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    It seems very unlikely but I may have invented a new tie during a bit or rope play last weekend. Can I have some input on if this is new or just new to me?

    Mrs is far too shy to appear here on camera so I’ll try to write out an instruction..

    1- Get 2 long lengths of rope, sorry didn’t measure the lengths but probably 14ft+
    2- tie off the end of 1 rope to each wrist. This is for a straight-line pull so use 3+ wrapping turns and then pass a loop under all wraps before passing the long tails through this loop so you get an even pull on all the wrapping turns and not just 1 wrap and a knot etc (sorry – bondage safety basics here..) Now you have a long pair of tails bound to each wrist.
    3- fold arms, straitjacket style, folded as low on the chest as possible. Pull the ropes behind to literally form a straitjacket tie and tie them together over subs spine, I use a simple square knot but other may be better (surgeons knot?). Now subbie has his/her arms forcibly crossed over lower chest.
    4- Behind the ropes are tied together and still feature long tails, leave one tail for the time being and pass the other pair vertically up the spine and tie them together at just-below-breast height, obviously not very far.. Then seperate this pair of ropes and pass over the arms and over breasts in opposite directions back to the knot behind where they started. Back at the knot behind you can add another intemediate knot or simply pass through the previous knot and then back around again this time under breasts and back to the knot behind and tie off with a terminal knot and whip the ends.
    5- Pick up the remaining pair of tails and pass them through the crotch, up the front and between the forearms and chest. Use these ropes together to put 3? wrapping turns around the forearms (and cinch if you have the rope – but not too tight) and tie off with an intemediate knot close to the body before vertically up and under the ropes above and below the breasts. Use this rope to then pass over the horizontal rope above the breasts and then down and over/under the horizontal rope under the breasts – basically cinching the breast ropes to form a rope-bra or check harness. No need for an intermediate knot but make this cinch nice and tight ;-P before splitting the ropes and passing them either side of the neck over the sholders and together to a terminal knot where the other rope ends which should be between the sholders area.
    6- Done. The wrist ropes should pull the wrists crossed around the sides and the turns around the forearms mean a pull up pulls the crotchrope and a pull down pulls the bra. Obviously basic safety practices apply, if you dont know them then please dont do this!

    Hywel, any chance of an photo-illustration of this??

    If this is new it needs a name, anyone??

    Have fun





    40 views in a couple of days is pretty good but not a single comment.. 🙁


    I hadn’t commented because I read it and thought “uh, sounds good, but to really figure it out I need someone to try it on” and HRH Mrs. Ariel has been out 13+ hours a day working.

    We’ll give it a go next time she’s around and at one of the shoots early next year.

    Cheers, Hywel.



    I saw it and then couldn’t picture how it would go…. :/ x


    Ariel Anderssen

    OhGodOhGodOhGod we tried it; we need you here! We figured out the first bit, then it all went a bit wrong. We ended up with something that did work, but I don’t think it really illustrated your original idea. And the poor model had to stand there while we both tried to figure it out in a grumpy way. Please come over and show us 😛



    LOL & YAY! in equal measures..

    I’ve only just sat down and caught up enough to actually see this set, booo, but a big thank you for putting this into practice 😀

    Yep its a bit complex compared to my version but thats great as its frankly impossible to describe a complex tie in text and, well, we’re rigging for different purposes 😉 Besides which, I could never tie this in the same way twice anyway.

    As for coming over, that’s looking very likely in the Autumn – wooo!

    So why’s there not more such suggestions appearing on the forum? Anyone want to “challenge Ariel” ??



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