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    Many thanks for giving us this magnificent set. There are several points I feel I should make.

    First, it is an exceptional set in itself. The story fires the imagination and lets our fantasies fly. The pictures (ignoring, for the moment, the early “behind the scenes” ones) are exceptional. I keep being tempted to single one or two out but keep changing my mind. The bondage, outfit and Ariel’s acting match the story perfectly. There seem to be several lighting effects, which I suspect are, in part, adaptations to the reducing daylight. Each has its own fascination.

    Second, thank you for the “behind the scenes” shots. It is always great to see Ariel having fun. In present circumstances, it is also good to remind some people that, however professional the quality of its productions, RE and similar sites are maintained by enthusiasts having fun. Aggressive censorship of them is not just the regulation of an industry but an attack on a lifestyle.

    Finally, it is a reminder of one way RE creates variety in current updates – by holding back some work, sometimes for quite a long time. When I first saw Hywel’s tweet about this set, I thought I recognised the rocks – but surely I had seen them years ago and this is a new set. Now I think I was right. These are the same rocks as in “Night Watch” (another of my all-time favourites). This was shot more than 3 1/2 years ago. I really doubt anyone who was just running a business to make money would bother tying up capital so long.

    Thank you.

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