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    Let me throw in a request that the “Restrained Elegance slavegirls” be photographed in some sort of suitably skimpy slave-costume. Maybe an appropriately fancy teddy, maybe just a bright-colored loincloth, maybe a sarong, maybe a “camisk” like the Gorean roleplayers use (e.g. or ) but something.

    Nude slavegirls have become, peversely, boring. At least when they’re “all nude, all the time” as they have been in recent sets. Complete nudity can even come across as slightly icky, in certain cases.

    Partly it’s a matter of invoking the “Theiss Titillation Theory,” and partly a matter of putting some color into a photoset that would otherwise be all beige, gray, and brown. The recent Slave Amy / Don’t Go Into The Cellar set, for example, would have been helped by Slave Amy wearing a loincloth of red, blue, yellow, green – some bright color, anyway.


    May I support this suggestion, only confirming that such costumes should be an addition to the lovely selection of gowns, business-wear, lingerie, satin, Chinese dresses, historical costumes, harem-wear etc etc that RE dresses its models in.

    As to nudes, I would also add that one of the greatest attractions I found in Restrained Elegance is the variety and artistic quality of nude sets compared to some sites I visited previously. The unclothed female figure becomes boring much sooner when sets follow a predictable path of poses and camera positions, often dwelling on genitalia in a way that ceased to excite me a long time ago. Thanks to you that you don’t do that.




    Completely agree.

    Isn’t Ariel the RE dressmaker now? If so I’m thinking we need a set of RE slavegirl (uniforms?) both formal and otherwise?

    What are the design considerations? From experience I’d say such outfits need to be removeable without unrestraining the wearer, what else?




    I’d say colorful and skimpy, in addition to being removable without removing restraints. Simple would be a plus.


    A very short wrap-skirt, maybe fastened with a big bow, or maybe with an oversized button bearing the logo of “Honest Omar.”

    A length of bunched cloth, used as a “cloth crotch rope.” One end tucked under or tied to the collar in front, running between the breasts, between the legs, and then back up for the other end to be tucked under or tied to the collar in back. Or to a cord tied around the waist as a belt.

    A string that ties around the slavegirl’s waist, with a tiny loose flap of cloth that (sorta) covers the front, fig-leaf style.

    A “string skirt” – a cloth belt with long fringes, ribbons, or cords that hang down to somewhere above the knee.

    Tops – if any – would be sleeveless, with buttons on the shoulder straps, and maybe buttons or ties on the sides as well, to allow removal from the bound slavegirl. Maybe very short tops that show the “underboobs” combined with the cloth fig-leaf or one of the skirts.


    I have a thing for see-through clothing. Ariel’s outfit in the “perfect slave” video was …. Exciting.
    An apron or split skirt with nothing under it is also good.


    Ariel Anderssen

    Hmm, I’ve been thinking of making some long sheer skirts because they’d be super for harem sets and they’re lovely and versatile for posing in. Shall get on to it. Actually, I’ve already made one as a test – its a sort of belly dancer’s outfit in pale peach-coloured fabric, but we haven’t shot it yet – hopefully we will do so at our next shoot 🙂


    Ariel Anderssen

    Forgot to say – the reason I’ve been thinking of skirts is because the harem pants we have are frustratingly impossible to remove from the model once she’s tied up 🙂


    That reminds me I love seeing clothes cut off a tied-up model. :mrgreen:


    How about a long sheer gown made up of a panel in the front, a panel in the back, open on the sides and held closed by a chain belt.



    One more suggestion: A slavegirl costume that’s just a skirt. No top, and certainly no stockings. Just a skirt of knee-length or shorter.

    For that matter, it would be nice to see a non-“slavegirl” set where the captive is wearing just a skirt for the whole set – starts out topless and stockingless, and ends up topless and stockingless (but not 100% nude). Perhaps the set has the “victim” starting out unbound but stripped to just the skirt of what was a cheerleader/schoolgirl/hooters waitress/secretary/librarian costume (rather than showing her being stripped – i.e. implying that she had lost her other clothing a while back), and then have the photos show more and more bonds being applied.


    Forgive me but somehow I allowed this topic to go by without mentioning (until now) something like the one shoulder rag costume worn by Monique Gabrielle in Deathstalker 2. If the commentary on my DVD is to be believed, her colleagues called it her “Wilma Flintstone outfit”. I’m not concerned with the detail but the concept could be achieved with a long T shirt, a pair of scissors and an artistic genius.
    [attachment=0:28yjzebq]130320 DS2.jpg[/attachment:28yjzebq]
    Although Deathstalker 2 was famously low budget by Hollywood standards (there’s one scene where you can see the road outside the studio – including car driving along it), I don’t expect RE to replicate the scene in the picture with our heroine about to be lowered gently and agonisingly into unspecified swirling smoke. I’m pretty sure, however, that you could do some much more convincing ropework. 🙂



    I’m all for seeing some slavegirl costumes.

    I remember the cheesy 80’s sword fighting movies.

    I remember one movie where the girls wore a costume that was a cloth panel in front and back and had no sides, just a rope belt.

    Those were nice.



    A “futuristic” science-fictional slavegirl costume might be a length of plastic wrap, wrapped a few times around the model’s torso. It might be either clear & colorless, or tinted, and it might be set off with gold duck tape.

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