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    This story is going to take place on board a continent sized spaceship that collects beautiful women from different planets to be delivered to rich collectors, museums, and religious institutions throughout the galaxy. Each captive is kept barefoot and restrained in a personal environment. The story is told from the point of view of the most recent acquisition whose environment cube slowly slides past all the other captives in their own terrariums.

    One purpose of this story is to make a place where famous people, actresses, singers, celebrities, and anyone else (female) the forum members would like to see barefoot and confined can appear in any setting and clothing, restrained in any position and with any materials. Once I get this story rolling and the main character is viewing the other captives one by one, I would like to invite other forum members to step in and write their own segments. So whoever has been barefoot and tied up in your imagination just how you would like them, here’s the place to share it:

    Barefoot Captives Confined in Space

    Taylor Swift was having a very strange evening. The day had started out ordinarily enough, but she was now held prisoner on a spaceship in a 15 ft. by 10 ft. by 9ft. room that was dressed up with silk curtains and cushions to resemble a harem from an old movie. She had been dressed in a purple and gold harem costume [consult the Aria in the Harem photoset] that was quite fetching she grudgingly had to admit. She had been bound and gagged, and was watching an orientation video that was appearing on the screen below the glass pane that served as a large window on the front of Taylor’s environmental cube.

    Taylor couldn’t help her mind from remembering the leisurely time she had spent painting her toe nails a bright red that morning, the day spent hanging around the house noodling around on her guitar, and the barefoot walk she took at dusk. Which now seemed like the last time her bare feet would touch the earth.

    A sphere of light had appeared and solidified around Taylor as she walked. Then she was whisked into the sky as the sphere rose above the clouds, and soon an awestruck Miss Swift was looking at a gigantic continent sized spacecraft looming above her which she was being drawn toward.

    Before Taylor could mentally process any of this or question the reality of it, she was inside the ship where some eerily thin and nimble faceless metal humanoid attendants had seized Taylor and pressed her onto a metal slab with wrist and ankle clamps where nanotechnology was used to quickly groom and clean her as well as molecularily disassembling her blue evening dress and reconstituting it into the wispy purple harem clothes she now wore. The table clamps released, but Taylor was again seized by the cool unyielding grip of the silent faceless attendants who used some kind of unbreakable nano-tech industrial grade tape to attach Taylor’s wrists to her ankles in a ball-tie position. A second energy sphere encapsulated Miss Swift and lifted her into the air where the attendants guided it and her through a series of metal corridors that gleamed with the same cold indifference as the attendants until they reached the chamber where Taylor was confined.



    To be continued obviously…



    Can anything be posted here? Is part two here anywhere?



    Now our story continues:

    Part 2

    Taylor Swift was in a state of stunned disbelief as well as captivity as she wriggled inside an energy bubble being guided by faceless metal attendants that Taylor wasn’t sure if they were aliens, robots, cyborgs, or something else. Her journey through the gleaming corridors was the first time since she appeared inside the gigantic alien vessel she was a prisoner of that events were not moving faster than she could register them. As Taylor tried to keep her honey blonde hair out of her face while futilely attempting to detach her wrists from the back of her ankles [Reference Delta’s Replacement TV for a visual example of Taylor’s position at this point], she tried to keep her thoughts together. She was quite scared, but also in awe of her journey through space, as well as skeptical that this could be real at all. Taylor also felt frustrated in short order by her restraints. Not only did the tape keeping her scrunched over in her bubble seem to be far stronger than she was, and stuck to her with a frightening adhesion, but the position it kept her in offered no leverage at all, and her struggles only served to make her slide onto her back in a manner that made Taylor laugh at herself a moment as she was reminded of a turtle on it’s back.

    Taylor thought she must be dreaming, but then remembered that you never thought you were dreaming when you were. And there was a clarity to her perceptions that didn’t suggest drug induced hallucinations. That left the possibility of extremely fast onset psychosis, or she really was tied up in a ball in a translucent pink force field in the hands of creepy liquid metal looking skeletons without faces on board a star ship the size of Australia. And she was petting her cats and painting her toes red this morning.

    Taylor tried to talk to the nimble metal men, but if they could hear her they ignored her. Then Taylor and her attendants arrived at the faux harem room as Miss Swift was beginning to feel a little bit testy about being ignored on top of everything else.

    Taylor almost laughed again as she took in the decor that she supposed was meant to match her “I Dream of Genie” clothes. How absurd was this? Could this be a practical joke?

    At the touch of the metal attendants the nanobots in the tape securing Taylor deactivated and the tape instantly lost all adhesion and fell away like tissue paper. Taylor inhaled at this moment of freedom, but naturally it wasn’t allowed to last. Although the light gold ropes that the attendants proceeded to bind Taylor Swift with were much more comfortable than the nanotape had been the speed that the attendants worked with was unnerving. In short order Taylor’s wrists were tied together so that her hands pointed in opposite directions and her elbows were bent at rough ninety degree angle in a box tie. More ropes were quickly wrapped around Taylor’s torso, tying her upper arms to her chest, and pulling the thin purple fabric of the harem costume tight as the ropes were knotted above and below her breasts in a manner that Taylor thought rather impertinent. [Reference Harriet Cooper’s “Harriet Bedroom Kidnap” video too see how Taylor’s arms are bound here] In just a few breaths Taylor’s arms and hands are tied with a security and a degree of gentle comfort that seemed as impossible as anything else that was happening. In even less time Taylor’s legs are tied together above her knees and at her ankles (feet side by side) with with the same iron velvet security that her arms were tied with.

    The room spun a moment as Miss Swift was rolled onto her stomach and her knees bent. “Please don’t”, Taylor pleaded when she realized she was going to be hogtied. A sense of claustrophobic helplessness seized Taylor when the attendants attached her bound ankles to a knot between her shoulder blades. Flying through the galaxy, Taylor’s world had gotten very small. Taylor could still bend her knees a little, but she felt that she couldn’t have been much more helpless if she had been encased in cement. Starting to whimper slightly Taylor opened her mouth to plead when she felt something being first pushed and then strapped inside her mouth.

    Taylor shook her head trying to shake and push out her gag with her tongue, but it was predictably futile. Taylor caught site of herself in one of the many large mirrors that adorned the room and she could see what was in her mouth. It was a ballgag. Like Rhianna has in some of her videos. Taylor had wondered briefly what wearing a ballgag would feel like when she saw one, but she had never wondered what she would look like wearing one. Now she knew. And her ballgag was a cheerful purple color that matched her purple harem costume well.

    To be continued…



    Part 3:

    Taylor Swift stared at her image in the mirror, so beautiful, and yet so bizarre. In the harem light she looked like a captive angel. Innocence personified, but trapped in a light gold web of rope (which accented the gold trim of her harem clothing), her legs held bent above her so that the soles of her feet were at a perpendicular angle to her back.

    Her lovely soft feet. Taylor lotioned them daily to keep them supple, and rubbed them together a little for comfort as she stared at the sight of the purple ballgag that was lodged firmly inside her mouth. It had a slightly spongy quality that allowed Taylor’s teeth to sink into it a little, but that also meant the ballgag expanded just enough to thoroughly fill mouth. The ballgag straps were black and stretched away from her mouth, over her cheeks and jaw, to disappear beneath her honey colored hair.

    Then Taylor Swift realized that the metal attendants were gone and the door she had been brought through was closed and sealed so well she couldn’t see where it had been on the curtain draped wall behind her. The ceiling, floor and three walls were decorated with the pillowed curtained harem decor. The fourth wall was a thick but nearly transparent glass pane which gave the room the appearance of being part of a doll’s house, or a terrarium. Was she to be kept as a specimen in an exhibit? There was no one watching on the other side of the glass now.

    Taylor had found the attendants to be sinister, but somehow being left alone was worse. Here she was. Alone in a sealed room, bound and gagged, on a massive alien spacecraft she had no hope of commandeering, or navigating, or piloting. A terrifying sense of helplessness descended upon her. Losing her grip on the composure she had been fighting to maintain Taylor began to pull, and squirm, and struggle futilely and furiously with all her strength. She cried incoherently for help into her ballgag while twisting her flexible body every way it could go without hurting herself. She tried to pull her wrists apart, but couldn’t even lower them due to just a little bit of rope stretching over her shoulders to a knot below her breasts. Taylor tried the hardest to unbend her knees. She flexed her feet back and forth together and in reverse tandem in the closest she could come to a kicking motion but the duel strands of rope connecting her ankles to her back wouldn’t budge.

    Taylor struggled mindlessly, guided by nothing but an instinct to escape. After an indeterminable amount of time Taylor came to rest on her right side, breathing heavily and having accomplished nothing but exhausting herself and giving herself a something of a wedgie. Although the fatigue was blunting Taylor’s sense of panic which was strangely subsiding as she struggled to regain her breath.



    Our story continues:

    Taylor Swift lay on her side, her breath slowing, and her mind calming. She even joked to herself about the “abduction workout” they provided at this health spa. Taylor started moving and squirming just a little bit to try and explore just how much mobility she had, and to try and extricate the crotch of her harem costume from intruding into her own nether regions. She twisted her wrists around to see if there were any knot’s or loose ends she could tug on. There weren’t. Taylor could roll over with a little effort, and use her feet to push against the plushly carpeted floor with difficulty. But aside from that all she could really do was wiggle, and squirm, and roll. The ropes almost seemed to cling to her and to each other with something almost resembling conscious intent.

    But there was nowhere try to go. No key to try and grab, and no visible door to nudge open. Taylor imagined herself as a Space Princess who could slip out of the iron grip the ropes held her in, find the hidden door, steal a laser pistol, acrobatically kick the butts of dozens of space men, and steal a small shuttle craft she could fly off and have adventures in.

    In reality (or what passed for it now), Taylor was laying on the floor of her room, bending her waist as part of an attempt to clutch one of the silken pillows with her feet. The plush carpeting, the pillows, and even the ropes which confined her had a soft, gentle, reassuring quality. She started to writhe just a little bit in order to feel her soft environment against her skin. Taylor’s beautiful feet explored the texture of the floor and the pillow, and it reminded her of walking on mossy grass.

    Taylor rolled on her stomach and glanced again into one of the many large mirrors that seemed to be angled so Taylor could admire herself. Taylor thought she never looked as beautiful as she did now. Like a faerie tale princess held captive. A damsel in distress needing a prince to save her. Where was her prince? And for that matter who the heck had her and what did they want?

    Taylor’s sensory reverie was interrupted by a quick return of her own worries about the nature of her abductors, and their intentions. What would beings capable of building a death star sized space whip want with her, even if they seemed to want her to be comfortable and pretty.

    And to feel good. Whatever medical scan had been done when she was clamped to the metal table made her feel healthier and more vital than ever. She just hadn’t noticed until now. Her restraints didn’t hurt or even feel uncomfortable at all. Her nascent toothache was no longer throbbing. Her allergies had even dissipated.

    “At least they didn’t seem interested in probing me anally when it would have been convenient”, Taylor mused, “Hopefully they aren’t those kind of aliens.” But they didn’t seem to be from Starfleet either. Mr Spock would have at least asked before hogtying her.

    Taylor heard a sound near her which startled her. There was a TV or computer screen conveniently located beneath the glass on the transparent wall that Taylor had somehow failed to notice. It was crackling to life. Taylor rolled over towards it. Finally she situated herself on her stomach a couple feet away from the screen which she faced.

    Words began to appear. Accompanied with the pleasant, but flat voice of a woman you might hear when calling the utility company and you were told to press one or press two depending on your needs.

    “Your inquisitive thoughts have activated the telepathic interface of your information unit. Please pay attention to this orientation message, the voice and text began, “Congratulations, you are being carried by Intergalactic Barefoot Captive Transport. We only carry the best barefoot captives. If you have traveled with us before you will already be familiar with our operations. If this is your first time this could be a disorienting experience, especially if you are from a technologically primitive society.”

    “The light sphere that carried you to this ship did not simply take you away. The effect it had on you was that of a quantum time splice. Best compared to taking out a single frame from a celluloid movie reel so that the continuity of the movie is uninterrupted by the frames removal. Although neither of you is an original or a duplicate, at that point you became two distinct individuals. One who lived out her life as she would have without our influence. The other is taken aboard our ship. Thus, no part of your life or loved ones will be missed. Your experiences here happen in addition to your -normal- life”

    “The environmental cube you have been placed in is designed to sync with the nanotechnology treatment you were given on arrival and the time splice quantum field to provide you with a state of complete health, free of any injury, disease, discomfort, or need for air, food, or water. You will age at one tenth your usual rate, and remain vital and beautiful until the end of your life.”

    This is taking a long time to set up and get going, but I want to do it right. To be continued.



    A perfectly helpless Taylor Swift Lay hogtied (what an inelegant term) on her stomach, her feet bound side by side above her. She watched and listened to the orientation message with rapt attention as the parameters of her captivity became more and more fantastical with each new sentence.

    “This is a lot of exposition to lay on a tied up girl”, tied up Taylor couldn’t help thinking during a pause in the message.

    “The appearance of your environmental cube, your dress, and your restraints will be changed at irregular intervals to broaden your experience and help prevent monotony. Once your environmental cube (BTW I know the dimensions of the room are not a perfect geometric cube, but environmental cube sounds better than environmental hollow rectangular solid) has been moved into place on it’s track you will be able to access centuries of literature, movies, music, and art via this information unit just by thinking about what you want. You will also be able to communicate with fellow passengers telepathically as well. Text, audio voice translation, images and moving pictures with sound can be telepathically transmitted once you get the hang of it.”

    “This transport vessel travels through time and galactic space for the purpose of carrying established and acquiring new barefoot captives for passage to planets where their presence will be properly appreciated. The fact that you are perceiving this message means you are a lady of exceptional beauty who possesses divinely beautiful feet. You most likely have a previous affinity for barefootedness and/or restraint. If you don’t already you will most likely acquire an affinity for both. Those without this potential are rarely selected for acquisition.”

    “Please don’t worry about your treatment. Barefoot captive women are the most respected and revered individuals in the whole space/time quadrant that is the home destination of this vessel.”

    “If you are not native to the omega quadrant this may seem strange”, the polite voice and blocky text continued, “The reverence for barefoot restrained women in this quadrant is because this is the domain of the Captive Goddess. She goes by many names in many cultures, but all peoples in the omega quadrant have a variation of the same creation story.”

    “In the beginning the different gods created the world and the plants and animals, but their attempts to create a being with a soul, or free will, were met with failure. Back then the Captive Goddess was not yet the Captive Goddess, but the goddess of beauty and barefoot freedom. She wandered and danced through the meadows and forests of the gods. New flora sprouted and old flora was invigorated wherever her bare feet touched the earth. She was the favorite and most loved of all the gods.”

    “Her free spirited flighty nature caused the future Captive Goddess to be late to the project of creating sentient life. When she arrived and saw what the other gods had been creating she knew that only by sacrificing her own freedom could mortals be granted free will. The gods protested. The thought of the barefoot goddess no longer dancing through their fields was unacceptable. They felt nothing could be worth the loss. But it was not their decision to make. The barefoot goddess let a single tear drop to the ground where a unique flower grew which still stands today, and then she journeyed alone into the god’s wilderness. She walked for days before reaching a clearing where she knelt below a triad of full moons and placed her hands behind her back.”

    “Knowing that what she was about to do could never be undone the barefoot kneeling goddess hesitated. Then she willed her divine energy which had until then been fueled by her barefoot freedom, to redirect itself into a force that would bind her and be empowered by her captivity. Moments passed. Then vines emerged from the ground which embraced and knotted themselves around the goddess, tightly binding her in the kneeling position she had assumed. The barefoot goddess would remain barefoot, but she was now the Captive Goddess. And although she can manifest anywhere she pleases in the guise of any beautiful barefoot woman, her true form remains tied up with vines, kneeling under three moons.”

    “The moment that the vines finished knotting themselves around the formerly free goddess, sentient free willed life began to emerge all over the cosmos. And since the Captive Goddess divine power was fueled by her unending captivity it created a feedback loop that increased the power of her divinity, until the healing vitalizing energy of the Captive Goddess’ Captivity washed over the universe, banishing most sickness and violent impulses, making a universe free of disease and war, and little crime. The Captive Goddess was so loved the other gods were eventually forgotten, and her worship has become universal.”



    Part 6

    The orientation message continued. Taylor took note of every word. The message would have been beyond absurd were Miss Swift not hogtied and ballgagged in a harem costume on board an interdimensional dreadnought spaceship. And just this morning she was painting her toenails red.

    “On the worlds affected by the beneficence of the Captive Goddess, barefoot captives are not only honored and revered for emulating the Captive Goddess, but her divine energy flows through every barefoot captive, allowing the Goddess healing, revitalizing, and protective energy to be directly channeled to the area around her. Some special captives are of rare barefoot beauty that gives them a special rapport with the Captive Goddess which allows them to become very powerful priestesses of the Captive Goddess whose affinity for the Goddess divinity can potentially stave off a famine, or divert an approaching asteroid. If this vessel has traveled across time to take you from a world beyond the omega quadrant it means you have the potential to be a priestess of the Captive Goddess.”

    “You will eventually be taken to a holy place on a planet of the Captive Goddess where your divinity will be revered and as an Avatar of the Captive Goddess she will be worshiped through you.”

    “Finally we would like address the strangely persistent belief among people from Earth that life forms from other worlds are obsessed with anally probing earthlings. We have no wish to anally probe you, though you can put in a special request for it if you wish. Your captivity may be recorded for training and quality control purposes”, the recording finally concluded with.

    Taylor lay still in silence for several seconds, doing her best to process the fact that she had apparently been duplicated and abducted to another space/time continuum, by a group of intergalactic restraint loving foot enthusiasts who wanted to keep her tied up and barefoot so she could help them with their religion. Then Taylor Swift began to laugh into her ballgag, and laugh some more, until she rolled on her side, quivering, helpless with laughter (on top of everything else).

    Taylor was increasingly aware of the sumptuous feel of the carpeting and pillows, but also of the ropes which held her in such a firm but gentle grip, as she did her best to process the message and everything else. She’d gotten tied up for her video of “Mean” [True, look it up on youtube, as well as an interview with her still tied up on set] and hadn’t particularly liked it. But the ropes had been rough, and in between filming her helplessness had felt weird in a way she didn’t like. Possibly it was the presence of stage crew guys who couldn’t help leering at her while she was helpless. And she hadn’t been barefoot.

    Being barefoot, well the aliens had her there if that was what this was all about. As far back as her memory went Taylor had disliked restrictive shoes, and had loved the feel of all sorts of surfaces beneath her feet when she walked barefoot, or just letting her feet caress each other as she was unconsciously doing now. She was what was known as a barefoot girl in her neighborhood, always slipping her shoes off and having to be told to put them back on again. One thing that Taylor had always found particularly sweet was the fact that willfully being barefoot was a transgression that a “good girl” could indulge in and still remain a good girl. Who could stay mad at a sweet thing that was just going barefoot.

    When she got older she found a similar delight in the largely unacknowledged sexiness of a barefoot girl. She noticed how some boys noticed when she slipped her feet out of her shoes or wore sandals to school.

    “Bad girls flirt with high heels, good girls flirt with revealing sandals and their bare feet”, is something Taylor would tell the small number of like minded friends she had. Even the rich girls with expensive shoes would often end up going barefoot when those shoes got too uncomfortable to wear.

    Taylor admired herself in the mirrors again. She couldn’t deny that she looked lovely. Even the light gold ropes and the small orange slice size bit of purple ballgag that shown between her lips seemed to only enhance her loveliness.

    “Did being tied up make a woman prettier?” Taylor wondered, Maybe if it’s done right”. She did feel divine, and the ropes were almost like an embrace from a lover.

    And her feet. Red painted toes pointed just a little. They were a sight to behold. Taylor was on her stomach gazing at her literally divine feet when she began to feel heavy lidded and drifted off to sleep.



    Part 7

    Taylor Swift turned her head and laid her cheek on a soft pillow. She shimmied slightly to settle into place, feeling the ropes that seemed to lovingly press against her. She thought of her barefoot friends as her own virginal feet nuzzled one another. She closed her eyes and soon was asleep and dreaming.

    Taylor dreamed she was a captive chained in a dungeon, cold iron upon her and cold stone below her. She dreamed she was a kidnapped geisha, barefoot in a flowery kimono, bound hand and foot with course hemp rope, gagged with a scarf. She dreamed she was a barefoot maiden in white, chained to a rock by the sea. Hands above her head, hoping the sea monster was just a myth.

    The montage of imprisonment continued until Taylor found herself walking slowly and hesitantly through a thriving forest. Taylor’s hands were tied behind her back, and her ankles were connected with rope and with about one and a half feet of slack between them so she could take small steps. Taylor was experiencing this place with a vivid clarity that dreams usually lack, as if she had been physically transported here through the act of dreaming.

    Taylor then realized she was naked and reflexively tried to cover herself with her hands. Her hands being tied securely behind her made this comically impossible, and Taylor laughed as she nearly lost her balance.

    It was nighttime, but the forest was aglow under the light of three moons. The mossy ground beneath her very bare feet was a pleasure to walk on. She looked down to admire her self in the moonlight and watch the motion of the rope that connected her ankles, and it looked a lot like a length of vine.

    Taylor looked up and by the light of three moons she could see that many of the forests trees had beautiful nude women tied up to them. Their postures varied, and every ethnicity seemed to be represented (even some Taylor didn’t recognize). Every lady that Taylor walked by smiled, even if a gag forced them to do it with their eyes. Some compulsion kept Taylor walking on instead of stopping in awe to stare at the obviously sacred beauty that was all around her.

    Taylor saw a clearing up ahead where a woman was kneeling in the moonlight. Vines grew out of the ground and had wound themselves around her before knotting off with obvious security. It was then that the dreaming Taylor realized where she was. The Captive Goddess had walked through a forest to be confined in a kneeling position under three moons in a clearing!

    Taylor immediately knelt down at the edge of the clearing. Then she heard a voice that was inside her head and coming from everywhere at once, “You are not quite ready to commit to me yet, but you will be soon”

    Taylor looked around for the source of the words when the voice said, “Look up”. Taylor Swift looked up and in the night sky the moons had dimmed and the stars had rearranged themselves into the image of a beautiful woman tightly bound in a hogtie position. The Goddess in the sky looked right at Taylor and winked. Taylor then awoke, smiling and feeling refreshed. Even though she was still tightly hogtied and ballgagged.

    Taylor felt nearly ecstatic, though possibly more confused than ever. The divine bliss of being in the Captive Goddess presence still suffused her with a warm tingly feeling that her confinement only seemed to enhance. But she wasn’t sure she should be feeling good. She had been kidnapped and tied up against her will. shouldn’t she be scared, angry, and indignant still? She tried not to get an ego, but she was Taylor Swift darn it! Composer and singer, loved by millions, and a nice person! You weren’t supposed to do this. Not to her. Even if she felt good. And oooooh, she felt good. Could ecstasy be worth her freedom? Taylor decided to just lay there and let the feeling sink in while her toes groped at the plush carpet and silk pillows. She didn’t have any plans or appointments after all.



    Part 8

    Taylor Swift was still hogtied in her harem clothing, chewing just a little on her ballgag while reliving her dream journey to the Captive Goddess’ sacred forest. Not only was her body warm with a lingering tingling ecstasy, but she felt embraced and loved by her imprisonment. At the same time she thought that she should probably be resisting and plotting an escape. Though how and to where were very elusive questions. Was there any harm enjoying the bliss of her confinement?

    Taylor was so enraptured with her own sensations that she almost didn’t notice that her environmental cube had begun to slowly slide on some sort of track. Taylor paid it little mind until the polite flat voice announced, “You are approaching the environmental cube of -click- Uma Thurman -click- you may communicate with her by thinking a message towards her. Your voice will be projected into her cubes speakers, and a text transcription will appear on her information box.

    The voice startled Taylor out of her internal musings.

    “Maybe I do have an appointment after all”, Taylor thought as she looked out the front window of her of cube to see the approaching side of another stationary cube whose window faced in the direction of Taylor’s cube which was slowing further in preparation to stop when the two cubes faced each other directly.

    When the inside of the other cube came began to come in to view Taylor saw what looked like an Oriental throne room. The walls looked like they were made of bamboo. A throne stood in the center where an Asian Dragon had wrapped itself around the throne legs in a possessive posture. As Taylor drew nearer the bright red and blue serpent moved it’s head and flicked out it’s snake like tongue at her. As if to say, “Mine”.

    Then Taylor could see the statuesque blonde lady who sat upon the throne. It was Uma Thurman, the beautiful woman whose feet Quentin Tarantino had made famous. She wore a gold Chinese dress, and bore a regal, cold, superior, posture and expression, despite the fact that she was tightly bound and gagged. She sat with her knees drawn up so she could rest her head on them if she wished, and her famous bare feet rested on the edge of the throne’s seat, with the last 2/3 or so curling slightly over the edge. Uma’s legs were bound with navy blue rope at the knee and ankle. Uma’s wrists were bound together in front of her ankles, forcing her to scrunch over into a something of a ball. [reference Holly Kiss’ Bound and Kidnapped Photoset for a model of the position and binding]

    But Uma wasn’t curled up trembling trying to disappear into herself like many prisoners would. She sat like a queen who had every business being tied up in ball on her throne. Not even the tight golden scarf tied tightly over her mouth or the thin blue cord tying Uma’s toes together could detract from her grandeur.

    “This is what a submissive goddess could look like”, Taylor thought.

    “Well thank you, I do my best”, Uma replied, “and welcome child”.

    “I’m not a child, I’m twenty two”, Taylor thought back without realizing that she was again sharing her thoughts without meaning to. Then both ladies chuckled at the childishness of Taylor’s retort.

    “My mistake”, Uma replied mentally, “and you’ll get the hang of telepathic communication soon enough, although the oddity of hearing a gagged woman speak clearly remains a bit strange.” Taylor and Uma laughed a little more.

    Taylor tried to look Uma in the eyes as they communicated, but her gaze kept being drawn to those large lovely feet that so many had seen on film. The smoothness of the curves and surfaces of the bound feet before her took Taylor’s breath away. Uma’s exquisite feet were adorned with a simple but perfect silver ring around the second toe of the left foot.”

    “These are truly divine feet”, Taylor thought.

    “Thank you again”, Uma replied, Taylor having projected her thoughts unbidden again, provoking more laughter.

    “You seem to be getting it kid, did you already dream yourself into the sacred forest?”, Uma queried.

    “Yes, yes I did”, Taylor replied with surprising confidence.

    “You’ll be one of us in no time with a silver toe ring of your own.”

    “Every priestess of the Captive Goddess awakes with a ring like this when she awakes from the sacred grove after commiting to the Goddess”, Uma explained in response to Taylor’s quizzical look.

    “When you become a priestess you cannot age or be harmed as long as you are barefoot and restrained, and you will have no need of the environment cube to keep you comfortable or sustained.”

    “And I’m not going to need to…”, Taylor started to ask.

    “…Go to the bathroom?”, Uma finished for her, “Everyone asks early on, and no. No need to eat. No need to eliminate.”

    “That’s a relief, I was dreading having to go tied up like this”

    Uma smiled beneath her gag, “You have been given an incredible gift child. You are going on a fabulous journey.”



    In addition to the Holly Kiss Bound and Kidnapped Photo set, the first photo on this page is a good reference for Uma’s position here: . Some good pictures of Uma can be found near the bottom of this page, in including one of her in a lovely yellow dress which is part if my inspiration here.




    Those pages I linked to above have other images and comments pertaining to ladies who are either barefoot, tied up, or both that I posted at Grigbertz site’s forum. They also connect to other pages with similar stuff.

    Part 9:

    Taylor Swift and Uma Thurman were both ensconced in their respective environment cubes, tied up helpless and comfortable and hitting it off fabulously.

    “I understand if you’re still feeling skeptical or ambivalent. I was really pissed off when I was first brought aboard a vessel like this one,” Uma was telling Taylor, “I’ve always been one to be in charge, even if I was letting someone have their way with me. I stayed pissed awhile. Out of habit and to cover up how afraid I was at first. But it didn’t take too long within a silken embrace that I started having dream journeys to the Captive Goddess’ forest. In her presence I felt sensation, beauty, power, and love beyond anything I had experienced before. The Captive Goddess freed the goddess within me.”

    “So she set you free?”, Taylor mused with a teasing grin. Uma chuckled and replied, “Metaphorically darling. I was set free emotionally, and my divine potential realized. You’re at the beginning yourself. You’ve been given a gift of not just indefinite youth, beauty, health, relative comfort, worship beyond what fanboys on earth could offer, but ecstatic communion with a divine force that loves her universe personally, and the opportunity be a source of divine love for millions.

    “I didn’t ask to be given this gift”, Taylor protested as she pulled at her wrist restraints in a mostly symbolic effort.

    “You probably didn’t ask to be born either”, Uma answered, “and it wouldn’t be a gift if you had to ask for it.”

    “But my life on earth I’m missing…”, Taylor said with an ache in her telepathic voice.

    “Remember that due to the time splice you didn’t miss a thing. Your life was lived as it would have been in the space/time continuum we are native to. You didn’t miss a thing, and nobody, including those cute kitties missed you since you never disappeared”, Uma explicated, “The individual you are here came into a separate existence when this vessel took you aboard. All you experience in this universe is happening in addition to all of your -normal- life. It’s all a bonus, a gift.”

    “Maybe I don’t want to be a tied up pagan priestess”, Taylor complained.

    “And maybe you do,” Uma said suggestively.

    “Everything worth having carries a price. The price here is not just freedom and choice, but control, what the Captive Goddess sacrificed to give a soul to this universe. And that sacrifice made her the holiest and most ecstatic being in existence. You have been blessed by her. I was loath to give it up too, but even with the ecstatic glow of your dream journey you can feel her loving and lovely embrace in those restraints that stimulate your body in such a delicious way. Not just where they directly encircle you, but the way they hold your body so that every natural motion you make is met with delightful resistance to pull and tug against, arousing your whole body and mind.”

    “You make it sound good” Taylor got a word in.

    “Yes, I do.”

    “Sounds like you’ve been in these parts awhile.”

    “More than a hundred years I’m sure. And I’ve loved every minute of it.”

    “You certainly look good.”

    “I know” the regal Uma replied slyly wiggling her toes a little, eyes sparkling above her scarf gag, “but thank you. And you look like quite the helpless goddess yourself. How good a care you have taken of your feet for them to look so virginal and unwalked on after growing up a barefoot girl.”

    “I’ve always loved my feet and being barefoot, Taylor said while blushing slightly from the compliment, “but enjoying being tied up is a little weird.”

    “You’ll get used to it. You already are. It’s easier if you enjoyed getting tied up while you were growing up”, answered Uma

    “Did you?”, a tied up Taylor wanted to know.

    “Sadly no”, Uma replied wistfully, “I was an enthusiastically barefoot girl, but not a tied up girl. A lot of ladies traveling with us did play tie up games as kids, which helped lead them to getting the Captive Goddess attention like we did.”

    “So we just get worshiped?


    “So I’m not going to get molested?”

    “You will when you want it.”, Uma said dreamily.

    Taylor had still been admiring Uma’s feet as they talked, “Isn’t having your toes tied like that rather awful since your feet can’t nuzzle at all?”

    “When you’re ready for it having your toes tied together offers another level of sensation to savor”, Uma instructed, “and just you wait until you play footsie with another tied up woman”.

    Taylor closed her eyes and imagined how much fun that could be. She loved playing footsie with her barefoot friends.

    “And being tickled on your bare feet while you’re tied up and helpless is just the best.”

    Taylor’s eye’s opened wide. Uma laughed and reassured her, “When you’re ready”.



    Barefoot pictures of Taylor Swift, Uma Thurman, and almost any other lady with a imdb page can be found at wikifeet. Unfortunately I’ve been having trouble linking directly to there from here. Also note that in the case of more well known ladies the number of pictures can number in the hundreds or thousands. That can make for a lot of searching through thumbnails to find something really good.



    A helplessly hogtied Taylor Swift was having a charming barefoot chat with an equally helpless and barefoot Uma Thuman in their respective cubes.

    “So do all the prisoners in this universe come to love their captivity?”, an attentive Taylor wondered.

    “Nearly all”, answered Uma who was tugging at the ropes around her wrists and ankles to enjoy her own helplessness a little more, “Tina hates her feet with a strange passion. If she can’t be helped she may eventually be taken to the negative realm, a small cluster of planets in a corner of the quadrant where the Captive Goddess influence doesn’t extend, where all ladies who are either barefoot negative or restraint negative are sent if they can’t be rehabilitated.”

    “Kristen on the other hand had an accident on a primitive world with a crude stimulator. Stimulators are devices or magic incantations that slowly arouse every part of a woman’s body until building tension explodes in a shattering orgasm. Kristin’s physiology somehow got rewired so that she experiences the stimulator effect at irregular intervals even when not exposed to a stimulator. Kristen’s been having three or four episodes a day and has nearly lost her mind with pleasure. She might be having too good a time. You’ll get to talk to both ladies, they’re on board this ship”, Uma concluded.

    “That’s convenient”, thought the ballgagged Taylor, her voice emerging clear from Uma’s speakers.

    “Very”, Taylor heard Uma say clearly despite the wadded scarf in her mouth that was held in place with a second gold scarf.

    “Why do you have a pair of shoes beside you”, Taylor asked while nodding towards some flat soled one piece shoes that sat beside Uma on her throne.

    “That’s a tease”, the statuesque blonde replied, “I can’t very well slide my feet into them with my toes tied like this.”

    “Of course”, thought Taylor. Who then added, “Your feet are so beautiful I wish I could kiss them.”

    “You may get the chance deary, and I’d like to kiss those yummy looking feet of yours”, Uma added with appetite. Taylor tried to hide her feet behind one another from Uma’s gaze. She didn’t succeed.

    “And some day our captors will let me into that room of yours, and I’m going to tie you up just how I’d like you, and tickle you silly.”, Uma thought as she looked at Taylor with a hungry eye.”

    Taylor and Uma burst out laughing behind their respective gags again.



    Part 11:

    Taylor Swift lay hogtied and ballgagged on her stomach in a revealing purple harem outfit. She was squirming to feel the embrace of the ropes she was starting to learn to love while chatting telepathically with her new friend Uma Thurman. Uma was balltied and gagged in gold, her wrists and ankles all knotted together in front of her, her long bare feet protruding over the edge of her throne, big toes tied together, silver ring twinkling on one of her other toes.

    “So what was up with that weird tape they put on me while I was being brought to this room?”, Taylor wanted to know, “It went from superglue sticky to insubstantial in an instant.”

    “Whether being channeled into magic or technology, tape applied to prisoners in these parts is inert until activated and unbreakable until released. Other restraints have similar properties. The seams in shackles disappear when locked on a captive, only to reappear when unlocked. And those ropes you and I are tied with fused together and assumed the durability of steel cables when they were knotted, even while remaining soft to the touch and clinging around us. And once a priestess both you and your restraints will be able to easily shrug off and survive a lava flow”, Uma elucidated.

    “So no woman has ever escaped from her restraints in this universe?” Taylor wondered.

    “No, but what really makes a lady helpless is not wanting to escape.”

    Taylor thought that sounded profound in this circumstance.

    “And the only thing there is to do when you’re tied up and helpless, is be tied up and helpless”, Uma continued with a look of smug satisfaction.

    Uma went on to tell telepathically tell Taylor about the goddess welcome she got when she arrived on her first world in the omega quadrant. She had stepped out barefoot wearing a simple white tunic, her wrists shackled behind her, and ankles shackled so she could only take small steps. A white scarf had been tied between her teeth. A pathway of mossy grass bordered by polished marble tiles on each side stretched through groves of trees. Beautiful women in white Grecian looking robes were bound and gagged to the trees along the pathway in clear emulation of the Captive Goddess’ sacred forest.

    Uma was telepathically sharing images as well as words as she told the story, and Taylor could nearly feel the soft grass and cool tiles underneath Uma’s delightful feet as she slowly wandered the path, each tree captive nodding her head in deference as Uma passed (if mobility permitted).



    Part 12

    Taylor Swift was very attentive as Uma Thurman continued to share her first planetary experience in the domain of the Captive Goddess. Walking in chains with a cleave gag Uma climbed a small hill and at the top was greeted by the sight of a valley with a skeletal temple in the middle. Otherwise the valley was full of more shoeless women in white who gave Uma a hero’s cheer and then fell into deferential silence as Uma made her way among them. Taylor learned that this was one of the predominantly female worlds in this universe, it’s women having the ability of spontaneous pregnancy.

    Uma received a respectful nod from all the crowd as she passed, her chains clanking with a dainty sound, and feeling more loved with every step. When Uma reached the temple frame she was led inside by another priestess to a crystalline statue of a bound kneeling woman. As she neared Uma realized the statue was of herself. Her joy nearly made her weep. Uma’s chains were released as she knelt before her statue and was tied up in the same kneeling position.

    When the last rope was knotted a surge of power coursed through her. The temple filled out with a solid dome of blue energy that lit up the valley as the Captive Goddess energy emanated outward to protect and empower the land. The people cheered again. Uma felt like she herself was a living sacred statue.

    Uma stayed on that world for ten years, tied up, helpless, barefoot, and happy. People came from the world over to pay their respects. Some became her attendants. Keeping Uma company, massaging her feet, tickling her occasionally, and in time attending to more…personal needs. Every month or so she was tied up in a different position and with different materials.

    Taylor had a hard time believing that even if kept comfortable it wouldn’t get boring being tied up all the time.

    “Not in this universe”, Uma assured the young singer, “Being a barefoot prisoner here is to always feel the blessing of the Captive Goddess. Your only responsibility is to be ecstatic in it’s embrace. It’s like a permanent vacation.”

    “What is it about being tied up and barefoot?”, was Taylor’s next thought.

    “Nothing accentuates the delicious helplessness of being restrained like the vulnerability of being barefoot. And vice versa”, was Uma’s answer.

    “And when you’re tied up with no hope of slipping on your shoes, you’re not just barefoot, but very barefoot.

    “You’ve figured out a lot about this”, replied Taylor who couldn’t resist wiggling her soft toes, “I like that concept. Very barefoot.”

    “I’ve had plenty of time to think about it”, thought the balltied blonde in the gold Chinese dress and a sly demeanor.



    Part 13:

    The helpless ladies shared telepathic girl talk while admiring each others elegant barefoot restraint. Uma shared more stories and images of worlds she’d visited and all the ways she’d gotten confined, as well as visits to the Captive Goddess’ sacred dream forest. Taylor shared her own stories of all the fun she’d had being barefoot, how sexy and slightly naughty it made her feel, how much she liked spotting another barefoot lady, both on film and in the real world.

    Eventually Taylor’s environment cube began to slide away, and the two captives shared goodbyes. Uma assured Taylor that they would be seeing each other again in a way that gave Taylor a chill.

    Taylor Swift was on her own again. Hogtied, ballgagged, barefoot, nearly nude, and strangely, feeling very pleased. In less than a day she had gone from being a frightened abduction victim to a happy captive. She didn’t really understand how this could be happening, but she couldn’t deny the pleasure of the iron silken embrace of the rope that held her helpless like a lover’s unyielding arms. Taylor pulled and wriggled to push into the golden ropes around her. Taylor wiggled her fingers and toes and let her virginal feet caress each other as much as the ropes allowed. Taylor still felt a little odd and even guilty enjoying herself after being kidnapped and tied up, but she was caring less as time passed. She wanted to experience more.

    Taylor knew she was under the jurisdiction of new laws of physiology since she felt none of the awful cramping that would usually accompany hours of tight confinement in the position she was in, and the only aching Taylor felt was that of a pleasurable frustration. She wished her best friend and barefoot companion was here to play footsie with.

    Taylor admired herself in the mirrors, the way the light caught her honey blonde hair, the curves of her captive body and the surfaces of the tops and soles of her sacred feet. She was starting to see how such things could be considered holy.

    Taylor was again startled by the information box announcing that she was approaching another environment cube. This one held two captives, Charlize Theron, and Amanda Seyfried. Taylor hoped she would be making two more new friends.

    First the decor of the other cube was revealed to be a well lit half section of a huge stone chamber that reminded Taylor of what Rapunzel’s tower should look like. The two ladies that shortly came into view were enchantingly beautiful.

    To be continued…



    Part 14:

    Taylor swift initially saw Charlize Theron from the back, sitting in all her glory in an ornate chair dressed in lacy black lingerie that left her legs and her feet bare. Her arms were pulled behind the chair back with the palms of her hands facing and pressed together. Predictably her wrists were tied together and tightly tethered to a horizontal rung between the chair’s two back legs. Charlize’ arms were further roped to each other and to the chair back with a white rope that contrasted with the sheer black fabric of her lingerie.

    Charlize’ knees were drawn up near her chest so that the heels of her bare feet rested on the edge of the chair seat. More ropes firmly held her legs above her knees as well as tethering her knees to the her shoulders and the chair back. This tethering prevented Charlize from lowering her holy feet off of the chair seat. The loose end of the rope that tied Charlize’ ankles together run underneath her to connect with the bottom of the chair back, and prevented her from lifting her feet from her seat. A large strip of shiny black tape covering Charlize lips came into Taylor’s view as her cube lined up face to face with theirs.

    Amanda Seyfried also became clearer to Taylor. Amanda was on her stomach on the floor in front of Charlize’ chair dressed in a white gown and had garlands in her hair that made her look like a May Queen. A tight white scarf covered her lips, leaving her stunning and innocent looking eyes gazing pleadingly over her gag. Amanda’s arms were held in a box tie and her legs were bent back in a hogtie, similar to the way Taylor was herself now restrained.

    Amanda’s ropes were red, contrasting with her pure white gown. Amanda’s ankles were bent so that the soles of her pristine pale feet were pressed to the soles of Charlize’ feet that protruded over the edge of her chair seat. Amanda was rocking her ankles back and forth just a little to rub her feet against Charlize’ feet. Charlize had her eyes closed and Amanda looked into the distance. It would be easy to mistake their look for one of hopeless resignation, but it was a distraction of shared ecstasy.

    Amanda was the first to realize that Taylor had slid before them and was watching their unconventional game of footsie. Amanda curled her toes and poked Charlize a teeny but to get her to pay attention. A startled Charlize quickly started laughing when she saw the pert looking Taylor a few feet away observing her and Amanda. All three ladies were soon laughing.

    Taylor telepathically said “Hello, sorry to intrude. Didn’t have much choice about it.”

    “You’re forgiven”, replied Charlize in between chuckles, “Isn’t she sweetie?”

    “Mmmmpph”, replied Amanda without any telepathic translation, provoking more laughter, and putting Taylor Swift at ease with her two newest friends.



    Everyone here go see Charlize and her feet in the movie: The Astronaut’s Wife. Right now! I mean it! Consult the wikifeet for loads of barefoot pictures of Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried. Now continuing…

    Part 15:

    Taylor Swift was still barefoot, hogtied, and ballgagged in a purple and gold harem costume on board a giant space ship and at the moment surprisingly OK with everything. She had just been introduced to Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried who had been communing with each other while tied up by touching the soles of their bare feet together. Amanda had even had to lightly poke Charlize with her toenails to get her to notice Taylor.

    Charlize was tied to her chair in seductive black lingerie with her legs pulled up and her feet on the edge of her seat. Charlize was laughing and smiling in a dreamy girlish way which looked a bit at odds with the security of her captivity, with such a smile beaming through a black tape gag. Amanda had been hogtied in front and below Charlize so that the two ladies could touch. In her white gown and garlands, she looked the very model of cruelly confined innocence, but Amanda looked at Taylor with eyes that smiled and possibly schemed. Amanda also continued to keep everyone laughing by participating in their three way conversation by grunting unintelligibly in her white scarf gag instead of using the telepathic interpreter.

    Taylor was again in awe of the beauty of the captive femininity before her. Charlize was so statuesque, looking very much the living goddess at ease in her inner chambers. And Amanda looked everything sweet and pure and virginal embodied and tightly imprisoned by cruel crimson ropes. Eyes were pleading silently over her gag when she wished to play up the archetypal damsel in distress image she projected so easily.

    And both ladies had feet that were absolutely angelic. Taylor watched as Charlize and Amanda lightly nuzzled their feet together. First sole to sole, but then Amanda pointed her toes as much as she could, so Charlize could rest the balls of her feet and her toes on the top of Amanda’s little white feet. Taylor was entranced by the beauty of their feet, as well as the love that they expressed just by touching their feet together a little. She wanted so much for tied up companion to play footsie with in her cube.

    “Maybe you’ll get one”, Charlize said in reply to Taylor’s unintentionally projected thought, making Taylor blush just a little.

    “So did you two meet after you became captive barefoot priestesses?”, Taylor asked telepathically.

    “Nope”, answered Charlize, “We met on good old Earth while making a film. We’d ended up spending most of our free time together and had both developed a strong mutual unspoken attraction. On the last day of filming we were both desperately thinking of how to tell the other person how we felt.”

    “I was agonizing in my room when Amanda walked in behind me. She was wearing a simple white gown that came down to her shins. She was unforgettably barefoot. I thought I had managed to admire her feet and the delight she took in being barefoot without being noticed, but I realized in that moment I was wrong. I looked into her heavenly blue eyes and saw them brimming with love, and vulnerability, and acceptance. She said, “Please don’t leave without me”, and I knew she was mine.”

    “I can hardly believe how bold I acted then”, Charlize continued, I was almost watching myself from the outside as I took a length of rope that was in my dressing room for some reason and I tied my little damsels petite hands behind her back. Amanda stood there and passively let me confine her. As I gagged her with a white strip of adhesive tape Amanda’s eye’s betrayed little surprise, only love, desire, and a fear of rejection. I assuaged those fears by marching her barefoot, tied, wide eyed and gagged out to my car, and after binding her petite feet together with a little more rope, I locked her in the trunk of my car. Her eyes were smiling as I closed the trunk top down. I drove slowly to my home.”

    “I released Amanda from the trunk and freed her feet when we arrived at my estate. We were all alone here, and she didn’t know where here was, and the twinkle in her eye said that she liked it. I marched my barefoot tape gagged prize upstairs to my bedroom and promptly tied those cute feet back together so I could bend her knees and hogtie her tight. I admired her, not believing I had the love of my life right where I wanted her”, Charlize was sharing when Amanda interjected, “Really I thought I had you right where I wanted you.”

    “Do tell?”, Charlize thought back.

    “You know”, Amanda telepathically told, “the most fun I had as a girl was not just getting other people to tie me up, but getting them to think that it was their idea.”

    Charlize and Amanda exchanged sly looks, and all three ladies laughed.



    Part 16:

    Tightly tied Taylor Swift had a perfect side view of the confined Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried who both turned their heads to look at the helpless Taylor as the three telepathically chatted and giggled into their gags. Charlize and Amanda were nuzzling their feet together. Each wore a silver ring on the second toe of their left foot. All three ladies bare feet were tied side by side [All the captive ladies in my stories have their bare feet tied side by side, not with ankles crossed, unless otherwise noted. It is my preference].

    Amanda had taken over telling the story of how she and Charlize became lovers.And the information box was again provided images to accompany the narrative told by Amanda’s sweet voice filling Taylor’s cube, “I paid very close attention to Charlize when we were hanging out. She was checking me out, and trying not to be noticed doing it. But I was checking her out much more thoroughly. Charlize was surprised when I walked barefoot into her dressing room and offered myself to her, but I knew what I was doing.”

    “I admit I was taken aback slightly by the swiftness and certainty that Charlize took a hold of me with”, Amanda continued, “I knew I would eventually be her barefoot captive, but I admit I didn’t expect it to happen instantly. I was fine with it though. I’ll never forget the feeling of the cold cement in the night air as I walked on it barefoot being marched along with my hands tied and my mouth taped. And then a ride in the trunk, like a true damsel in an old detective pulp. Emerging like Venus from a sea shell in a grand estate I was taken to the inner chambers of the mysterious countess and hogtied on the soft sheets of a bed.”

    “I was helpless. No one knew where I was. And I was at the mercy of a goddess. I had never been happier”, Amanda shared.

    “Then what?”, Taylor wanted to know, feeling a little warmth and damp between her legs. Amanda continued after both she and Charlize noted Taylor’s involvement in the narrative, “The goddess who held me prisoner removed my gag and told me that I could be freed and leave now, but that if I stayed she would have her way with me and my feet, and there would be nothing I could say or do to stop her.”

    “I managed in my bliss to say the words -Never let me go-. My personal dark countess who had kidnapped me smiled wickedly while she put a yellow ballgag in my mouth that complimented by blonde hair delightfully. No protests from me would be forthcoming.”

    “Then those strong but feminine hands seized my feet and gave them a washing and drying. Then she painted my toenails a yellow that matched the my ballgag. When my toes were dry my feet were lotioned and slowly massaged.”

    “I was on the verge of drifting off to sleep when I felt my big toes being tied together with a thin cord. Then I felt the first tickle. Then another. And soon I was howling into my ballgag, eyes wide, helpless with laughter as much as anything else. Charlize mercilessly tickled my feet with the deftness of a musician playing an instrument. Slowing down and speeding up, touching lightly and digging in at just the right moments and places to create a symphony of nearly unbearable pleasure. I wanted so much to be touched between my legs, but my wrists were crossed and tied behind my back, and my arms tied to my chest. I couldn’t touch myself and Charlize just kept on tickling my feet until I had a spontaneous full body orgasm that shook me to the core.”

    Taylor watched and listened to the story, and more and more Taylor Swift felt a need to touch herself. She reflexively tried to reach with her hands, but like Amanda’s had been and were, Taylor’s hands were held behind her and were tied very firmly in place. Taylor knew it was hopeless but she couldn’t stop rocking and pulling and trying to reach and pushing herself against cushions and the floor. Amanda stopped talking and she and Charlize watched Taylor squirm in sweet frustration for a time.

    Taylor’s arousal finally began to subside and she stopped quivering and she laughed when she realized the audience she had.

    “Good show kid”, Charlize said grinning through her black tape, “Soon you’ll be able to have your own bound orgasms without any help.”

    “I’m sorry,” Taylor gasped, “Your story was so sexy, and you are both so beautiful.”

    “No worries”,” said Amanda, “I hope we get to see your next bout of arousal.”

    More light hearted laughter followed.



    Part 17:

    Taylor’s breathing slowed, and Amanda continued with her version of events, “Charlize provided me with an orgasm so strong that I was seeing strange colors and nearly hallucinating. We lay side by side for a while, my dark countess and I, her barefoot captive in white. Then without releasing me Charlize rolled over and went to sleep, leaving me very hogtied and helpless. I felt a little indignant at first, but then settled into my restraints and enjoyed them as I slowly drifted off.”

    “In the morning after we had showered together Charlize presented me with clothes in the form of a set of wrist and ankle shackles interconnected with heavy chains to a metal collar. This is what I was to wear during the day until Charlize bought me new clothes, which didn’t happen for several days. During the night I would be confined much more restrictively while Charlize continued to mercilessly molest my feet… and some other parts of me.”

    Taylor was watching the information screen as it filled with a montage of images of Amanda balltied, and hogtied, and gagged in different ways with rope, tape, and scarves while Charlize played with her innocent angel of a captive.

    “And here’s what happened the first time I let Amanda spend a night untied”, Charlize interjected. Taylor’s information screen filled with the site of a content looking Charlize lying nude and snugly hogtied on her bed. Charlize’ big toes were tied together, and nearby Amanda was studiously examining a number of gags before selecting a candy apple red ballgag with black straps to snugly place in Charlize mouth. Then Amanda turned to examine a box of tickling feathers.

    “You mentioned getting other kids to tie you up as a child”, Taylor mentioned to Amanda.

    “Oh yes”, Amanda responded, “I loved starting games that would eventually lead to me getting tied up. My closer friends caught on, but the other kids thought it was mostly a coincidence that I got tied up so much and admired me for being a good sport.”

    Amanda’s eye’s twinkled as she spoke and Taylor watched another montage of Amanda as a barefoot child being tied up and sometimes tying up her playmates. Taylor wondered how much fuller her childhood might have been if she had discovered the pleasures of restraint games earlier.

    “How about you Charlize?” Taylor queried.

    “Oh yes”, said Charlize as Amanda stroked Charlize’ soles with her toes, “Me and my friends were tomboys who spent plenty of time tying each other up. I had fun as captor and prisoner.”

    Taylor was treated to another montage, this time of Charlize formative experiences as a tied up girl and felt envious again.

    “You both seem to have loved your bare feet”, Taylor observed. From beneath her white scarf gagged mouth Amanda nodded assent, but Charlize looked down with sadness in her eyes.

    “I always thought a girls feet were the cutest part of her body, and I loved mine as a little girl, but when I started to take dance lessons my feet became injured and scarred, and I thought they were ugly in a way that compromised my beauty. I told no one and even continued to go barefoot and wear revealing sandals because I didn’t want to draw attention to my feet by keeping them covered when all the other girls were barefoot. I can hardly believe how much my self image suffered.”

    Amanda comfortingly pressed her feet against Charlize’ feet as she spoke, “Not even Amanda’s love for me and my feet could change my mind until the Captive Goddess magic allowed me to see my feet through others eyes, and experience firsthand the love and admiration they inspired that I could see that their beauty had not been ruined [The real Charlize Theron considers the appearance of her feet to have been compromised by her extensive dancing injuries to her feet (14 broken toes, and an infection resulting in blood poisoning). Charlize feet look goddess grade beautiful to me. I wish she could see them as I do.]



    [I also wish women wouldn’t do horrible things to their feet by dancing. When people go out to a night club to dance they aren’t looking for broken bones are they? Maybe I’m not cool enough to get into those clubs. End rant]

    Part 18:

    “My God,” Taylor exclaimed, “Your feet are so beautiful Charlize. How could you think otherwise?”

    Amanda rolled her eyes over her tight white scarf gag as Charlize just looked down and telepathically said, “I dunno, maybe I just associated the pain of all those broken toes with how my feet looked.”

    “Why the heck were you doing that to yourself?” Taylor wanted to know, “No one should do that to their feet!”

    Amanda rolled her eyes almost out of their sockets. Charlize could only agree with Taylor.

    The three ladies telepathically chatted and laughed like they were girls at a slumber party whilst helpless in their respective barefoot confinements. Amanda and Charlize shared more stories of their shared abduction and induction into the ranks of the priestesses of the Captive Goddess with an eager Taylor who got to listen and watch to their stories.

    Eventually Taylor’s environment cube began to shift along it’s track, and it was time for Taylor to say goodbye to her two newest friends. She was then alone again with her thoughts and her restraints, her feet bare and her mouth ballgagged a nice purple to match her harem clothes. Taylor playfully struggled and pretended she was a kidnapped princess while enjoying the loving embrace of the ropes that held and teased her.



    The next part will involve an actress from the 70’s named Lynne Frederick who I saw as a teenager in an overambitious sci-fi movie called Phase 4 which I highly recommend (just be sure to get the original, bot the remake in name only from more recent years). Lynne plays a character named Kendra who is just the sweetest most demure and innocent seeming girl you could ever hope to meet. Kendra is also barefoot throughout the whole movie. There are only a few shots where you can see her feet but they look lovely, and Kendra always walks with that lovely light hesitant step that many barefoot ladies walk with. She’s one of the sexiest characters on film in my opinion.

    Sadly the real life Lynne led a rather tragic and short existence that ended with what was essentially suicide by alcohol. The wikifeet site has some nice pictures of her. There is also a very nice tribute site to her here:

    Also take a look at the cable/zip tied ladies near the top of this page:

    for a model of how Lynne Frederick will be confined.



    Part 19:

    Taylor Swift rolled on the plush floor, having fun struggling and testing the limits of her mobility. She was again startled by the voice from the information box announcing that she was nearing the environment cube of Lynne Frederick. Taylor rolled and repositioned herself to greet Lynne.

    When Taylor got a look at the new cube she wasn’t sure what to think of the inside which looked like a desert in the southwestern United States with a cross section of a van against the window. Inside the van was a young lady wearing a white button down the front shirt and worn blue jeans. She was a straight haired brunette sitting with her legs together and knees bent and leaning all the way to the left. Her hands were bound before her with a black cable tie, as were her bare feet. The two cable ties were interconnected so that her hands were forced to rest atop the side of her right ankle. A black cloth was tied tightly enough between her lips that it disappeared inside her mouth and only emerged at her mouth’s corners to stretch across her cheeks and disappear beneath her hair.

    The woman gazed down and had the most sad and defeated demeanor Taylor had ever seen. She immediately wanted to rescue and hug her. The woman looked sweet and innocent to the point of having no will to resist at all. Her face brightened some when she saw Taylor.

    “Hello, I’m Lynn”, she said to Taylor who returned the greeting and asked if she was alright.

    “I’m fine”, said Lynn, “I know I look sad, and have been for most of my life, but I’m where I belong now.”

    “How so?”, asked Taylor.

    “I was an unwanted and unhappy child”, Lynn said looking downcast again, “I was a mean girl who relied on her innocent looks to get her way. One day a friend I’d betrayed seized some rope and tied me up and left me all alone. I cried, but being punished like that felt so right and so good. As an adult I’d become depressed and suicidal. Then the Captive Goddess brought me this universe, and healed me with her divine light. I still feel so bad about the life I used to live, I believe that I should be a helpless captive who can’t harm others with her bad decisions. Here I can be helpless and be a healer, and be loved and feel pleasure I really don’t deserve.”

    “I want to give you a big hug you poor girl”, said Taylor, wrists reflexively tugging at her ropes. Lynn looked Taylor in the face and told her that she had the most compassionate eyes she’d ever seen.

    The two ladies talked and talked. Taylor did her best to cheer Lynne, and after a time did get the feeling that Lynne was happier than her little girl lost demeanor let on.



    Totally awed you take the time to post all this. Sincere thanks!

    Apologies also as I’ve yet to have time to read it all. But I will, soonish, probably.





    Thank you very much for the feedback. It’s nice to know I’m not just writing this all down for myself. I find that writing down segments of my fantasy realm helps cement them in my mind. This forum is the first time I’ve found a place to fully indulge in sharing it with an online community.

    Sometimes when I get inspired I can gush forth a short burst of creative activity if I can harness the inspiration while I’m still feeling charged. I’ve kinda crashed energy wise, but there’s a lot more of this story in my head and written down in notes that I should be able to continue again when I’m feeling less burnt. Knowing that there are individuals out there that appreciate my sharing a glimpse into my mental rumpus room will definitely help me regroup faster.

    So please, anyone who’s following this, let me know what you think, or if you have suggestions or whatever.

    I think I’ve about established a framework that can be used by others to present any barefoot damsel in any setting (environment cube) confined in any fashion and having nearly any particular response to their captivity, even if they almost always ultimately enjoy it. So go ahead and present your own chapters if you feel like it. And Taylor Swift doesn’t have to always be the main character. Someone could also describe a situation on a planet in the Captive Goddess’ universe.

    I’d like to add that I wish nothing but the best for all the ladies I’ve fictionalized here, and apologize if any of you come across this and are offended (then again what are you doing here if you’re not into this sort of thing?) And I hope you agree that I treat my fictional captives with much more gentleness, dignity and respect than you would typically find in this sort of fan fiction. Peace

    Mr. Nice Guy from Midian



    Sorry to have left things hanging. The conclusion of this segment and about 25 more ladies that our protagonist can meet are in my head and some notes. The offline world and my own chronic pain and state of general exhaustion make it difficult to type much. I do intend to continue someday.

    Unlike Grigbertz forum this one has no visitor count. So I have no idea if anyone besides Merlin1 has read any of this. It would be nice to get some feedback, and of course make their own contributions.



    Part 20:

    Taylor admired the the way her fellow captives perfect feet and small hands were bound and connected directly by two small plastic strips which looked like would hurt were they not under the influence of the Captive Goddess, while Lynn told her how she became a natural captive even before becoming a captive priestess.

    As a child she was usually barefoot when the opportunity arose. Unfortunately she was often a manipulative bitch as well. But she could get by on being beautiful and sweet looking. Another member of her circle of friends was a Japanese girl named Yushiko. Yushiko was often barefoot herself. She was a small girl, but she had a fierce personality, and was the nominal leader of the group. When Lynn was 14 she was up in a tree house in Yushiko’s backyard when both of their parents were out of town for a week. While chatting Lynn accidentally let slip that she had betrayed a major confidence of Yushuko’s.

    Yushiko glared furiously at Lynn like an angry Samurai for several moments before seizing a roll of industrial grade duct tape left over from the tree house’ construction, and then seized Lynn with the deftness of a Judo expert. Before Lynn could protest or try to apologize Yushiko had taped Lynn’s little hands together and to the back of her ankles in a scrunched forward balltie (reference Delta’s Replacement TV photoset). Lynn was speechless. And she remained speechless when Yushiko smartly planted a rectangle of tape over Lynn’s innocent looking lips. Then without a word or a pause Yushiko turned her back and climbed down the tree house ladder. Lynn heard her betrayed friend walk away, bare foot steps getting quieter before disappearing inside her house, leaving Lynn very alone.



    Taylor watched the scene play out as Lynn telepathically told Taylor of here first experience as a captive. Dressed in jeans and a white shirt (like in Phase 4) Lynn lay on her back like a turtle. She was scrunched up in a ball with her knees to her chest. Her slender wrists were tied together with heavy black industrial tape, which in turn were taped to the back of her small ankles, which were naturally taped tightly to keep her perfectly shaped little bare feet held side by side. A last strip of tape sealed her lips.

    Lynn was so stunned by the swiftness of her unexpected capture she she simply laid on her back on the floor of the tree house trying to process what had happened. She had hurt her friend. And for once in her life she was paying a price for her misbehavior. Lynn tugged on her restraints, but she was clearly hopelessly trapped. Rolling on her side she tried to rub her cheek against the floor to remove her gag, but that was impossible unless she wanted to seriously abrade her face. And there was no one who could hear her up here if she succeeded.

    Lynn was awash in conflicting emotions. She’d hurt her friend. Badly. Yoshiko’s cold fury told of the depth of her pain. Lynn’s eye’s welled up with tears at the thought, and her inability to beg forgiveness immediately. Lynn felt a deep sorrow for all the other mean things she’s done and gotten away with. She reflexively and futilely pulled at the tape that embraced her. She wanted so much to beg Yoshiko’s forgiveness. Lynn sobbed quietly beneath her tape gag. Her feet began to feel cold in the cool of the late afternoon.

    Lynn’s barefootedness had always been a matter of comfort and sometimes a passive-aggressive refusal to do what was expected of her. But now as a prisoner with no choice, her barefootedness made her feel vulnerable and punished. And although almost frustrated out of her mind by the tape that held her captive, there was an inescapable sensation of being finally held accountable.

    Lynn’s meanness had always been born of a lack of boundaries, and a desire to push until she found one. Now she unexpectedly had. And beneath her regret and contrition, there was an undeniable thrill, emotionally and physically to have finally encountered a boundary, even one as strange as this.

    In an odd sense Lynn felt like being punished in this way by her righteously angry friend absolved her of her wrong doing. A kind of penance. As angry as Yoshiko was, Lynn felt like her confinement amounted to a kind of forgiveness. Instead of casting her away, Yoshiko had embraced her, making Lynn feel held, and cared for, and loved as she never had been. Tears of happiness joined those of regret.

    Lynn pulled and twisted at the tape, wishing to hold her friend, and say she was sorry, and tell her she loved her; and while she tugged at her tape the physical thrill of her confinement crept through her body and seeped into her consciousness. Until she realized she wasn’t just struggling instinctively to escape, but to increase the thrill of her captivity. She was suddenly awash with physical excitement mixing with regret, relief, and love. Lynn wished she could touch herself. Her hands were so close. The frustration enhanced the desire.

    It was getting dark now. Lynn wondered just how long Yoshiko would leave her alone. She wouldn’t leave her out here all night would she? Lynn wanted so much to embrace her friend, she was so impatient. But darkness fell, and Lynn remained alone and tightly balltaped. She eventually resigned herself to the fact that her penance seemed to involve spending the night a tied up captive, and she began to thrill to idea. Surely Yoshiko would forgive her after spending all night tied up outside barefoot. And how many girls could say they spent a night tied up in a tree house. Lynn rubbed her lovely feet together for warmth and for the pleasure of the sensation. There was little else she could do.

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