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    Our lady scientist is working late at the lab. Dressed in a white lab coat, her hair in a severe bun, her glasses pushed down her nose so she can study her latest gene sequenced superbug through the microscope. The serum she is working on is… an invisibility potion!

    Finally she decides the potion is ready. She feeds it to her helpless male subject, who is strapped down on the lab bench. Within moments, he starts to fade from sight… success! But then there is a ripping sound, a tearing sound as the invisibilty serum’s side effects kick in!

    For the serum also imbues its wearer with great strength, and the restraints are no match for the subjects super-enhanced muscles! Suddenly the Lady Scientist is seized in a grip of iron! She screams as invisible hands grab her, hold her… remove her glasses, caress her! She fights as her invisible experimental subject turns the tables on her, strapping her down to the bench… and then she discovers the third effect of the serum. It overstimulates the sex drive of the subject!

    BUT… who should play the Lady Scientist???

    YOU decide!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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