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    …later this year, and I have a couple of suggestions for that

    o A “witch test.” The model is tied to a pole, or sitting on a bench, and then drenched with buckets of water, “to see if she melts. If she melts, she’s a witch.” I’m suggesting this for the Spain trip because it really needs to be done when the weather is hot.

    o “Tropical island.” The model is dressed in a sarong, and tied with natural (or natural-looking) ropes, as opposed to nylon rope, metal cuffs, etc. Maybe she’s to be a sacrifice to the Volcano God. Maybe it’s a “traditional” native wedding, where the bride is tied up to keep her from fighting the groom. Or maybe she’s a villainess who tried to cheat the islanders, and now has been brought before a native court for judgement.

    One more suggestion, not necessarily for the Spain trip:

    o “Comfy?” The model is promised that she’ll be made comfortable. She’s then tied in a ball tie or frog tie while wearing a nightie, or a “little black dress,” or just bra & panties, and then left in a nest with a huge number of pillows & cushions. Maybe on a bed, maybe on a couch, maybe on a rug in front of a “harem set” wall.


    Here is a tropical idea.

    A married couple on vacation leave the resort to witness a mysterious native ceremony on the other side of the island.

    When they reach the village the friendly natives ply them with drinks and then seperate the couple.

    The husband goes with the men to sit by the bonfire and get drunk.

    The wife, feeling funny and lightheaded from the strange drinks, Is taken by the women to a ceremonial hut. They begin touching her but she goes along with it, not wanting to be rude.

    She is undressed, oiled, bound, and fitted with a wooden mask that covers her face.

    She is led out to the bonfire where the ceremony will begin.

    The husband, now drunk, watches as a beautifull masked nude woman is brought before the tribe.

    She is a stranger to him, he watches as she is tied in a standing spreadeagle and is “examined” by the chief.

    The chief calls the husband up to the struggling woman. He holds out a whip to him and says to him in broken english “first, you, first”.

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