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    I do like the “Spread against the wall” set featuring Ariel, and with all the annoyances and bad news in the world right now, I thought it would be good to try to explain why I like this set. So:

    Good balance of bare skin and bright colored clothing on Ariel. The blue satin dress was nice and skimpy and bright and blue. It covered a lot, but it also left a lot uncovered.

    Texture in the background. Plain, but not too plain. Not a dark low-key background, and not a blown out white cyc background either. A clean & elegant background of varnished wood and painted brick, real but not grotty.

    Mostly full-body shots, with shots taken from different points of view and different distances, and very little by way of “dutch angles.”

    While I do like variety in the materials used, I also like the SM factory restraints and feel that they should be prominent in the rotation. So using them here was a plus.

    One of the advantages of metal restraints is that its possible for the captive to move about and change position but is ultimately without any possibility of escape. Ariel showed this off nicely, with a bunch of different poses.

    I know opinions differ, but the lack of a gag was just fine with me. The lack of a gag didn’t detract (from my POV), and the presence of a gag would likely have been a distraction.

    The bondage restrained all four limbs, throughout the set. I like that. The spreaderbar on the ankles is something I like too.

    And it was barefoot bondage 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Finally, the set consists of the big, high-resolution photos I’ve come to expect and love from Restrained Elegance.



    I agree with Sablesword that I like this set and add some reasons of my own.

    As I might expect from a set made during a tutorial, it is a great illustration of lighting effects. I guess the early shots are lit from a single source positioned off to the side close to the wall. The effect is very dramatic. This is especially noticeable in the brickwork background but it does leave one half of Ariel’s face dark. I fear it may also make her hair look a little lifeless, although I really only noticed that once I had the later shots to compare it with.

    Perhaps it’s my over-active imagination, but I also love the way Ariel is holding the spreader bar in the first couple of shots. What is she thinking of? Is that a cane or crop? How effectively a simple stance and prop can release a string of fantasies without any need for us to see more. 🙂

    And yes, gags are fine but I doubt if even Ariel could have managed quite the range of facial expressions she used in this set if she had been wearing one.

    I also admired the way Ariel stands on one foot while her ankles are held n the spreader bar. Maybe her dance background and skill make this possible for her but that doesn’t make it less impressive.

    I have not yet worked out the more complex lighting in the later shots – or even whether there is more than one setup used. Perhaps I will know more soon – see below.

    Moving to the general question Hywel asked in the introduction to the set, I think new tutorials are a great idea. I am also confident that I will be able to write about this again after my wife and I have completed the one Hywel and Ariel have kindly arranged for us early in the new year.




    Yes, those SM cuffs are good but nowadays I like Irish-8’s even better. They’re as restrictive as tying the wrists together with rope, but for metal they’re surprisingly comfortable.

    And of course they’re completely inescapable, like all good metal bondage.

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