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    Hi All;

    Lets start out with a belated Merry Christmas to all of the RE community. I am still around, less frequently than before – but I show an active interest in where the site is going, and am pleased to see that it continues to go from strength to strength. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2013…

    Which brings me on to… Hywel mentioned on Twitter (get me embracing these new social interactions months after everyone else!) a week or two ago that now was a goodtime to make suggestions for early shoots in the new year. I have a rare hour to myself in the house so I thought I might forward some suggestions:-

      I also gather from Twitter that early 2013 might see the return of Kate to the models side of the camera. I know you tend not to go for requests concerning specific models, but I wondered, if on this momentous occasion it might be allowed. Since Kate has been so cruel to Ariel over the years (I think of you packing up the old studio) I wonder if a set where Ariel (if available) might get the chance to get her own back. I am thinking, perhaps, a barefoot tickling shoot in the RE stocks
      On a related subject, I wonder if Kate might be the subject of a video series – king of Kate’s return driving test
      I have been pleased to see the increase in the amount of alternative bondage materials over the past year (alternative to rope or metal) can we see more of this in 2013 (tape, cable ties, silk robe ties – when did you last do a cling-film set?)
      I have also loved the increase in intricate ties around the models feet (toe cuffs, rope around the heel, rope stirrups to support the legs. Can this continue? Oh – and if you are going to spend the time let’s see some decent close-ups.
      Has the pink PVC catsuit gone to bondage heaven? Don’t need to see it too often but on the right model it did look fantastic
      More tickling (barefoot) – no suprises here but thought I would throw it in
      More peril – ITV 4 have been showing repeats of the batgirl series of batman recently. Strikes me that the peril does not have to be all that plausible, but if you could achieve that comedic/cartoon look I think you will be onto a winner

    I think this was all I came up with – I will write back if I think of any more.





    @cavalierdriver wrote:

    Hi All;

      More peril – ITV 4 have been showing repeats of the batgirl series of batman recently. Strikes me that the peril does not have to be all that plausible, but if you could achieve that comedic/cartoon look I think you will be onto a winner

    I think this was all I came up with – I will write back if I think of any more.



    this is the one that i’d like most! 😈



    There is something wrong with the (list) bb markup here. Is it just me, or do others see it as well?

    “Alternative bondage materials”: I’ve been grumbling for a while now that the new updates have been all rope and metal and metal and rope. CD, are you talking about the archive sets when you say “I have been pleased to see the increase in the amount of alternative bondage materials over the past year (alternative to rope or metal)”? Because I seen hardly any of that in the new updates.

    Having a few closeups (<10% of the total) of special or intricate bindings might be good, although I'm not a big fan of closeups in general. OTOH, I like half-body and three-quarter-body shots that crop off various parts of the model even less.

    My own list of suggestions for 2013 would be

    o Keep up the good work with the big stills of barefoot bondage.

    o Use more alternative bondage materials

    o Use more exotic costumes & clothing.

    o In sets where the model wears glasses, they should be among the last things to come off, rather than the first. Shoes and stockings, OTOH, should be the first things lost.

    o Combining the above with “alternative binding materials,” how about some sets where the model’s nylons are removed and used to tie her up?

    o More toe-ties and toe-bindings wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Nor would some barefoot tickling.

    Repeating some of the suggestions I’ve made in earlier posts:

    o A “witch test.” The model is tied to a pole, or sitting on a bench, and then drenched with buckets of water, “to see if she melts. If she melts, she’s a witch.” I’m suggesting this for the Spain trip [ed – if you do one in 2013] because it really needs to be done when the weather is hot.

    o “Comfy?” The model is promised that she’ll be made comfortable. She’s then tied in a ball tie or frog tie while wearing a nightie, or a “little black dress,” or just bra & panties, and then left in a nest with a huge number of pillows & cushions. Maybe on a bed, maybe on a couch, maybe on a rug in front of a “harem set” wall.

    o More brunettes. Also, more “ethnic” models (east-asian, south-asian, latina, black…)

    o More sets of models tied in a chair. In particular, more of the classic “tied to a straight-backed wooden chair” type sets. (As a particular suggestion: Buy or make an oversized “prop” chair of the straight-backed wooden type, 1.5 x the standard size – something that will make Ariel look like she’s all of four feet tall. Then use it with various models for a “captured by giants” series of sets.)

    o The next time you do a long video project, make it something light-hearted. In particular leave the punishments out, or else treat them as jokes.

    o Do a “Slavegirl Lexicon” set with a model other than Ariel (and with a different body type) as a “compare and contrast” thing. (Or maybe a two-model set, with Ariel and a second model, both tied in the same position, with the lecture-text blathering on about the “important differences.”)

    o A “mad scientist” set, [ed – I’m not a big video fan, but this might make a good video] where a damsel-victim is restrained on a table/bench and 5-7 battery-powered remote-control vibrators are taped to her: On the soles of her feet, on the undersides of her upper arms, just above the armpits, one between her breasts, and to her legs at the knees. The vibrators are then activated, singly and in various combinations, as “tests” and “experiments.” Maybe with suitable “scientific” voice commentary by an off-stage Hywel.

    o Model is strapped or taped to a stretcher at some temporary holding point, waiting for the minions of Honest Omar to carry her away. The “temporary holding point” might be the bedroom or office where she was captured, or a warehouse or basement setting.

    o it might make a good (and humorous) storyline for an intrepid reporter to conduct an exclusive interview with a kidnap victim – while the victim is still hogtied and in the kidnapper’s power.

    — Or maybe have the kidnap victim be in a straight-backed wooden chair, in a classic “kidnap victim chair tie.”

    — Or maybe the kidnap victim has been rescued, but the rescuing authorities haven’t untied her yet – for some reason there is an absurd bureaucratic delay in doing so. Maybe that can be one of the reporter’s questions: “You were rescued on Tuesday, but the Ministry still hasn’t authorized untying your ropes. What is your opinion of the Ministry’s policies in this regard?”

    — Or maybe the intrepid reporter allows herself to be hogtied in order to get the exclusive interview, either with the kidnap victim, or with the kidnapper, or with some other villain.


    Here are some current suggestions of what my wife, Mikki, and I would like to see. Apologies to anyone who recognises they’ve heard some before. At least we can claim to be consistent (sometimes).

    We love fun (in the sense of silliness) in videos and photosets. We hope you can bring this to the new sites as much as to RE.

    “NudeinMetal” gives us lovely thoughts of people trying something new and having fun. Hope we got that right. 🙂

    “Beginners” theme

    Restrained Elegance are masters of intricate ropework and attractive steel like the SM Factory collars and cuffs. No complaints there: it’s elegant and that’s what you are. But we wondered if you could weave your magic with more basic gear used by beginners like under bed velcro straps. These may have been rejected as not sufficiently inescapable but it might be inspiring – and fun – to see what the experts can do with basic kit.

    And occasional more use of leather cuffs would be fun too. We have an impression you used to use them more in older sets but they are not so common in more recent, higher resolution, sets.
    For example, we loved the spiked collar Jasmine Sinclair wore in “Fallen Angel”. Would like to see that or similar out again shot to modern standards. Maybe that’s one for the bondage pole.

    Just throwing an idea in the air, what do people think of a storyline about a woman experimenting with bondage? This could offer a more realistic situation than the “naive girl meets super-rich man” scenario we all know, hate and are mostly plain bored with.

    More from “Honest Omar”

    We treat the “Honest Omar” character as a fantasy fun figure and love to see each new idea. Perhaps we could see his merchandise performing for their new owners – such as in the modern house location you are visiting. A photoset could start with a picture of the sale (or just Omar’s invoice/delivery note) and then show the slavegirl demonstrating her training positions in the new owner’s house.

    Or suppose Omar also had a short term “rent a slavegirl” department. A video could intersperse shots of the girl in the customer’s house with someone back at the office reading out the customer’s “satisfaction survey”

    We’d still love to see the girl packed up for (or unpacked from) delivery.

    And perhaps this is the time to tell everyone we have been privileged to see a bit of the new “Slave auction” sequel film and it is terrific.

    Bondage Gear – Nets

    Having shown a previous interest in one tennis-themed set, we offer the suggestion of a net used as part of bondage gear. There are plenty of “girl captured” fantasies it can support. A nice black background in the studio would give the idea of the dark place the girl is dragged off to. Perhaps the netted bundle could be tied in various ways to the bondage pole.

    This may work better as a photoset than a video in case what you are using isn’t really as sturdy as the storyline would like.

    Remakes/Sequels/Ideas Inspired by Old Sets

    RE has some wonderful old photosets and videos in the archive but some of the oldest show their age. The idea could be revisited even if there was not a conscious remake. Without getting into arguments about exactly which, one or other of use could nominate 2 or 3 from December’s offerings alone. Several of our candidates are studio shots against dark drapes so a remake in the studio with black background would be possible.

    This also takes us to a number of possible outdoor shoots if any of your upcoming locations allow this. There is such a lovely range of possible remakes/sequels including “Bondage Gymkhana” and (from recent Archive sets) “Soaked” and “Hunter’s Trap”. And we’re not suggesting Ariel has to get soaked again, there must be one of your new models willing to get cold and wet. 🙂

    Andrew (and Mikki)



    Greetings from New Jersey and a belated Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to the entire RE community.

    It’s been an interesting couple of months around here recently, to say the least, in terms of dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane that went through this area back at the end of October. But it’s a new year and the promise of what that will bring from RE is always something to look forward to so I wanted to express my take on a couple of the suggestions offered on this thread.

    I would also like to see a wider variety of restraints used both in the photo sets as well as the videos. As much as I love the metal and rope I would love to see the leather cuffs used in earlier works make a return along with things like silk scarves, vet wrap, arm binders, mummy wraps (wrapped in a sheet, cling film or tape), nets and perhaps the odd straitjacket. I know some of that strays a bit from the roots of RE but most have been shown before from time to time. And as far as the videos goes we fairly frequently see rope ties being applied but rarely, in my opinion, do we see the collars, handcuffs, yokes and such being locked or get to hear the door of the cage clanking shut and the click of the padlock (Thinking along the lines of “Shackled and Sold” or “Slave Kennel”). Of course I realize if it is just Hywel and a model then doing a video that shows restraints being applied can get a bit tricky to film as you have to use a fixed camera. Personally I’d love to see a video of a model dressing in a long Chinese dress, locking herself in S/M collar and cuffs (gag optional) and then locking the wrist and ankle cuffs together and finally locking herself in a cage for her lover to return and find her.

    In terms of attire I would also welcome seeing the pink PVC catsuit again from time to time. I’d also cast a vote in favor or the red spandex one (though that might have been Jasmine Sinclair’s own catsuit), along with return of some of the medieval gowns and Chinese dresses that helped fix my strong attraction for the site. Pretty most anything silk, satin, leather, spandex, velvet or latex almost always adds a little something for me. Which is not to say I’ve taken issue with the attire shown on the site over the past months and years. About the only exception to that for me is lingerie styles from the 1930’s to early 1960’s. Just a look I don’t care for but others like it so no reason not to show it from time to time.

    Now I know I’m probably in the minority in terms of members of the site, and I know this differs from Hywel, but I don’t have an issue with seeing a lady’s shoes or boots stay on for the entire photo set or video. I’m not one to say they should be the first things to come off and close ups of soles of feet don’t hold much interest for me. But it’s a classic case of “to each their own” and RE has always tried to show a wide variety of things which I’m in favor of. Of course that’s all within the general boundaries of Hywel’s makeup since it was his preferences that got things up and running. Similarly glasses on a bound model do nothing for me, truth be told I can’t stand them, but that’s fine as I know they push other viewer’s buttons and other sets / videos will push mine down the road.

    On the whole I agree with many of the suggestions from CD, Sablesword and Andrew & Mikki. I’ll also be particularly interested in seeing the lovely Temptress Kate back in some restraints. It was some of Kate’s and Jasmine Sinclair’s early sets that initially got me interested in the site and the “Bondage is Fun” set has long been in my top five. Actually I’m kind of torn between what kind of emotion I like to see. Part of me would like to see a very playful video (preferably but photo set works as well) along the lines of “Bondage is Fun” where Kate tries to tries to melt the heart of the viewer (which could probably be worked into a tickling session in the stocks). However, part of me would also like to see an “ice queen” personality who initially gives off the emotions to try freeze the viewer in their tracks but eventually gets turned on by her restraints and gives in to work them for her own devices.

    One other thing I would love to see are some links on the site to the various equipment used on the site (photographic as well as restraints) and also some of the attire (silk/satin ball gowns, medieval gowns, Chinese dresses, etc.) in case some of the members want to reproduce them in their own environment? I think this was started at one point but it seems to have gone away over time.

    That’s about it for the time being. I know good things are in the works and it will be interesting to see what is coming over the horizon in the RE world. As always, thanks to all on the RE team and my best to all the team and the wider RE community.




    May I add the recent (1st July) archive video of Belle and Myla, “Myla Gets Her Own Back” to my personal list of work that could inspire a remake (of the “inspired by” not the “slavish copy” variety)?

    For me, the special delight of this piece is the fun the models are having. Belle’s “Agh ha ha” as the ropes are tightened may have a little too much “ha ha” for those who love absolute realism but I think it is fun for the viewer as well as useful to have some videos that make it this clear how much the performers are enjoying themselves.

    Nothing personal, Hywel, but in a modern remake I imagine the girls could get all the bondage done without any male intervention. 🙂

    Incidentally, I notice the video has a “4” in the filename. Are “1” to “3” about – or are we going to see them soon?


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