with some specifics, an intrepid female reporter has agreed to be hogtied to interview a celebrity villain. Certain subjects, by previous agreement, are off-limits, and when the reporter starts to mention one of them, the villain says “We agreed not to mention that,” and gives her a single swat on the bare soles with a riding crop – or maybe a single tickle-stroke with a feather duster.

    (And since I’m a decided non-sadist, I’d very much prefer this to be played more as slapstick, rather than as dramatic sadism: When the crop strikes, the reporter gives a bright “ouch!”, smiles, and continues to the next question, rather than howling moan of “owww!” that expresses Real Pain.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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