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    HI All,

    Here’s your regular monthly preview of what’s coming up on the members’ area and archives in January…

    Cheers, Hywel



    Greetings from New Jersey,

    I hope everyone is doing well. This is really a two part post. The first is a couple of quick comments on the January previews. As always it looks to be another month full of a wonderful combination of new sets and videos intermixed with a number of old favorites with the noted RE mix of locations, positions, restraints and attire. There is certainly something, if not a lot, for everyone. Speaking just for myself I generally tend to love the outdoor sets and videos as there are often some stunning backdrop images as part of the whole piece. Of course, seeing a nice summer set in the dead of winter is not too hard to take but a walk in the snow in chains isn’t a bad image either. I know I’ll also be looking forward to the new sets with Ariel in the stocks and Sammie handcuffed to the post along with a number of favorites from the archives and a number of new sets. Looks like 2012 will be off to a great start at RE.

    Which brings me to the second part of this post. As we close 2011 I like to offer holiday greetings to all of the extended RE family. To Hywel, Ariel, Kate, Steve and Merlin you should take pride in your efforts over the course of 2011 from all the work on the main site to the several wonderful videos released on the Elegance Studios site. Well done all the way around and greatly appreciated I’m sure by a number of fans besides myself. Well done also to the other contributors to the site for your efforts as well. And I would certainly be greatly remiss if I were not to offer a large “Thank You” to all the lovely ladies that have been willing to grace the pages of RE over 2011 and throughout the history of the site. Thank you for firing our collective imaginations and bringing our fantasies to life.

    Peace, Joy and good health to one and all.




    HI Jeff,

    Hope you had a great Xmas and hope you have a good New Year!

    Thank you for all your kind words and contributions. It is a pleasure working with great people on RE, whether on set or on the forum talking about ideas, so thank you and everyone else who posts on the forum, too!

    Cheers, Hywel.



    Hi all,

    after months of lurking I’m moved to agree.. yep it looks like an excellent start to 2012 🙂 Nice to see such an excellent variation of models, rigging, locations, sets and shooters. The swedish shots took me back a bit.. happy days.

    Just read Ariels comments on the front page also, made me laugh as you just know she’s aware “master” should be written “Master”.. 🙄 Accidental? pffft 😆


    Wishing everyone a great 2012



    Ariel Anderssen

    Oooh golly, it’s so tricky though… correct submissiveness vs correct use of the English language… Can I bear to be partly responsible for the fuzzy-wuzzy, ‘use punctuation however you like’ grammatical slide that English seems currently to be going through? It seems I actually can’t. Capital ‘M’ in the middle of a sentence? Small ‘i’ as a pronoun? Ohhhh God, I can’t. Horrible horrible horrible. It’d be like admitting to being a bit stupid. And while I’m all for a bit of humiliation, that seems a step too far. Actually, I just typed that as ‘that seems a step to far’ by mistake and shuddered at myself.

    Hmmm, and also, using a capital ‘M’ for master feels a bit as though I think everyone else should think Hywel’s their master. Which he isn’t. Whereas God is everyone’s god, if you believe in him at all. Maybe. Or maybe let’s not go down a theological argument, that might be a bit stressful, and possibly not all that sexy.

    I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable and squirmy, actually, when I’ve met someone at a party who introduces themselves as ‘Master’ something. It’s not helped by the fact that they always seem to have chosen an absolutely MENTAL name, like ‘Master Thunder’, ‘Master Devil’ or ‘Master’ bloody ‘GRAHAM’, for heaven’s sake. And I just don’t feel as though I can call them that so I end up sloping off, or spending the rest of the evening just calling them ‘you’. Cos you’re not a master unless someone’s chosen to call you that, surely? In which case, maybe it should just be between those of you actually enjoying that particular intimate, BDSM relationship then? Introducing yourself like that feels to me a bit like introducing yourself to a stranger as ‘Darling/Sweetie/Sweetheart/Love/Popkins/Punkin/Teddy’ or similar. TMI, I think!

    Ohhh, but now I’m feeling a bit of crushing guilt for having jolly well let the side down regarding my submissiveness. Tricky! I’d be interested to know what everyone else thinks! I’d better stop now 🙂



    I totally AGREE with what you say Ariel

    My personal feeling about title’s and such rule’s should never be set in stone. Yes have respect for each other, but like in meeting somebody for first time, or having a relationship you have to feel comfortable and confidence in that person.

    Trust can be difficult to build at first, but can be destroyed within a second.



    I’ve never really cared for generic titles like “Master” or “Mistress” either, except maybe as part of a role-playing scene. Otherwise they just seem more than a little pretentious. In the local scene people generally know each other, so everybody just uses first names or nicknames. They work fine!



    Putting on my semi-pro writer’s hat:

    In my fiction writing, I capitalize Master in the slavegirl’s dialog or if the scene is from the slavegirl’s POV. I see this one as a matter of style, more than of rules-of-grammar, and arguments could be made either way about which is “correct.” (E.g. “Master” could be considered equivalent to a private nickname that only one person is allowed to use. Thus “Popkins” might be a nickname for a husband that only his wife is allowed to use, and when she does use it in writing, it is (a) Capitalized, and (b) doesn’t imply that the husband is “Popkins” to any other woman.)

    Small “i” as a pronoun is more like using non-standard language deliberately for a stylistic effect. It’s like using a phonetic spelling to indicate dialect or accent, or using “ain’t” to make some sort of point.

    “Vat do you tink you are doing?”
    If he thinks his fake german accent will fool anyone, then he ain’t too bright.

    Slashed capital/noncapital just bugs me: If Y/you insist on using that form, then no one can stop Y/you, but it’s just ugly.

    Styling oneself as “Master Such-and-Such” or “Sir So-and-So” does come across as being this odd combination of arrogant and silly, especially if the name is, as you say, “mental.” Some people can pull it off if they play it tongue-in-cheek, and a very very few people can pull it off playing it straight. (Many more people in fiction can pull it off, where they have the fictional society backing up their usage.)

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