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    RE seems to be using a lot of rope bondage and metal bondage recently, and hardly anything else, otherwise (except in the archive sets).

    I’d like to see more duct tape, other kinds of tape, cling wrap, leather cuffs, leather belts, leather straps, rubber straps, nylon stockings, and strips of cloth used to restrain the various RE models.

    As a particular scenario: The model is a ‘dangerous rebel’ who was wearing a cheap dress when captured. Barefoot, she is forced to grab hold of the bondage pole (or maybe the back of a chair, or some other piece of furniture) as the dress is cut away from her. Strips of cloth torn from the ruined dress are then used to tie her up. (Then, as a possible option, the bra & panties she was wearing under the dress might be cut away as well.)

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