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    Ariel Anderssen

    Hi everyone; I’ve had a vague idea for some time about trying a different sort of video; my friends who run have something they call the ‘Short Sharp Shock’ series, which basically involves shooting almost context-free spankings with very little time spent on the set-up, and fairly continuous action (as opposed to lots of careful cutting and re-setting cameras).

    And it made me wonder if something sort of similar might work for Restrained Elegance. I wasn’t so much thinking along the ‘context free’ lines, because RE has always prioritised storytelling in its videos in particular so I imagine people wouldn’t be keen on that?

    But as a rigger, I find myself fairly often coming up against the worry that some of the tougher ties won’t be sustainable through a whole video (which would tend to take about an hour to shoot although the model wouldn’t be fully tied up through all that time very often). For example, anything with elbows tied together behind has a time limit of around 15 minutes maximum for most models. Strappado tends to have similar limitations as do some other exciting ties.

    So I was wondering about doing a ‘Tough Ties’ series of videos, that’d have stricter, more immobilising ties than most of the ones we do at present (on video at least) They’d possibly have to be shot more conservatively than some of our current ones though because moving the camera and re-setting lights is fairly time consuming. But the bondage could be really challenging/immobilising, since the models wouldn’t have to be tied up for quite so long.

    I’m not sure if it’d be the right thing for Restrained Elegance because we’ve been trying to make the camera work more ambitious and beautiful rather than less so, and it might be that most of you far prefer slightly less strict bondage than the positions I had in mind anyway. But I thought I’d ask your opinions on the subject 🙂

    Hywel – sorry, I didn’t ask you first cos you’re all the way upstairs. I’m not trying to be the boss or anything 😳


    It sounds an interesting idea – and I understand that, because it’s run by enthusiasts, RE can come up with new ideas.

    Forgive me, Ariel, if I have misunderstood you, but in simple terms it sounds like we may get something new and different in return for accepting the camera moves less. I hope Hywel thinks that at least worth more thought. Some members may also like tougher, in the sense of more uncomfortable, bondage but my wife and I would not l see it so simply. It will depend on the results in each case. Are they still elegant? Do they set the imagination free? Or are we distracted by worrying about the model (even though we know you would never do anything to harm a model)? If the rest works, what matter that the camera doesn’t move?.

    Maybe videos in such a series would need additional introduction.



    We chatted a bit more about this at our “RE annual crew meeting” yesterday.

    We think there are some positions and types of bondage which are super-dramatic and elegant, but which are hard for the model to sustain for very long. For example, positions with elbows together behind the back or hands above the head always have a time limit. There’s nothing dangerous about them, so long as you don’t leave someone in them too long, and they look awesome.

    For stills, we can do these positions by “working up to them” (showing some earlier stages in the bondage), getting the lights all set and all the test shots done, then when she is in the bondage, shooting really quickly.

    Videos shot the way we like them, with interesting camera angles, decent camerawork, etc. are slower to shoot inherently because for each interesting position of the camera, you need to record 30-60 seconds of footage, then move the camera (which is more cumbersome than stills) then shoot another shot of 30+ seconds.

    One simply runs out of time to capture as much footage as one would normally like when there’s a time limit on the bondage position.

    We’d like to be able to shoot them, because they are dramatic and elegant and cool. But we might have to accept either shorter videos or less interesting camera angles in order to do it.

    We’re going to give it a go and see what you think. We’ve also just ordered a little wearable camera which we can shoot some behind the scenes stuff with as we go, which might mean we can show you more of the tie being done as well as the relatively short video itself….

    Cheers, Hywel.

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