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    I really liked the latest Faith Obae set. One of the things I think made it work is that purple (as in the bedspread) is her color, even though white (as in the nightgown) isn’t.

    Peeking at the EXIF data from this and the previous Faith Obae sets, it looks like she just did one day with you (April 24, 2014). Here’s hoping she comes back for more shoots; that she becomes a regularly returning RE model.

    Two further, more general thoughts: 1. I noticed that you’ve got “Copyright 2010” in the metadata, even for sets taken four years later. Maybe you need to change the settings in your Hasselblad? 2. Toe ties! The latest Faith set looked like a good place for them, and I’d like to see more of them with other models as well.



    I’ll second more toe ties! Here’s a e-mail I sent to Hywel earlier today regarding the new Faith Obae photoset:

    “You’ve outdone yourself again. I didn’t think Faith could look better than she did in the Ghost bride set, but here she is looking like such a vulnerable damsel whose body aches to escape. Her expressions are priceless. Her feet are divine (thanks for throwing me a few top/side shots). Her simple rigging is perfect. Do this more often please. A gag at the end of the shoot would have been nice, but I’m not complaining. She looks great without one. The dress is lovely and accentuates the sense that faith is innocence personified in captivity. The two shots of Ariel working on the rigging make it look a bit like the ghost haunting the historical room Faith was staying at had come out to play. Possibly by appearing and tying faith up in a moment of time distortion that goes by so fast Faith can’t perceive it. She only knows that one moment she was standing next to the bed of her room and then the next her wrists were tied behind and to her back. WTF? Oh woe is me! Then all of a sudden she was hogtied on the bed. She struggled and cried, but to no avail. And she knows that if she doesn’t get free by morning she will join the ghosts and spend eternity tied up. Won’t someone rescue her? Please pass along my praise to all involved.”



    And if not a toe tie how about a toe ring or two. Much sexier than piercings in my opinion.


    Ariel Anderssen

    Wow, I must say that I think black people usually look pretty fantastic in white. But Faith kinda looksgood in everything in my opinion, she’s such a striking lady, and I love her hair. Love it. Not sure I could carry off that particular look though.

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