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    It’s had a good run, but the RE forum is now a ghost town. We still have a vibrant community, but it has moved – it’s now centred around social media, especially our Twitter feeds at @RElegance and @arielanderssen.

    We also have our Mastodon instance which is our fall-back for if we get kicked off twitter – we run it ourselves, so we can’t be shut down by a changed policy at a big company. Come and follow us and join in the discussions!

    Since a dead forum is worse than no forum (it makes the place look deserted or like everyone has given up) I will very shortly be retiring the RE forums. We had a decade or more of fun and vibrant discussions, but it is time to admit that the community has moved and move with the times!



    Forums generally are not what they were – and the Restrained Elegance ones are no exception. It is, of course, entirely up to Hywel what he does with them, but I don’t think anyone could claim they are very active now or make a significant contribution to the membership of the site.

    I would like to record my own appreciation of the forums – although I think their greatest days were before I arrived. I remember how, in my nervousness about admitting my interest in this fantasy world, I read back for years through the old forum pages before daring to add something myself. The atmosphere then was so warm, welcoming and helpful. And I continued to enjoy that helpfulness throughout. Hywel’s help with cameras and photography matters more recently is just one example.

    All things change and the new is always different from the old. Social media does not have all the benefits of the forums. I have found the word limit on Twitter difficult – and I am sorry for the clumsiness and mistakes in some of the things I have said there in the past. But social media are the way forward. I wish everyone involved well. I post on Twitter and Mastodon/Kinky Elephant under the “Fantasy Dabblers” title and have been pleased to enjoy the work of Sablesword and others on the latter. I frequently post to both at the same time. They are separate posts. I’m not sure why that is. It may just be that I don’t understand the system for automatic cross-posting some people use but it does mean there are usually different pictures – though from the same shoot – on the two platforms.

    So, farewell forums – and we thank you. 😊




    A pity. I like forums and consider social media to be a series of dumpster fires. The only social media I’m active on are Fetlife and Mastodon/Kinky Elephant, and even then I’m mostly active in the forum-like Fetlife groups.



    Damn. I’m not on Twitter or Instagram. I guess I won’t be adding to either of the stories I started here.

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