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    I’ve just rejoined after about a 3 month absence. I’ve noticed that nearly all the new photo sets now have an ID beginning with RE. This makes sense. I went back and discovered this has been going of for about 5 months. I also noticed that some sets have an ID beginning with AL. What is the significance of AL? Are the RE and AL numbers intended to be unique identifiers? Will the same number ever be used both for an RE set and for a different AL set? Is there any plan to go back and assign RE or AL numbers to older sets?

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    The AL sets were shot for me by Alexander Lightspear in Sibera (under my direction of course, and I do all the post-production too).

    There’s no plan to go back and assign RE or AL numbers to older sets.

    It’s actually my filing system for sets straight from shoots, which I’ve been using since about 2013. I finally got a bit confused with my old filing system names for sets on the members’ area, so decided to switch to using my previously-private filing system ID’s for sets as they go up on the site.

    It was done originally to make it easy for me to keep track of sets as they were shot, in chronological order. That’s the most relevant thing for my backups and processing.

    Videos have a reference number as well, starting VID. Silk Soles sets start with SS. Old sets unprocessed at the time I made the switchover were given an OLD reference number. Customs have CUS reference, Femme Domme Monologues an FDM reference, bastinado a BAST reference, etc.

    The digits are not unique- there will be an RE0234_set and an AL0234_set and a VID0234_video, and these will be unrelated.

    Indeed, it is possible that somewhere I might have made a cock-up and have sets with the same initial ID: it’s possible that I got the file name wrong on location and failed to spot it or fix it before the sets got into the processing/backup/off-site backup pipeline.

    But the whole set name with RE_number_model_setdescription will definitely be unique.

    The longer file names might actually be causing some problems with the site voting scripts- we’re investigating this at the moment. Fix one problem, create another… 🙂

    Cheers, Hywel

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