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    As a suggestion, I would like to see some tickling videos added to the site.

    My idea would be a lovely model tied, chained etc. and tickled. I have only seen one such video on RE.

    However a whole video around this with different models being tickled. Both male and female ticklers. I think that if possible it would be good to get models who look different. For example Ariel in one scene being tickled for those who love the tall blond Valkyrie look, Scarlett Rose and Roswell Ivory for the Redheads, Heidi and Kayla Louise for petite models, Jaye Rose, Sapphire Blue for busty models etc.

    The main aim is the louder the model screams the more she is tickled.




    I wouldn’t mind seeing a RE tickle video. The chief thing I’d like to see is the tickling combined with some really secure bondage – strapped down to a plank, for example. Or, of course, in the stocks.


    IIRC Hywel has done a bit of tickling in the past, on RE. I got the impression, however, that it was something of an experimental or side-line thing for him. That he isn’t a big ticklephile, at least not the way I am :mrgreen:. He (and Ariel) seem to be much more on the “stingy” end of the spectrum – that bastinado video was a natural for them, in a way I don’t think a tickle video would be.

    An idea that isn’t really either tickley or stingy, but that might be fun: A “mad scientist” set, where a damsel-victim is restrained on a table/bench and 5-7 battery-powered remote-control vibrators are taped to her: On the soles of her feet, on the undersides of her upper arms, just above the armpits, one between her breasts, and to her legs at the knees. The vibrators are then activated, singly and in various combinations, as “tests” and “experiments.” Maybe with suitable “scientific” voice commentary by an off-stage Hywel.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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