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    I really liked the recent video of Ariel doing the laundry. What I particularly liked about it was that she was fully nude throughout and only lightly restrained — so she could move and do things. Because she is a very beautiful woman, and agile and graceful as well, it was exciting to watch. Plus her musings were credible and interesting to hear. I particularly loved that it was an “everyday” event — doing the laundry — not some sort of dramatic folderol requiring much suspension of disbelief to accept. For me, naturalness of action and credibility are very important for enjoyment (although I do realize that some relish utterly bizarre situations).

    This suggests to me several interesting variations or similar situations that would be great to see (and might be straightforward to make). For instance, while similarly tied up Ariel could be cleaning the house, trying to prepare a meal, gardening, doing yoga or other exercises, making the bed, washing the car, sewing or making a dress, bathing, putting on make-up, or even some other bathroom activities, and so forth. If you could find a controlled set for filming, other activities like food or clothing & underwear shopping, checking for mail, driving the car, visiting the library, or even ordering a meal at a restaurant or drinking at a pub would be interesting. A third category would be “everyday lightly sexual”, by which I mean not overtly sexual — so such things as considering vibrators and other sex toys (picking them up and talking about them), trying various provocative poses in front of a mirror, considering and possibly trying on sexy lingerie, teasing and fantasy dreaming, even faux and teasing masturbation.

    There are many other everyday activities which could be considered. I think they would be effective as long as Ariel was nude, only lightly restrained so she was still mobile, and commenting on what she was doing as it developed. The fact that (I assume) she is still recovering from her knee injury would allow her to convey movement in doing these things but not having to be too athletic in the process.



    I like the general idea too, with a few thoughts:

    1. How important is nudity? For me, total nudity has become bland and boring in this sort of scene (although it still has a kick when the model is bound so as to be completely helpless). Maybe it’s because Ariel is so comfortable with it. Maybe it would be better if she (or another model) were to give off more of a “ooh I’m naked (and it’s exciting!)” vibe? Or maybe there is some way of adding color & ornamentation without eliminating the “fully nude” aspect that Doug340 et. al. like.

    2. How important is it that the cuffs be metal? Would it work for others if the model wore leather cuffs, connected by light chains secured by small padlocks? Or maybe the use of “cuff liners” like these with modern-style handcuffs and leg irons would provide both good visuals and some added practicality. (My understanding is that wearing leg irons on bare legs has issues wrt the potential for injury.)

    3. How important is it that the model be Ariel? My druthers would be to see a variety of models doing “chores” rather than a series of “Ariel has to do all the work.”

    4. WRT “everyday lightly sexual,” how about one task being “put fresh batteries in the vibrators”? Or “coil rope to put away,” or “lay out ropes (or other restraint devices) for later use.”



    I second the idea of having Ariel doing exercises while in restraints (metal or otherwise).

    I personally prefer total nudity for most (all?) activities.

    I also second the idea of using other models in some of these situations. One model I hope we see more of (literally, i.e., totally nude) is Clover.


    Ariel Anderssen

    So glad you said that, Rob. At our shoot with Clover we shot a couple of nude in metal concept videos and they turned out beautifully. I do love Clover and I really hope that you enjoy the videos when they appear on the site 🙂

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