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    Hi again;

    As promised I thought I might add my two-penneth on things that you could do more of/less of in 2012 (in response to Hywels request earlier in the year for input into the RE management team’s annual meeting – which clearly this post has missed by miles!). It’s perhaps a little bit rich because I am only an occasional visitor to the site these days, but here goes.

    · Movies; I far prefer dialogue-based movies to those in which the model is introduced already tied up, mmmph’s about for the duration and ends exactly as the movie started, though with the model now considerably more tired (from all the mmmph-ing). I understand that some models might be uncomfortable with talking to camera/acting, but even seeing them getting tied up might be a little more engaging than the 5-minute Mmmph! videos!
    · On that subject; I like the video series that you do (Ariel’s foot torture was probably the latest multi-part one you did – and I loved it, and in the past there has been Ariel’s bondage driving test and long term bondage). Linking back to my first point these show some dialogue (Hywel interacting with the model, models interacting with each other) and it adds another dimension to the video (and to his viewer that bit of insight adds something to subsequent photosets with those models – you feel you know them a little better). I love Ariel as we all do, and I continue to enjoy seeing her adventures in bondage (I really do), but, wonder if another model could be given similar long-term series – could we see another models barefoot torture (suggestions in the forum perhaps?) or bondage training? Wouldn’t it be cool to take a bondage newbie up through a range of experiences and film them as they happen?
    · Scarlett – love her! More sets with Scarlett please – oh and with feet as nice as hers no excuse for anything other than barefoot!
    · I am really liking Stervus’s occasional bonus sets – any chance of him becoming a more regular contributor (Alexander Lightspear-like?)
    · Alexander Lightspear sets, I am perhaps being greedy because I love the models, the photography is fab and it is a credit to Alexander that he has matched the qualities of RE so well that people are fine with someone other than Hywel directing sets for the site (a tremendous help to Hywel) it’s just that sometimes I feel I have seen a set before. I can’t put my finger on whether it is the clothes the models are wearing or the bondage or the location, but I wonder if Alexander would consider being a little bit more experimental. Not too big a deviation from where he already is (else it might not look like an RE set) but perhaps some different ties, different equipment – maybe some different locations?
    · Lightspear and Stervus have one me over with something that Hywel used to not do so much of, toe/foot bondage, toe cuffs etc. I seem to think that ina previous conversation with Hywel (years ago) he wasn’t so sure about the look of it, but I notice that he is using toecuffs on occasion too now and I love it! More please! Oh and get Ariel in some (not sure why – but I want to see it).
    · Tickling (feet) – more! (I am consistent at least!)
    · Again I have said this before, but I quite like the juxtaposition of an elegant model (nice costume, lingerie etc) in a dungeon-like setting. I think there is some fun to be had with storylines around why would such a fine lady be doing in a place like this (journalist covering a story, spy having been caught at a drinks reception and broken for her knowledge?).
    · Expensive one this! But there is a nice crop of new models on the site recently – makes me wonder when Chanta is next in town?

    I think that is all for now. I shall continue thinking…



    Can I use this topic to add an idea of mine?

    Have you used the inside of a van as a set – as if the girl is being transported somewhere?

    The van could be occupied by one or more girls. Ties/cuffing could range from just the girl on the floor to use of whatever internal fittings the van came with (or could be made to look like it had come with.

    You might have a “transport” cage within the van – or even someone appearing to break out of a box (did she then escape or just find the cruel guard sitting watching her?).

    Stories could range from kidnapping to (dare I mention it?) Honest Omar’s Transport Department.

    I have no idea how difficult it would be technically. You’d have to beg, hire or borrow a van but with luck you might get a few sets out of it while you had it. The van need not move. I am sure many of your models could simulate movement better than the original bridge crew of the USS Enterprise – and could do great impressions of rough roads in still sets.



    Hi CD and tfandrew,

    Thanks for the long and thoughtful posts- that’s the sort of thing that makes having a forum a worthwhile place!

    tfandrew, we did one set in a van once- one we’d hired to drive down to France in for a shoot. I don’t recall Van Hire being ruinously expensive, I’ll look into it. We’d need to be able to park it somewhere private to shoot so the girls can get in and out, and we can light from outside. Hiring a van for a location shoot again would probably be the easiest way to do it.

    CD… lots to think about here… on movies. I like to keep a mix of different things on the site. I personally like the talkier videos too, but there’s definitely an appeal of a story-lite video where you can construct your own fantasy around what’s happening too. Plus sometimes the shooting space is beautiful but very restricted, so it is nice to have a fall-back of a “pure struggling” video or a music video then.

    I’ve noticed that very “pure bondage/storylite” videos with girls nude in metal bondage, like the new year one of Ariel in the Attic always get very high ratings so there’s obviously a subset of the members who really like just seeing gorgeous girls in metal 🙂

    Some models are great at talking on camera, others are shy and clam up- gives us a way to still feature some of the girls in video! Ariel’s been trying to draw some of them out with her interview videos, like the recent one of Kobe Lee, we’ve got a few more of those in the can which will be edited and up on the site this year. Did you like the format of the one with Kobe?

    We have shot some series (serieses? serii?) with other models- Sammie had Bondage Romance and the shopping fantasy series, but generally it has been with them playing characters rather than themselves. I’ll sound out and see who might be up for it… anyone you’d particularly like to see? (In addition to Scarlet? As of yet she’s only shot stills).

    Glad you like Stervus’ sets. They’re not quite up to scratch with modern RE shots technically at the moment, but some of the girls he shoots with are absolute STUNNERS, so yes, I’m certainly planning on featuring them at least occasionally, and hopefully having some dialogue as I’ve had with Alexander to raise the technical quality.

    Alexander and I have been collaborating on some more experimental sets (well, I tell him what I want and some suggestions for how to go about it, and he does the shoots… then sends me the RAW files so I can post-process to give as much of the RE look as I can). So you’ll hopefully see some sets with a greater variety soon. I think part of the issue is that finding very photogenic but affordable locations in Siberia is quite tricky. Again, the main thing is that some of the girls he has found are so damn gorgeous that I couldn’t resist featuring them on the site! (I’ll always remember the first sets he sent me of Delta, which did have some technical issues, but I just thought I had to have her on the site somehow!)

    Question- does anyone know of a supplier of thumbcuffs in slightly larger than the standard size? Or specialist toe cuffs? The reason Ariel doesn’t appear in toecuffs is that we actually use regular thumbcuffs as toecuffs… and they don’t quite fit her. We can get away with it with 5 ft models but not with 6 ft models!

    Some neat ideas for the elegant girl/dungeon juxtaposition too- thanks, I’ll see what we can do!

    Oh, and Chanta’s studying for a degree at the moment so probably a bit busy, but will certainly get her back the next time she’s in blighty!

    Cheers, Hywel.


    Ariel Anderssen

    Hooray hooray, hello again CD, lovely to hear from you! (for those of you who’ve joined in more recent times, I think Cavalier Driver is one of the RE Members who’s been around longest – he certainly pre-dates my involvement with the site. So forgive my great excitement in seeing him suddenly re-appear).

    Golly, I think one of the problems with the longer series is that up till now, all the ones with slightly harder BDSM action have kind of had to be me because it was me who came up with a lot of the stuff that was going to happen, and a) I’d have felt hideously guilty asking another model to do it and b) I think that the things I wanted to try playing out were beyond the limits of what the other models on the site like doing.

    I guess that Hywel’s probably talked before on the forum about the ongoing challenge of finding the right models for the site. In the UK, there are loads of models, and a reasonable pool of really pretty girls who are genuine professionals. Which is great.

    However, although more models are trying bondage shoots than, say, 10 years ago, there are still plenty of glamour models who won’t. Which, of course is fine. Plenty of other glamour models are happy to be tied up for shoots, but many of them will have limits regarding 1) Nudity (they won’t do it) 2) Gags (they won’t wear them) or 3)Both of those things 🙂 Fortunately, there are plenty of lovely models without those limits, and its mostly those girls who appear on Restrained Elegance. Thank heavens.

    Of course, a natural thing for us to do (which we look into from time to time) is to find real-life glamour models who are also into bondage. That way, they’ll be likely to be keen to wear ballgags, nipple clamps etc and might well be perfect for a longer series in which they explore the limits of their BDSM interests. But most of the models (in the UK at least) who are lifestyle BDSM players are also very ‘alternative’ looking; heavily tattooed, with multiple body piercings, hair dyed in unusual colours, or not really conventionally ‘model-shaped’.

    That’s not to say they aren’t excellent models, but (at least previously) they haven’t been the type of model that RE Members have responded to particularly favourably. In all honesty, I’d probably say that they’re not so much to my personal taste either, I like it best when girls look fairly ‘vanilla’ for bondage pictures because then the contrast between how they look and what’s happening to them on screen feels a bit more dramatic.

    So actually, I can only think of one RE model off the top of my head who might be interested in a series like ‘Bondage Driving Test’ or my Foot Torture series. But I guess we’d better ask her before I start trumpeting about it 🙂

    Mind you, I guess that a longer series wouldn’t have to be about harder BDSM action. It’s just that it’s so much easier, given that we don’t shoot particularly explicit stuff, if we can show some kind of progression beyond the model being tied up in lots of different ways….

    Anyway, sorry, I think I went a bit off topic. Lovely to see you back, I’m really glad things sound cheery (and busy!) in your life.




    Some random thoughts:

    Welcome back CD, even if you can’t stay long.

    I’ll agree with CD about toe-cuffs, toe ties, and tickling.

    I have to counter the call for more long videos with harder BDSM with a countervailing background mutter for long videos that are softer and fluffier. IIRC, I commented on this before, when the first long RE videos came out.

    Likewise with the dungeon sets. They’re not bad (at least not the way RE does them) but they’re not my favorite either. How about more “harem” sets?

    Or maybe, how about a “stone-room” set that’s lit and otherwise set up as a high castle tower (suitable for captive princesses) rather than a castle dungeon?

    Or a stone-room set that set up as a medieval scullery, for a barefoot, rag-wearing, be-chained scullery-maid who has to scrub the floor, or has to wash a bunch of big, greasy pots and pans?

    WRT finding bigger thumb-cuffs (or toe cuffs) I wish I could help. I’ve looked myself, and I haven’t been able to find anything.


    Another thought: what about sets in a garage or storage room?

    I’m thinking of somewhere with piles of boxes or some industrial-type shelving that someone could be tied to/on/around. I recall being impressed long ago (long before I found RE) by some pictures that make great use of the combination of the curves and softness of the model and the angularity and hardness of steel shelving.

    Stories could run from the girl surprised by the burglar in her garage to the secretary sent down to the company stores for something and trapped by the lonely man there (or big boss and ambitious junior who go there when “working” late). I also recall some story somewhere about the girl who goes to the fetish shop, asks if they have something special and is invited into the back … !

    When I said “garage”, I wasn’t thinking of a place with a car in it 🙂 . I’m thinking of garages like most around where I live where there’s no room for the car for all the boxes, off-cuts of timber, ladders etc. Come to think of it, it would be lovely to see you have a go at “girl tied to roof of car” like Jessica Alba in “Idle Hands” but modern cars seem so easily dented and I don’t want to be responsible for any expensive (and hard to explain) repairs. 😆


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