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    I have an idea for a sci-fi type story.

    I would like to see a model inside of a lycra zentai mummy bag.

    The idea is that she has been sealed inside by some alien.

    She struggles and stretches the fabric trying to get out.


    Ariel Anderssen

    Hi Bob, oooh, I wore a zentai mummy bag for a bondage shoot last year (not, sadly, for RE) and it was absolutely wonderful as an experience for me. I wonder if there’s any interest from anyone else for this? I think it’d be important to have plenty of pictures of the girl before she was completely zipped in, but your storyline would provide that nicely, I’d have thought.

    Thanks for your suggestion, and all the best.

    Ariel x



    My preference along those lines would be for a model to be tied in a sack with only their bare feet sticking out. (Or maybe with only their heads sticking out, but I think that having only their bare feet sticking out would be more unusual & interesting.)

    A zentai mummy bag could be used for that, I suppose, but I don’t know if it would be the best choice.


    I was thinking of the model laying on the table, struggling against the aliens mind control.

    Then a sheet drops over her body, tighterns up then a flash of light( and pause of the camera)
    then she’s in the sack.


    Think you’ve got at least one supporter for this idea here – and think with the right colour/design of bag/suit it could support lots of different storylines and styles.

    Have to admit we old fogies were’t quite sure what you were talking about so had a quick check, prompting immediate cries of “How much are they? I want one. I want one” from Mikki. Not too sure about her addition of, “for you” but it still comes to at least one supporter. 😀 😀


    The mummy bag HAS to be white (partly see-thru) for a sci-fi set.

    I don’t know if it makes me an old fogey but I have fond memories of the 80’s TV mini series V.

    Those evil reptile aliens clad their captives in white leotards/bodysuits.


    Doesn’t everyone remember and love the old “V” tv mini-series (or, at least, the interrogation scene which I felt a sudden urge to watch again in case I had forgotten anything 😆 ). But the universe moves on and even aliens might have other colours now. Gold or silver are good alien colours but some of those creepy beings may have gone for black or red or something with a pattern.

    The other interesting thing about the “V” interrogation scene is that the prisoner is held by (we guess) some mixture of glue on her feet and invisible force fields: i.e. no visible bondage. This had me thinking beyond Bob’s “mummy bag” story but I’m not sure what conclusion I get to. I do not doubt that someone like Ariel could act out “invisible restraints” convincingly but does it offend basic RE principles? Would it be fun to look at? Anyone else have thoughts.



    I’m going to ‘fess up here: I don’t find these mummy bags sexy myself. Ariel is super-keen, and I can see there are lots of ideas and suggestions, and they don’t cost very much. So yes, happy to give it a go.

    Buuuuuuut…. I’m going to need more than the usual amount of help from you guys and girls to tell me what to concentrate on when we shoot it. What do we need to do/emphasise about it to make it a sexy photoset or video for you?

    I like the sealed-inside-by-an-Alien idea, and I can see struggling and stretching the fabric to get out. How do we make it sexy when we can’t really see the girl much- do we need to shoot plenty of shots before she’s put into the bag? Should she be tied up before she goes in the bag? (I have no idea how tough these things are- would she be able to claw her way out if she’s not tied up?)

    What about if she is standing up under the metal pole in the black studio like she’s dangling from it, with a rope or chain coming from the bondage around her body to the pole?

    I think maybe it should be a video rather than stills, so you can see her struggling and hear the noises? Otherwise it might look a bit like a shop dummy in a bag? 🙂 Is that a good way to go about shooting the idea?

    Cheers, Hywel.


    Hywel I was thinking more of a semi transparent/ partly see-thru outfit than the fully solid type.

    I don’t know if this is going to make any sense but what if the shoot is done in phases.

    The model is tied down struggling on a table. She starts off naked.

    Then she is wearing thigh high stockings. She reacts as if the nylon/lycra is creeping up her legs.

    Then she is wearing a zentai suit (with arms and legs) with her face/head uncovered.

    The bonds release and the model struggles as if her arms are being forced to her sides
    and her legs are forced together by an invisible force.

    Then she is in the mummy bag.



    Greetings from New Jersey,

    Hi Everyone. I had a couple of thoughts on this thread that I wanted to pass along. I enjoy mummy bags (sleep sacks and other various names) be it spandex, latex or leather so the basic theme pushes some buttons for me. I like the idea of the fabric settling down over the model and then seeming to encase her. As far as how you deal with being able to see the model under the fabric or encased in a mummy bag there are actually a couple of options depending on how much you want to spend and how “kinky” you want the set / video to appear.

    Probably the most transparent type of bag you could get would come from a website called They sell tubes made of hosiery material in a couple of different colors. I have never seen one personally so I’m not exactly sure how they close the ends but I think they make them to fit both one or two people getting inside. It doesn’t seem like they are particularly restrictive and I don’t know how well they would hold up before getting runs but they would convey the encasement idea and still allow you to see the model.

    Another alternative is spandex and there are several places in the United States as well as Europe that sell different versions of mummy bags both with and without hoods. There is generally a decent range of colors available and some of the lighter colors (white, yellow, nude) would allow for a fair amount of transparency. Lighting the bag from behind would give you a nice silhouette effect.

    The other alternative gets a bit pricy and might be a bit kinkier than normal for the site but that would be a latex mummy bag. There are several vendors in England that offer these in fairly thin semi-transparent colors so you would still be able to see the model. Of course you cannot breathe through latex so any hood would have to have at least nose openings or a breathing tube which might be a bit much. Of course latex is easily damaged so hard to say how many uses you would get out of it.

    Those are the three alternatives that come to mind initially. If I recall anything else I’ll pass it along.

    Cheers and all the best to everyone at RE.


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