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    Hi All,

    We’ve just moved over to an upgraded version of the signup/membership system. You shouldn’t notice any difference, as far as I can see everything has moved over seamlessly. Part of the improvement is a better set of pages for you to manage your account and to contact support via tickets, which don’t get caught in spam filters like emails do.

    To use the new system, you need to know whether your card is being billed by Gametime Enterprises or Surfnet. Chances are it is Gametime Enterprises (98% of current memberships).

    Sorry for the complication, it is necessary to carry everyone’s membership over properly. Visa quite rightly don’t let you change who processes the payments once you’ve signed up!

    If you are being billed by Gametime Enterprises, here are your sparkly new support links:
    Manage your account (including forgotten passwords):
    Get help: open a support ticket

    If you are being billed by Surfnet, please use the following links:
    Manage your account (including forgotten passwords)
    Get help: open a support ticket

    In slightly unfortunate timing, this update has been completed just before I have an extended period away from the PC, and possibly out of internet connection entirely. I try to avoid making any changes to the site just before I go but I wasn’t in control of the schedule this time. If you do experience any problems please email me but bear with me, if I can’t get web access it may have to wait until I get back.

    Cheers, Hywel

    (And May The Fourth be with you!)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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