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    Seeing this has pushed me to express a thought that’s been niggling at me: I’d like to see fewer sets in the Dungeon and more in the other rooms (especially the Chinese room). One of the things I’ve always liked about RE is that it’s gone easy on doing grim gray – or grey, being in the UK 🙂 – dungeon sets. And while I don’t mind an occasional use of Hywel’s House Dungeon, I’m not as fond of it as the rest of the RE crew seems to be.

    As for the chaining itself, nice to see the classics, but I have a preference for including ankle-hobbling in that sort of thing, even if it’s a loose and not-very-restrictive ankle-hobbling, rather than leaving one ankle merely cuffed and not attached to anything.



    I am ambivalent about this – the dungeon sets do introduce some different lighting and feel to the images, which I do like. On the other hand, I think RE is at its best shooting softer images depicting consensual bondage.

    Ariel is a great actress and can certainly pull off the stories they come up with, so this is mainly my preference in subject matter.



    At the moment one key factor is that the dungeon is the only room which has any sort of securing point in the ceiling to tie to. So some of the ties we imagine we end up doing in the dungeon of necessity.

    We are looking into ways to improve this, but we have to be circumspect because of the listed building status of the house- we can’t just slap in a ceiling hook wherever we feel like (as we did in the previous house).

    Cheers, Hywel



    OK, I suspected that you might have only a limited number of overhead securing points. But I didn’t suspect that the limited number might have been “one.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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